Official Horizon Board Game achievement in Forza Horizon 4

Official Horizon Board Game

Smash all 200 Bonus Boards.

Official Horizon Board Game0
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How to unlock the Official Horizon Board Game achievement

  • MilouseMilouse61,480
    30 Sep 2018 27 Sep 2018 11 Oct 2018
    311 11 74
    Like Forza Horizon 1 to 3, i built an interactive map for Horizon 4:
    It is now compatible with smartphones.

    It's the full interactive map with:
    50 Fast Travel boards
    150 Influence boards
    15 Barns
    12 Houses
    12 beauty spots.
    All can be marked as collected as you go, and you can hide certain type of elements if you don't want to be spoiled.
    Note: All 200 Boards are on the map

    [Update 2018-10-09] The last object you clicked get a blinking halo, and the browser URL is changed so that if you share it, the halo will still be here for the link followers.

    Still made with love. smile

    [update] As a bonus complement to the map, a few aerial boards video (not of the best quality, but if it helps...) :

    Board #15

    Board #20

    Board #80

    Board #85 (Travel Board on top of Church)

    Board #91

    Board #132
    Ramp locked by Danger Sign player level.

    Board #179
    Location: (South)

    Board #185
    Location: (North)

    Board #196
    Location: (North)

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    BK BuDHaYou need the Peel P50 to get the one in the small space.
    Posted by BK BuDHa on 03 Jul at 02:41
    John PitFor the 156, it in a tunnel (for train). You can find the entry on the nord near another board.
    Posted by John Pit on 10 Jul at 12:34
    Whats a ChundyJust like to thank John Pit for his tip, I suggest adding that one to the guide. Great guide otherwise
    Posted by Whats a Chundy on 30 Jul at 04:36
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  • PascalMarcPascalMarc526,218
    02 Aug 2019 02 Oct 2018 16 Jun 2019
    76 1 8
    There's a total of 200 Bonus Boards that you must smash (150 Influence Boards and 50 Fast Travel Boards).

    I've created an interactive map which includes all 200 boards.

    You can right click (press and hold on mobile devices) to hide individual markers.
    Your progress will be tracked in the sidebar.
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    Mart 128Thanks for this, I agree with rockinroosters comment the right click to hide was a big help, great map and features.
    Posted by Mart 128 on 25 Oct 18 at 15:06
    Kiwi RodentThis was a great help so it’s a big 👍s up and a BIG Thank U from me ✌️
    Posted by Kiwi Rodent on 21 Nov 18 at 20:19
    JBenno97Massive help! Cheers 👍
    Posted by JBenno97 on 21 May at 15:52
  • ChiefSittingBumChiefSittingBum189,576
    04 Oct 2018 04 Oct 2018 09 Oct 2018
    24 4 6
    I've just finished completing this.

    It is possible to get all of the boards collected without having to use any other means other than just driving around the area.

    The only ones that were hard are the following:
    - The travel board on the Church in Broadway.
    - Influence board in the Adventure park on top of the concrete tubes.
    - Influence board on the roof at Derwent Water.
    - Influence board at the very north of the map on the mountainside.

    The method is quite simple. Once you have found them all either by driving around, using a guide or the treasure map. All are pretty easy to reach other than those I will go over here.

    Method: Use the map to line up the position of the board so you have the marker above it. Attempt to get enough speed to launch the car into the air, and fine-tune your angle and height using the rewind feature. Then A LOT of trial n error!

    Travel board on Church at Broadway
    - Use a hypercar with a tune on it to give you the speed, line up the board using the waypoint on the map. Start from the area where the windmill is then used the small hill next to the houses near to the church.

    Influence board in the Adventure park on top of the concrete tubes
    - I used Class 10 Racer Car 2015 Alumi Craft, added a tuning upgrade to give it enough speed, then used the black ramp that's part of the course. The tricky part of this is the access to the ramp, you have to try to drop down to it without losing too much momentum. After you are making the jump just trial and error to get the right trajectory.

    Influence board on the roof at Derwent Water
    - I used Class 10 Racer Car 2015 Alumi Craft, added a tuning upgrade to give it enough speed, then just drive down through the trees from the road and with enough momentum you can easily launch on to the roof.

    Influence board at the very north of the map on the mountainside
    - I used a tuned Subaru Impreza WRX STI as you need quite a bit of power to get above the board. There seems to be some odd gravity physics going on here so make sure you pick a powerful enough car to reach the sign. I got above it from the side and let the gravity drop my down the mountainside onto it.

    If you managed to get every other single board then job done, and time for a cuppa tea and a biscuit. PHEW!!!! ;)

    PM me if you need any help with other boards.

    - Chief Sitting Bum
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    J ROLLER 1979Some sort of map or pictures would be handy as I don't know where the Church, Adventure park, Derwent Water and the mountainside is.
    Posted by J ROLLER 1979 on 07 Oct 18 at 23:30
    Rigpig1919The one on top of the concrete pipes can be done quite easily in winter with a maxed out alumni craft and a lot of rewind, but really not that hard.
    Posted by Rigpig1919 on 18 Oct 18 at 07:14
    DottyRoxy69The High Mountainside one, I used a regular Subaru Impreza WRX STI and it took maybe 3 tries, I used rewind so I didn't have to drive back up, and just tried angling the car a little bit better each time I let gravity pull me towards the board from the side of the hill.

    Worked a charm. Positive Vote from me :)
    Posted by DottyRoxy69 on 13 Jan 19 at 03:44
  • Maka91Maka911,149,999
    30 Sep 2018 02 Oct 2018
    30 12 4
    Forza Horizon 4 has a total of 200 bonus boards available on the map; 150 influence boards and 50 fast travel boards. The influence boards offer a small amount of influence upon collecting them, while the fast travel boards reward a small discount for fast travelling around the map.

    Downloadable Map:

    The above map shows all 200 locations. Feel free to throw it in something like Microsoft Paint in order to mark the boards you already have, or allow yourself to zoom in and pan the photo more easily.

    Many of the bonus boards are placed in tricky spots like on top of buildings, or hidden in train tunnels below the map. Just scan the area (or use drone mode), and there's usually a good indication of how to get it. You'll probably want a fast offroad car in order to make the jumps; I used the Hoonicorn for all of them and would recommend it.
  • Dr PurrpleDr Purrple346,190
    07 Jul 2019 07 Jul 2019 07 Jul 2019
    7 1 2
    For new players and people who didn't bother with the boards until after the expansions released, there is a board at Express Railyard that is completely obstructed by the giant Lego Champions logo. You can't see it on the map unless you zoom in and out carefully and you can't see it in the ingame radar either. I am providing screenshots that show where the board is, both on the map and in the actual game.

    External image

    External image
  • TheWelshHuntTheWelshHunt762,589
    27 Oct 2018 09 Oct 2018
    9 5 0
    This is just a Collectibles MAP ONLY! I wont be showing you in this video how to get certain ones.

    I pause at each section for around 20 seconds, so feel free to pause, follow along and mark down which ones youve got. (Of course this is for people who dont want to part ways with the £2.00 for the map)

    Bare in mind, some of these boards are in quite tricky locations and you may not be able to get a few until a bit later in the game.
    For the most part i used a Lamboghini Aventador to get most of these but the Hoonicorn would probabaly be best.

    Anyway, hope this helps absolutely anyone out there! (Skip to 1.15 to start looking at the map, as i just explain a little bit of things in the first minute)

  • StagHead9StagHead984,783
    18 Oct 2018
    8 9 0
    Here is a easy one for the fast travel boards:
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