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The Noisy Cartographer achievement in Forza Horizon 4

The Noisy Cartographer

Drive down every road in Britain.

The Noisy Cartographer0
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How to unlock the The Noisy Cartographer achievement

  • EchelonSixEchelonSix
    28 Sep 2018 29 Sep 2018 04 Dec 2019
    Like in FH3 there are glitched streets.... again!

    the achievement will pop up at 529/531 so don´t worry. (this is still the case by December 2019)

    Focus on the red roads if you go for the grind. ALWAYS check it they are counted. if nothing happens on the counter, drive them again.
    Do it as soon as you can drive in the open world. dont mess around, drive ON the streets and roads and have an eye on the street counter. drive the red roads ALWAYS till the end. sometimes the map shows a road done and cleared but it doesnt count because the car didnt finished the road.

    if you are confused with this information, here is an example:

    this line is the road in the game:


    at every X the street color marking on the map will change BUT you must reach C to activate the counter.
    In this example you see 4 X. If you reach the 4th X the street maybe appear complete on the map but the street wont count at this point. This is why you need to drive until the counter would go from 0/531 to 1/531
    every street is different here. sometimes they count early.

    the hoonigan focus is a good car to make it. it can handle streets and off-road in the same way. i made a tuning setup for this car called XP grind.
    upgrade the perks of this car asap and you will see what will happen while just driving around laugh you can drive this car on every ground in every season.

    make sure that you drive trough all TUNNELS and jump all RAMPS in area like mudkickers adventure park and mortimer gardens. dont zig zag around in that areas. show discipline while unlocking the streets there.

    -Start as soon as possible (dont race around or you make it harder)
    -ALWAYS drive on the roads & avoid jumping
    -if a road ends, keep driving UNTIL THE COUNTER GOT THE ROAD
    -dont rely on the markings on the minimap/map, rely on the counter
    -still have on eye on the minimap to check if the streets change their color.

    photos of some special spots:

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    gamerXpressMine has unlocked at 528/531. I was missing roads in Edinburgh.
    Posted by gamerXpress On 21 Jul 22 at 19:46
    CndnVikingThis achievement is the literally bane of my existence. I must have driven every damned inch of this map at least 10 times (most many, many more) but I'm stuck at 99%. I wish I'd gotten the message to do this right away before I started. :(
    Posted by CndnViking On 21 Oct 22 at 18:42
    DoctorAwesome10I'd given up all hope of getting this, then it popped for me at 529/531. The missing road was apparently one under the massive Eliminator logo.
    Posted by DoctorAwesome10 On 23 Jan at 20:59
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  • WritesCode4FoodWritesCode4Food
    11 Oct 2018 13 Oct 2018
    OK, unlike previous games, I just played events and didn't deliberately drive any roads. I easily got to 510+ with only a few detours in regular driving. Every once and a while when I was given a route by Anna if I was driving past a road I hadn't driven that was on my way, I'd drive it. Also, if I went past a very short road I knew I might miss later, I drove it.

    When I was so close to 531 I then got a little more deliberate about finishing some roads when I was in the area. In my case, they were mostly roads south of the wind farm. I then was at 528. In about 1/2 hour I found two more roads that I had missed and was stuck on 530. I spent at least two hours trying to find the last road. I zoomed in tight and sat close to my big screen. Nothing spotted.

    Finally, I got the last road just driving around. North of the eastern boundary of the Festival site about 1/2 between it and the Slate Quarry title is a little reverse J road. It was highlighted as having been driven. I had completely ignored, however, while driving on the rotating map I noticed a tiny bit of grey. That was IT!

    On the top map view, it did NOT look grey, however, as I was driving east on the road it's connected too the rotating map showed the grey. I think that road get's marked as mostly driven as you drive by on the major road. I assumed I had driven it. Unless you are watching closely it's easy to miss that you didn't. I'll bet a LOT of people are missing the tip of that little reverse J
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    NimgimliMan I NEVER would have noticed that. Thanks!
    Posted by Nimgimli On 25 Oct 18 at 02:24
  • THE Mr FillTHE Mr Fill
    24 Oct 2018 25 Oct 2018
    Similarly to Hellgate Aeon, I got this to pop at 529/531, but my method of getting the roads might be a bit odd - I like the Horizon games as you get to free roam and just get used to the countryside and the handling of the vehicles, along with exploration to find the signs, danger signs, speed cameras, barn finds, houses, etc (just going through them advances the progress), so after about 5-10 races I had most of the map covered.

    The simplest way to look for roads that you've not driven is to look at the map & turn EVERYTHING OFF - press cn_RB and then hit cn_A to turn everything off - this shows only the map so you can see the main roads in grey rather than white, and the dirt roads in grey rather than red. You can zoom in & out with the right thumb stick.

    After driving around, look for regions which have a larger number of uncovered roads and make sure you drive around as much of it as you can - you don't have to be on the road for it to count, you can drive "beside" it for it to count, so if you drift off of the tarmac, don't worry too much, just make sure you head back as soon as you can.
    Remember that areas like the quarry & beach have lots of small roads that are less than 100m long, but count as individual roads, so try to follow their path as much as you can so you don't miss odd sections.

    You'll find that some of the dirt roads will be mostly uncovered, but only the end isn't, this is because the dashes might not highlight the missed end, but zooming in on the map should make these more visible.

    If you're not going for this yet, just drive & have fun, you'll uncover a big chunk of the map without realising it!
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