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First-Time Adventurer achievement in Forza Horizon 4

First-Time Adventurer

Complete your first Team Adventure.

First-Time Adventurer0
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How to unlock the First-Time Adventurer achievement

  • PJTierneyPJTierney
    23 Sep 2018 27 Sep 2018
    Team Adventure can be accessed from the [Team Adventure] tab in the pause menu.

    Select [Unranked Team Adventure] and wait for the game to place you into a lobby.

    Once you're in you'll then need to complete a full Team Adventure from start to finish. These are best-of-5 events, with the first team to reach 3 victories winning overall.

    Note: Private Team Adventures do not count for this Achievement.
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    stuffmixerIf you want to join a good racing group, you can always apply to:
    Digibeten NL
    and as a race Team:

    You can also sent a message to me GT: stuffmixer
    I will add you, lets make this a big group, so we can provide our self with ingame extra's and race as a team.
    Posted by stuffmixer On 20 Apr 20 at 10:16
    LaughingHyena74Must have done 20+ of the Team Adventure events, still hasn't popped, definitely glitched for me.
    Posted by LaughingHyena74 On 29 Apr 20 at 07:34
    LaughingHyena74Okay it just popped for me, it won't pop in Ranked Adventure, it popped for me in Quickplay Adventure, I entered a Team Racing event of 3 races we won 2-0 the achievement popped when i returned back to free roam.
    Posted by LaughingHyena74 On 02 May 20 at 10:28
    ΩShikiFūjinPlayed 7 games of team games all ended with us wining 2 0 or losing 2 0 , the 8th game we won 3 2 the achievement popped for me .
    Posted by ΩShikiFūjin On 01 Sep 21 at 07:30
    Not UltimateThis one was really messy for me, I often found that at random points after an event the game would get stuck, like the event would finish and the screen would go into the mode where its about to load, but never start so you are stuck looking at your car.

    However eventually managed to win two events, the third one we won round one, then the game got stuck, I sat there for about 15 minutes until the achievement popped and suddenly we apparently won, there were only people on my team left.

    I think what happens is so many people quit that it starts looking for players but does not tell you this and eventually lucky for me the entire enemy team got bored and quit which gave us the third win.
    Posted by Not Ultimate On 04 Sep 21 at 00:52
    ZaveGaming87Doesn't work in free for all either.
    Posted by ZaveGaming87 On 14 Sep 21 at 23:08
    DoYouWantAntsIf you join an adventure mid-progress (ie. it joined me into round 2/5) it might not pop at the end (as what happened with me) so I just continued with the next one and it popped at the end of that. Also, may just show a screen with your car for a few minutes but don't quit out, eventually it advances.
    Posted by DoYouWantAnts On 03 Oct 21 at 02:56
    Derek1337Is it just me or does this mode seem to be completely broken? I cannot seem to progress between races. It always freezes at the screen that shows the teams between races and I cannot do anything until I close the app and restart it.
    Posted by Derek1337 On 10 Oct 21 at 14:17
    EazyE2285Just got this. Came in at 2/5 and didn't pop til I stayed for the next round (luckily only 3 races)

    To the guy above that's the game throwing new people in because people dropped out. I think it'll "freeze" on that screen until it evens them up
    Posted by EazyE2285 On 22 Oct 21 at 08:21
    KGI KlikoNL@Derek1337 and @EazyE2285, I not know what it is doing, but races never start even in unranked (also because of it I guess). One time it took 35 minutes to get through: end of race screen, fast travelling other players and pre race screen. You do not see it at Ranked, there only takes 2,5 minute. But yeah, no new players get loaded in there, so really an Unranked Lobby issue.
    Posted by KGI KlikoNL On 01 May 22 at 20:08
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