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"Do you know what 'DK' stands for?" achievement in Forza Horizon 4

"Do you know what 'DK' stands for?"

Reach level 10 in The Drift Run.

Do you know what 'DK' stands for?0
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How to unlock the "Do you know what 'DK' stands for?" achievement

  • xArjenRobben10xxArjenRobben10x
    09 Oct 2018 09 Oct 2018 10 Oct 2018
    Car: Formula Drift Viper
    Tune: Drift Zone by creator Tiptronik
    Assists: Traction and Stability control both off. Some people have suggested using manual and keeping the car in a certain gear but I done all the zones on automatic so this isn't necessary. Also be sure to have rewinds on they can help a lot if you're on a good run but happen to ruin a corner.

    The Formula Drift car pack is DLC however as far as I'm aware it was included with every edition of the game(I'm playing on game pass and it's definitely included there). You're supposed to get one of each car for free but it seems like only people with the ultimate edition got them for free so you will have to pay 300,000 credits for it if you just have the regular edition. It does have a mastery which gives you 300,000 back so really all you're actually paying for the car is skill points(It costs 19 skill points to get the credits).

    For this achievement you don't need to get 3 stars on every zone but 3 stars are required for the Stunt Superhero achievement.

    I got 3 stars on most zones with ease using this car but there were a few tricky ones which took me a while. All I can say is keep trying if you're stuck you will get there in the end with enough practice.

    One of the other solutions suggested using the Hoonicorn which I would not recommend at all. That car is terrible for drifting so don't waste your money on it.

    Edit: It seems not everyone actually got the Formula Drift pack for free with Game Pass so you may have to pay for it if you want to use this car. For me it was free with Game Pass so it seems pretty strange that not everyone got it.

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    ALoneWolf42I'm so bad at Drifting. I'll have to see if I own Formula Drift Viper or I'll try that Nissan Fairlady instead.
    Posted by ALoneWolf42 On 26 Nov 22 at 06:07
    Luc COELHOFuncionou, com cambio manual, travado em marcha 3 ou 4. Nível 10 atingido com 7 áreas com 3 estrelas e demais áreas com 2 estrelas. Já no Forza Horizon 5 é muito fácil, consegui 3 estrelas em todas as áreas na primeira tentativa.
    Posted by Luc COELHO On 26 Nov 22 at 11:36
    DavidTB415Thank you so much for this. It helped immensely.

    You don't happen to have a similar car that you'd recommend for FH3 do you?
    Posted by DavidTB415 On 05 Feb at 05:17
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    05 Oct 2018 05 Oct 2018
    I personally used the Formula Drift #13 Ford Mustang 2015 to get 3 stars on all of the drift run events. I used the tune: EZ AWD DRIFT created by KING POSH. I had traction and stability off with auto transmission (rewinds on).

    I reached level 10 after doing 18 of the events with 3 stars (there are 20 in total).
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    TombRaiserOMG I thought I was never going to get this achievement! This guide helped so much. Thanks! :D *thumbs up*
    Posted by TombRaiser On 01 Mar 19 at 18:42
    KING POSHThank you NMANOZ. I'm glad to hear my tunes are working for you and others. I'm happy to know my tunes are making an impact to the Forza community.
    Posted by KING POSH On 16 Aug 19 at 18:49
    GagiuFlorinThank you so much for the tune, I managed to get all the three 🤩 stars
    Posted by GagiuFlorin On 14 Dec 22 at 09:26
  • Throni360Throni360
    17 Oct 2018 17 Oct 2018 17 Oct 2018
    FREE Solution! No DLC Cars needed!

    My weapon of choice is the Ford F-100. I tried the Holden Torana A9X at first but the Ford worked better. I only chose it because it was very high on the rankings on a Zone that I couldn't 3 star with the Holden.

    Car: Ford F-100
    Tune: Drift by TYGAxxxx (A 729, 5 star rating)
    Cost: 36.500 Credits for the car (iirc) and around 103k for the tuning.

    The Torona-tune is from the same guy.

    Makes it easier to 3 star the Drift zones. I still have trouble with some (maybe because of winter) and will update this solution once I 3 star everything. So far it's just enough to reach level 10 and get the achievement.
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    Carmona25This worked perfectly. The truck wants to drift on its own.
    Posted by Carmona25 On 21 Sep 20 at 15:53
    Epidote6I too struggle with drifting and tried all the cars listed in all these guides and other sites. The F-100 was by far the best that worked for me. Still took many tries on a few zones, but far out performed the other cars and tunes. Tip is to put it in manual and run in 2nd gear.
    Posted by Epidote6 On 17 Jan 21 at 15:31
    TavicuThank you man! I never thought I will getting 3 stars on any drifting zone
    Posted by Tavicu On 02 Oct 21 at 07:40
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