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Skill Games Legend-1.1
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How to unlock the Skill Games Legend achievement

  • OnAirJannickOnAirJannick386,096
    30 Sep 2018 30 Sep 2018 30 Sep 2018
    29 4 18
    If you want to make this achievement a lot easier just take any club you want as your favorite team and a bad 1/2 star club like "Bohemian FC" from the irish league as your rival.

    Go to "customise" -> "profile" -> "profile management" to change the teams.

    After you've done this go to "customise" and "edit player".
    Here you can put all the attributes of your favorite player/team up to 99. (For most of the skill challanges you are playing without any AI players, but in some of them you need one or more CPU Players so feel free to bump up the stats for the whole team).

    If you want to make it even more easy you can set the stats of all the Rival team players to 1 (the lowest stats possible), cause in the skill games the opponent players are from the team set to rivals.

    Feel free to use the comments for additional tips :)

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    DjuddHey guys, any tipp/hint for the last crossing challenge (the one where you have to hit targets in the box from each side)?
    I do not manage to proper aim my crosses, for example the target on the very left is not possible to hit as the ball always moves in the direction of the goal...
    Posted by Djudd on 02 Mar 20 at 13:53
    S P 4 C E YI'll add this as a comment, rather than a solution, but this may be help for the final attacking/shooting challenge.

    1. Reduce the rating of EVERY player in the opposite team through the edit player function
    2. Increase the rating of THREE attackers in your favourite team
    3. Choose to use the attacker who is most agile/fast in their normal state (Sterling is significantly quicker than Aguero, even when both rated 99)
    4. Do almost the entire challenge with your chosen attacker, sparingly using your colleagues where necessary. The below link is most of my successful skill game, once I'd worked out the most effective way of attacking

    S P 4 C E Y playing FIFA 19
    Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 22 May 20 at 10:58

    amazing solution easy
    Posted by marciocxs on 18 Dec 20 at 00:14
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  • FlyingDutchmanJFlyingDutchmanJ471,935
    19 Oct 2018 19 Oct 2018
    14 0 2
    How to get the hardest challenge: A grade-Attacking Scenarios Skill Challenge

    After 2 hours getting max 18k points, I tried something else. Inspired by the daily FUT challenge of today I decided to score with Flair Shots (LT+B). With succes! Got it first try. You will score 1500+ goals.

    Offcource I also changed my Rival and boosted Messi to 99 (see solution of xUniVerSeZz, thanks for that). Good luck!
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    Tia1989IIThis guy has just saved me from certain insanity! Amen to you. Flair shots all the way, did it first time!!!!
    Posted by Tia1989II on 10 Aug 19 at 21:08
    FootyMadThanks. This has to be the best solution. As you shoot press and hold LT. You can even combine RB for a finesse flair shot. You over 1000 points per goal scored which makes it a lot more forgiving if you miss some chances.
    Posted by FootyMad on 08 Jan at 16:03
  • Dark Umbra93Dark Umbra93189,144
    27 Nov 2018 27 Nov 2018 27 Nov 2018
    4 0 1
    This solution is going to sound the same as all the others you see above, but with a very important distinction. Make sure you set your game difficulty to Beginner!!! I was playing on Semi-Pro and didn't realize that the default difficulty affected the Skill Games too. The moment I set my game to Beginner, I got Attacking Scenarios Skill Challenge on my first try after spending hours attempting to get it on Semi-Pro and only reaching 19750 or so. You basically just have to run towards the middle and shoot far or near side every time. And make sure you hold LT before you shoot as it gives you extra points.

    I also changed Messi's stats to 99 for everything as well as Suarez and Rakitic (sometimes I had to score with them), made the Bohemians from the Irish league my rival team, created a 4'11" goaltender with 1 for all stats and put him as the starting goaltender for the Bohemians while also trading away all the other goaltenders from the team (but the game wouldn't put him as the goaltender in any of the skill challenges for some reason so I don't know if this step really does anything. I know because I gave him some killer dreads for hair, but the goaltender I faced didn't have that hair). But the most important tips are definitely setting the game difficulty to Beginner, making Messi 99, and shooting while holding LT!

    Good luck!
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    I Dr Don IThanks for the difficulty tip, I’ve been stuck on this final skill game for so long!! clap
    Posted by I Dr Don I on 27 Dec 18 at 20:23
    04 Oct 2018 04 Oct 2018
  • NystricalNystrical289,766
    30 Nov 2018 13 Dec 2018
    2 0 0
    This one can be quite tricky, especially goalkeeping drills but it depends what team you use.
    How to make this easy
    - Change your preferred team to a 5* club and rivals to a 1* club (for example, I choose Barcelona and my rivals was Bray from the Irish league)
    - Take your time! There are drills that you can get A grade first time but theres some where you will have to take your time to know what to do especially collecting the coins.
    - Goalkeeping drills are annoying, I somehow found holding cn_LB which is auto-positioning, helps me get a better grade.
    - Difficulty, I don't believe it makes a massive difference but going into your settings and change it to beginner might help.
    If it does help you can edit the rival players and set them to have 1 stat overall.

    This is a hard one to obtain, this took me about a week on and off to get this achievement so don't be surprised if you don't get it done within the exact same day.

    Best of luck!
  • RobbieCam21RobbieCam21899,009
    11 Nov 2018 13 Nov 2018
    3 1 2
    Just something to add if you are stuck on the attacking scenarios skill challenge.

    I went to customise, create player, created a goalkeeeper who was 4'11, downgraded all of his stats and put him in my rival team (Bohemians for me).

    I then went to customise, team sheets, Bohemians/Your rival team, clicked their default formation and added my newly created goalkeeper in place of the starting keeper.

    When I went to play the skill challenge, the short goalkeeper was now in goal. (Gave him gold headgear so I knew it was him)

    Challenge was still a pain, but I feel that this helped a bit when shooting from distance. Just got it with 20500 points.

    Good luck!
  • Mize8Mize8388,930
    04 Feb 2020 04 Feb 2020
    1 0 0
    I tried everything above but I feel like it was complicating things more than needed. Just use Barcelona and Messi and shoot from distance every time. There are 21 tries. You can make 2 mistakes if you score 1000+ every time. A lot of the goals I scored were 1200 so I even made 3 mistakes and was fine.

    Just take a step left and slam it with his left foot every time. His weak foot is also 10/10.
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