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Pilot’s Licence achievement in Forza Horizon 4

Pilot’s Licence

Reach Danger Sign Hero level 10.

Pilot’s Licence0
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How to unlock the Pilot’s Licence achievement

  • VindRaiderVindRaider
    29 Dec 2018 28 Dec 2018 28 Dec 2018
    Danger Signs:

    What are they: They are PR jump stunts where you either launch your vehicle over a cliff or through a ramp and have to fly a certain distance and land correctly to get 1-3 stars. They are signified with an exclamation mark "!" as a road sign on the map. As you complete Danger Sign PR stunts, more such stunts will unlock and your Danger Sign Hero level will increase.

    How to find them: On the map, press cn_RB (Change Filter) to sort the map. Deselect all and then select "Danger Signs" to see Danger Signs PR stunts only on the map, signified by an exclamation mark. As you complete Danger Sign PR stunts, more such stunts will unlock and your Danger Sign Hero level will increase.

    How to get easy three stars: Your best bet is to get a super fast hypercar that accelerates quickly. I recommend getting a 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport as it will be required for another achievement:
    Forza Horizon 4Record BreakerThe Record Breaker achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 66 pointsGet 258mph on a Speed Trap in the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

    Instead of buying it stock from Autoshow, try to look for it in the auction house. You can easily get a tuned Veyron for 2,000,000 as there are a lot of them available at the time of writing this and many are left unsold with no bids. Specifically, Maka91's tune is brilliant for this purpose, but most tunes that make it an X-999 rated car is a good choice. It is also a good bet as you can later sell it for the same amount or more.

    Next, for launch through a ramp or a cliff, make a good long straight run-up to the ramp/cliff and jump it at your highest possible speed. With a Veyron Super Sport, most of them would be easy 3-stars. It would be helpful to set a way-point to the danger sign and follow the guiding line to avoid bumps or spins. Use "rewind" generously if you fail for some reason. In some cases, the landing zone may be in a tricky place where the car will crash on to a house or a railway carriage or something like that, leading to "Failed". In such cases, try to brake the car immediately upon landing or correct your landing by rewinding and attempting the jump again.

    Here is a video (not made by me) for completing all 18 Danger Signs:

    Additional Notes:

    For the danger sign at Ambleside Edge, do it with a tuned Mercedes Benz Unimog truck (available for as little as 200,000 CR in auction house at the time of writing this) to attain another achievement called "Ground Force":
    Forza Horizon 4Ground ForceThe Ground Force achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 67 pointsGet 3 stars at a Danger Sign in a vehicle from the Trucks Car Type.

    There are 18 Danger Sign PR stunts and you don't have to 3-star all of them to get Pilot's License achievement. You need to get 3-stars on 10 Danger Signs and 2-stars on remaining 8 Danger Signs to get to level 10 and complete the achievement. You will eventually want to 3-star every danger sign PR stunt to get this achievement:
    Forza Horizon 4Stunt SuperheroThe Stunt Superhero achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 211 pointsGet 3 stars on every PR Stunt.

    Good Luck rock
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  • ClareBearJClareBearJ
    29 Oct 2018 29 Oct 2018
    I struggled a bit with this one, tried using the ariel nomad fully upgraded but didn't seem to have much luck. In the end I just purchased a 10,000 upgrade for my McLaren Senna to make it AWD and it easily got 3 stars on enough danger signs to unlock this achievement.
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    Iron Man TStarkI did this and it makes the car almost undriveable as it's too heavy?
    Posted by Iron Man TStark On 10 Nov 18 at 14:54
    FullNietzscheSo we need to get 3 stars on danger signs? How many? Where are they? This guide doesn't tell me anything useful.
    Posted by FullNietzsche On 12 Dec 18 at 20:22
  • MST3000MST3000
    28 Nov 2018 28 Nov 2018
    One of the best Cars for this is:
    Audi Sport Quattro S1 1986 with the #2 Sport Quattro Bodykit and then Upgrade to S2 - 921.
    (Best for Dirt/Sand/Offroad Ways)
    For all Speedway/Street Signs you can use the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 2011 with a X999 Upgrade
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