Star Centurion achievement in Forza Horizon 4

Star Centurion

Get 100 stars in Horizon Stories.

Star Centurion-0.3
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How to unlock the Star Centurion achievement

  • NaggingGnatNaggingGnat518,159
    07 Oct 2018 09 Oct 2018 24 Oct 2018
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    There are four story chapters, each with 30 stars in total to get. These are ( In Order )

    Stunt Driver
    World's Fastest Rentals
    Drift Club

    There is a potential of 120 stars to get in total, so don't feel like you need to achieve 3 stars on each one.

    Aside from practice and personal skill, the only two tips I would give are:

    1. Never use the 'next chapter' option when selecting a race/mission. Always use the 'Chapter Select' option as this will outline exactly what you need to get 1, 2 or 3 stars and is - as far as I can see - the only way to find this information. At the very least, it will give you an idea of how close you are to the next star.

    2. Don't get hung up on getting the 3 stars if you have been trying for a while. As mentioned before, you don't need to three star every chapter, so if you've been banging your head trying to get a three star in a race, just move onto the next one. You can afford some 2 and 1 stars in there.


    Thanks to Comrade Spanner and pezboyben for confirming that the new "British Racing Green" chapters which have been added also count towards the total, meaning you have even more room for error now!

    Good Luck!

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    NaggingGnatBadZ - At the time of writing there were 4 chapters. A 5th was added in after release :)
    Posted by NaggingGnat on 05 Nov 18 at 10:41
    AM StangAppears they have added in yet another story, Isha's Taxis, bringing the total possible stars up to 180.
    Posted by AM Stang on 16 Jan 19 at 11:02
    D3LTAFortune Island drift club stars also count for the total. Please update solution accordingly.
    Posted by D3LTA on 24 Jan 19 at 11:40
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  • NE0182NE0182197,743
    26 Sep 2018 29 Sep 2018 29 Sep 2018
    35 11 13

    Stunt Driver

    00:00 - CHAPTER 1
    01:43 - CHAPTER 2
    03:41 - CHAPTER 3
    04:27 - CHAPTER 4
    07:16 - CHAPTER 5
    08:17 - CHAPTER 6
    10:18 - CHAPTER 7
    11:22 - CHAPTER 8
    12:01 - CHAPTER 9
    15:06 - CHAPTER 10

    Drift Club

    00:00 - CHAPTER 1
    02:42 - CHAPTER 2
    05:47 - CHAPTER 3
    09:04 - CHAPTER 4
    11:36 - CHAPTER 5
    15:20 - CHAPTER 6
    19:38 - CHAPTER 7
    22:11 - CHAPTER 8
    25:25 - CHAPTER 9
    30:12 - CHAPTER 10

    Worlds Fastest Rentals

    00:00 - 1 - Lamborghini Veneno
    01:42 - 2 - Koenigsegg One:1
    03:39 - 3 - Ferrari FXX-K
    05:29 - 4 - Zenvo ST1
    07:12 - 5 - Aston Martin Vulcan
    08:50 - 6 - Pagani Zonda Cinque
    10:27 - 7 - Hennessey Venom
    11:54 - 8 - Bugatti Veyron
    14:03 - 9 - Mercedes Benz AMG GTR
    15:50 - 10 - McLaren Senna

    LaRacer @ Horizon

    00:00 - 1 - Number 10 - Out Run
    02:47 - 2 - Number 9 - Smuggler's Run
    04:02 - 3 - Number 8 - Test Drive
    05:16 - 4 - Number 7 - Project Gotham Racing
    08:34 - 5 - Number 6 - Daytona USA
    10:41 - 6 - Number 5 - Crazy Taxi
    11:35 - 7 - Number 4 - Sega Rally
    14:03 - 8 - Number 3 - Super Off Road
    16:52 - 9 - Number 2 - Ridge Racer
    19:07 - 10 - Number 1 - Porsche 911
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    Runner7922I don't think you can upgrade the cars because they are always given to you. But you can choose the difficulty setting BEFORE you select the story line. If you are used to easier setting, you should at least change assisted braking to ABS. Otheriwse, if you have a braking zone just before a jump, it can ruin it for you. For the drifing ones you might want to remove traction control.
    Posted by Runner7922 on 17 Oct 18 at 18:51
    cuddy360On October 25 2018 there will be a new story available. This will make both of the "story" achievements much easier!
    Posted by cuddy360 on 21 Oct 18 at 21:23
    BEEF SUPREME xlThere is an update for October 23, 2018. This adds a new storymode to the game. I am wondering if these stars will count towards this as well? If so, could be a help for some folks struggling with this one.
    Posted by BEEF SUPREME xl on 24 Oct 18 at 10:31
  • Rigpig1919Rigpig191956,213
    20 Oct 2018 22 Oct 2018 22 Oct 2018
    18 0 0
    The other solutions here are great and full of detail but skip over one simple piece of advice.

    It’s relatively easy to 2 star each of the challenges in each chapter, you should do this first and unlock all 40 chapters. If you do this you will have 80 stars and maybe some more as it’s possible to three star some of these on the first go.

    Once you have your minimum of 80 stars there are many that can be three starred by taking short cuts or thinking outside the box.

    Example one. 3 starring the tunnel dash in stunt driver seems impossible until you realise you can miss most of the jumps and gain a couple of seconds.

    Example two. The project Gotham chapter in LaRacer seems very hard until you realise you can just drive outside Edinburgh and hoon around to easily build a skill chain and get three stars.

    There are quite a few like this bringing you closer to 100 stars. Once you have those out of the way you should be close and feeling more confident. Some of the others are very hard in winter but much easier in other seasons, the Vulcan one and the Senna one particularly but really not that bad in the other seasons.

    I played it this way and picked my chapters to get me over the line. I’m not a great racer but it can be done fairly easily never the less if you break it down.

    Some chapters benefit from traction control etc turned on, others you will definitely need it off.

    Final tip, Youtube has pretty much every chapter and all the tips if you really get stuck.

    Hope this helps 🙂
  • Chris8875Chris8875538,044
    28 Oct 2018 24 Oct 2018
    13 0 0
    The arrival of the British Racing Green storyline in the October 23 update has made this achievement far easier to get.

    I would recommend working through this story line, as there are at least 7-8 quite easy 3 star chapters in it.

    Overall, 26-27 stars are easily achievable without much fuss, leaving far fewer to have to get in the other storylines.

    The other reason to use this new story line to gain extra stars is that it is actually a pretty interesting set of challenges, with some good history of British motoring and car production thrown in.

    That, and a speed target challenge with the Peel P50 too!
  • TheWelshHuntTheWelshHunt747,174
    25 Oct 2018 04 Nov 2018
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    I've made some videos myself with a little bit of commentary just trying to give you guys and gals some hints and tips on each one just incase there are some that you may struggle on...

    Problem is, as i recorded the Stunt Drivers story, my recordings deleted somehow so bare with me for that and i will get that up ASAP.. AND also, thanks to the new British Racing Green tory, you all now have a lot more wiggle room in terms of errors and two star-ing everything.. BUT i will get those two uploaded as soon as i can, but for now, hopefully i can help you with "The Drift Club Story", "Laracer" and "Worlds Fastest Rentals"
    Thanks for watching and enjoy!

    1. Laracers Story:-

    2. The Drift Club Story:-

    3. Worlds Fastest Rentals:-
  • StagHead9StagHead983,558
    07 Jul 2019 17 Jul 2019
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    Top gear all chapters with 3 stars:
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