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Overachiever achievement in Forza Horizon 4


Complete a Season PR Stunt and receive a reward.

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How to unlock the Overachiever achievement

  • EmEm
    23 Sep 2018 26 Sep 2018 18 Nov 2018
    EDIT/WARNING: Note that you may want to take care not to complete too many regular PR challenges until you get this achievement. It seems that this may not unlock if you previously surpassed the seasonal goal on an event before the seasonal challenge went live and you could glitch yourself out of earning this achievement. Please see comments for more information.

    These are pulled from the same pool as regular PR challenges (Speed Trap, Danger Sign, etc.) but with an additional requirement beyond the three star requirement attached. Only one (or even none) may be active at any given time, and what is active seem to rotate within seasons as well.

    Obviously you'll need to have gotten through the first four seasons and joined the Horizon roster before these will appear, like 90% of the game's features.

    The easy way to see if one is active is to go to the map, hit RB and select only Seasonal PR challenges. Then scroll around until you see a pink icon lit up. If you hover over it you'll see the 1, 2, and 3 star requirements followed by a line underneath with the seasonal requirement. In my case, for example, a danger sign that had a 550 ft requirement for 3 stars had a 750 ft requirement for the seasonal version. These requirements tend to be very difficult; I barely made it at 751 ft when I unlocked this, with a fully tricked out X 999 Bugatti Veyron!

    As always, rewind to your advantage and if it's too difficult, wait until it rotates to a style that's more achievable to you.

    EDIT (2018/10/12): It seems that this achievement is very finicky. If you're having problems, please read the comments for others' tips.

    EDIT (2018/10/21): @Swooshiain: "The Playground Games community liaison has acknowledged that they are aware of the problems with this achievement, and they are looking into it."

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    TheAmazinKazinI just completed the seasonal objective on the Great Ridge jump (over 915 ft) and I got 979 ft. No achievement popped. Is this one not eligible for the achievement?
    Posted by TheAmazinKazin On 28 May 19 at 05:14
    SabenRothschildJust tried to pop this for a second season on a speed zone that was previously untouched - no achievement. I'm guessing this one is currently broken :/

    Just popped it on a speed trap the following season. Only difference is that I got it at the first attempt, so I'm guessing that's the requirement?
    Posted by SabenRothschild On 08 Oct 20 at 18:04
    beastman rulesThx
    Posted by beastman rules On 27 Mar 21 at 15:09
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  • lLeoOneBRlLeoOneBR
    07 Dec 2018 08 Dec 2018 18 Dec 2018
    The player FragiPL found this awesome solution and can confirm that works like a charm.
    Well, based on the FragiPL solution, step by step:

    Put the console offline
    Reset console (restart)
    Change the date to 21 October 2018
    Start the game offline* and the Roman mile PR Stunt should appear. Just beat it. (Its a speed trap located at top left on the map)
    Put the console online, start the game and achievement should pop up.
    I used the gamepass copy.

    Hope that helps.

    *Update: apparently some people need to set home console in order to run the digital copy offline.
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    Flussigdone today it on the railyard ramp by getting 250m in the aventador lp700-4 FE with the best handling tune
    Posted by Flussig On 28 Dec 18 at 14:50
    Fuzzmeister JA word of warning. This reset my Forzathon weekly and daily challenges. I kept my points though. It worked for the achievement though.
    Posted by Fuzzmeister J On 13 Jan 19 at 05:18
    Greedy136This achievement also works in the LEGO DLC.
    Posted by Greedy136 On 11 Sep 20 at 06:16
  • N30YRDN30YRD
    06 Oct 2018 06 Oct 2018 12 Oct 2018

    For people saying this achievement is glitched or missable...

    I can confirm it's not missable (for me...)**

    I got it today with the Autumn danger sign, I had already 3 starred the sign a little over the 550ft

    I went back to my home, and modified my Agera RS to the max, and gave the gearbox more speed, and the rear wing on full cornering for aerodynamics

    After this went back and run the Jump again, smashed the 749ft that it needed and achievement popped...

    Now if you beat the jump by over 800ft,.. My guess is you need to beat your own personal score for the achievement to pop***

    *EDIT:: The Seasonal PR Stunt have to be unlocked before it can be accessed
    Autumn Stunt Name: Roman Ruins
    Location: Top left of the map
    Car to use: Agera RS fully modified or anything with grip in X class (Porsche 918 Spyder also another beast of a car in x class)
    Winter Stunt Name:
    Spring Stunt Name:
    Summer Stunt Name:

    **EDIT: this might not be the case for you... If you have beaten the PR stunt with a higher score than the SEASON Objective YOU WILL NOT GET THE ACHIEVEMENT FOR THAT SEASON


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    I3ruto@FragiPL really? But if you tried offline , you can see the PR STUNTS?
    Posted by I3ruto On 07 Dec 18 at 10:03
    FragiPLYes, i seen Pr stunt when i Turn date to 21 October 2018.
    Posted by FragiPL On 07 Dec 18 at 13:22
    lLeoOneBRWow! Can confirm the FragiPL solution works like a charm, Thank you for share with us!
    Well, based on the FragiPL solution, what I did:

    Put the console offline
    Reset console (restart)
    Change the date to 21 October
    Start the game offline and the Roman mile PR Stunt appeared
    After beat the score, put the console online, load the game and achievement popped up.
    Posted by lLeoOneBR On 08 Dec 18 at 09:48
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