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Coronation Trickin'

Bank a Skill Chain of 195,300 or more points.

Coronation Trickin'0
14 October 2019 - 10 guides

Achievement Guide for Coronation Trickin'

  • SashamorningSashamorning1,701,171
    02 Oct 2018 02 Oct 2018 10 Oct 2018
    72 0 7
    You don't need an upgraded car for this. I did it on my very first car.

    This is actually a LOT easier than you think, and was 2nd achievement in the game. I wasn't even really trying for it, I was just going for as long a chain as I could.

    On the east edge of the map, east of Bamburgh Castle on the sea, is a dune bike track. Lots of dunes, lots of jumps, lots of bushes and fences to crash into. Drive around there (not on the course, but across the dunes), and you won't be able to help getting a bunch of Air, Ultimate Wreckage, Drifts, Kangaroos, etc, to build up your chain.

    It maxes out at a 5.0 multiplier (at least now, like I said I barely started the game), so hit 40,000 and stop. When the points register, the achievement will pop.

    Don't need skill songs, don't need boosts, don't even need upgraded cars. All you need to be able to do is not flip your car over or hit anything in the parking lot on one edge of the map.

  • Maka91Maka91985,162
    19 Sep 2018 02 Oct 2018
    33 3 2
    The easiest way to grab this is to buy the Hoonigan Hoonicorn and apply some upgrades. Now, go to the airport, take STM and TCS off, and just drift up and down the runway. You can easily build a 200,000 point combo in 2 minutes, and then bank it.

    This is also a great way to boost car mastery skill points which become incredibly useful in progression of the game, leveling and grabbing credits.
  • Hellgate AeonHellgate Aeon361,237
    27 Sep 2018 29 Sep 2018
    21 2 1
    Skillchains aren´t that difficult anymore.

    Here is a solution for the quickest way:

    take a rallycar, drive it to the quarry.... go berserk. that´s all. jumps jumps jumps jumps jumps

    if you wanna go real berserk: hoonigan focus, carskill upgrade and go berserk in the windmillpark. hit the gas and never stop it. i made 1000000 skillpoints there without any trouble
  • Demon Fox 00117Demon Fox 00117267,217
    28 Sep 2018 09 Oct 2018
    8 0 0

    This guide should help you to boost all achievements relating to earning skill points as well as significantly boost influence in the process.

    Achievements Boosted:

    Coronation Trickin' - Bank a Skill Chain of 195,300 or more points.
    At One with the Car - Apply every Car Mastery available for a single car.
    Master of Many - Apply 50 Car Masteries.
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead468,570
    03 Oct 2018 05 Oct 2018 05 Oct 2018
    7 0 0
    Lengendary cars have better Car Mastery Perks that will make getting to the Coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953 (195,300) much easier.

    For example, the 2016 Hoonigan Gymkhana 9 Ford Focus RS RX has the following:
    • x7 skill multiplier (so you just need a Skill Chain of 28,000 to get the achievement)
    • 0.3 skill multiplier build (instead of 0.1)
    • +1.0 second longer before skill chain ends
    • +30% Combo Skills scores
    • +20% Air Skills score
    • +20% Near Miss scores
    • +20% Wreakage scores
    • +20% Drift and E-Drift scores
    • +20% Ultimate Skill Chain scores
    • 2 collisions to break Skill Chain (available on all cars)

    It will also help you gain Car Mastery Points quicker:
    • +50% influence from skills banked in Freeroam
    • +10% influence from skills while driving in a Convoy

    You should turn off rewind as that is going to break your Skill Chain everytime you use it. You can get this in a race with clean driving, but it is easier in Freeroam. Find an open area of the map, preferably with some hills and destructible objects. Just drive around in large circles, avoiding any indestructible objects. Pull a Drift or E-Drift if your Skill Chain is about to come to an end.

    With a bit of practice you will be racking up influence in no time.
  • RogueAgent4RogueAgent4134,584
    14 Oct 2018 23 Oct 2018
    7 1 0
    Best Location to get This Achievement
  • RoyalOTenenbaumRoyalOTenenbaum188,663
    03 Oct 2018 03 Oct 2018
    7 2 0
    Easy. Just took the Jaguar C-X75 from the Bond pack ( or an S car ) to Astmoor area of the map and just mashed the accelerator. Hop hills, crash through things, drift. The perk with that keeps the combo alive for a crash is good for this.
  • Darth Ezio 82Darth Ezio 82293,643
    03 Mar 2019 05 Mar 2019
    4 0 0
    no upgrades needed, though mastery skills do make it easier. get a x5.0 multiplier going and build up just 40,000 point (just to be on the safe side) & you will get the 195,300 required in no time.

    12 Oct 2018 13 Oct 2018
  • tynderitynderi239,137
    08 Oct 2018 08 Oct 2018
    6 3 0
    Quick way to get this is drive around Astmoor, the lower right side of the map. Most of the trees are breakable and there's barely any traffic so you can freely go for for Air skills, drifting and wreckage.

    I used Mini Cooper '65 and had Natural drifter, Wreckage weapon and Wombo combo to boost my multiplier to 5X. Drifted around for a while aiming for wreckage and jumps.
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