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Horizon Superstar achievement in Forza Horizon 4

Horizon Superstar

Gain Superstar Status by reaching Level 200.

Horizon Superstar0
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How to unlock the Horizon Superstar achievement

  • zsoltee53zsoltee53
    16 Oct 2018 11 Oct 2018 10 Jul 2020
    Possibly this solution will be useless on 2020 July 22th because the end of Mixer. I think the developers will not integrate this promotion to Facebook Gaming, so hurry!

    Updated: Mixer will be shut down next month, Microsoft partnering with Facebook Gaming

    I see many people still have questions about the Mixer-Influence boost system, so here is my full guide. wink If you want to unlock every achievement in the main game with only 1 month of Game Pass subscription, this is a good solution for you!

    The Mixer loot system is buggy right now! Maybe will not work for everybody!

    Little helps for desktop version: When you start to watch any stream, you will see a popup windows in the bottom left corner and will see your gained score. If you see this, you can use this solution. If not then try again later!

    Be patient, the new guide is coming soon!
    You need 3,000,000 Influence (in-game XP) to reach level 200. This is the highest level before Prestige 1. Don't worry, this is not take as long as in FPS games to reach level 50. You will get level up after every 2-3 events. You should get this achievement while completing every event in the game, but there are a few easy ways to get it faster. This new passive way via Mixer is very big help! I use my computer for hours every day, so I can earn at least 50,000-80,000 Influence per day while at work. Sounds good, right? dance - Finally I got this achievement on this way after two weeks (60 hours spent in game - not grinding, just playing). Earned 1.7M Influence via Mixer and 1.3M in game.

    Important part of the solution - you can skip the others, but not this one
    First you need these achievements. You can't use your extra Influence before this point of the game! Not so hard, just complete all 4 seasons and join to others in the shared season.
    Forza Horizon 4Accomplished DriverThe Accomplished Driver achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 12 pointsReach Level 20.

    Forza Horizon 4Welcome to a New HorizonThe Welcome to a New Horizon achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 38 pointsQualify for the Horizon Roster.

    Create Mixer account (use your Microsoft account to make sure connected them) or link your already used Mixer account to your Microsoft account (go to Account Settings on Find a live nonstop farm channel and let your PC or smart device do the work! sleep You will get your bonus on the next start! When you view a stream while play, you have to quit the game and load again to get your bonus. If you prefer Instant-On mode, just turn off your console, make sure it's fully suspended, then boot up and you will get the bonus right after you hit the road.

    Suggested farms - don't forget, only LIVE show works!

    Farm channels come and go, so maybe when you start this method, hard to find a good channel for farming!

    The best farm I found:
    - 24/7 FH4
    - online all year
    - low bitrate
    - channel created specifically for Horizon 4 farm system
    - progress tracker bot commands

    Took 500 hours and about 22GB data to get 3M Influence on this channel! That means you have to watch 45 minutes every day for a full month.

    Other popular farms: - 24/7 FH4 - 24/7 FH4 - 24/7 FH4 - 24/7 spotlights (often plays FH4) - 24/7 FH4 (I think it's only in the early weeks)

    You can find more here:

    I just find out today some non-playing farm streams can be transferred automatically to Other game category without bonus. Try to avoid menu paused streams, they are the most affected for this.
    You can stream your gameplay trough Mixer for more extra Influence, but you need viewers! Tried to stream on my main account and view on my dummy account, but not earned any Influence, so you need a bigger audience. What I know for sure you will see the ordinary pink chest icon on the Mixer on-screen panel on Xbox One, when your stream has reached the required number of viewers. Another great thing is the popular streamers earn in game rewards in addition. Bigger audience = more in-game bonus content.

    How much Influence I can earn this way?
    Infinite! Viewers earn 500 per 5 minutes (6,000 per hour), streamears earn 500 per 2 minutes (15,000 per hour).

    How to check how many Influence I earned?
    You can see only on desktop. Just click on the pink chest icon under the stream's title. Need a few minutes to show your actual score.

    Can I get score multiplier by using more devices?
    No! You can only watch or stream at the same time and only through one device. I mean of course you can watch multiple streams, but only one will count! Stream while playing, watch while not, this is the best way!

    I have to watch the stream?
    No! You can open new tabs and surf or just put the browser to the system tray. Switch to audio only option to use less computer resources and cellular data (not every stream channel support it!).

    I still don't have the game, but I will buy it later. Can I use this method to get an instant jumpstart?
    Of course you can! Watch live streams and earn Influence. Right after you bought the game, reached level 20 and qualified for the Horizon Roster, you will get all your extra Influence.

    OTHER WAYS TO GET INFLUENCE (need more active time)
    Bonus Boards
    You should already find some Influence board around the world. Only 200pcs of them with a total 350.000 Influence, it's a very poor value, but you will need all of them for another achievement.

    Skill points
    Many guides talks about the skill earnings. You can get some Influence by tricks, but you need a lot of tricks and scores, but will earn a only a few XP.

    Brand new track editor
    Possible to create your own racing track in the newest version of the game. You can earn a great some Inlfuence while level up faster your Road Racing Series for the Goliath achievement. There is a very popular boosting road at Standigs Stones, it's Elmsdon on Sea Sprint. Create your own or play other's race, your choice. Recommended to use any Forza Edition car with skill multiplier! You can win by Wheelspin or buy one from the auction house, it's a great investment! Set Drivatarts to hardest and use sharp turns at the finish line, so you can easily beat the AI.

    Randomly found video about this way:

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    zsoltee53It's fully working right now for me! Already gained 15.000 Influence today and watched only 2-3 channels.
    Posted by zsoltee53 On 25 Jun 19 at 09:51
    zsoltee53Still testing and everything is fine for me right now! I can watch farm streams all day, no Influence limit on channels and received every bonus in my game!
    Posted by zsoltee53 On 28 Jun 19 at 09:02
    LIVINGOPLAGUEAchievement is broken i reached level 202 today and no achievement
    Posted by LIVINGOPLAGUE On 29 Apr 20 at 19:42
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  • PJTierneyPJTierney
    29 Sep 2018 01 Oct 2018
    This will come through natural play as you earn Influence for all of your racing and other Horizon Life activities.

    You earn Influence for pretty much everything you do in Forza Horizon 4, however you can earn more Influence per race/event by finishing in higher positions, or by getting 3 stars on certain challenges.

    You can also passively earn Influence by watching Forza Horizon 4 streams at You gain 500 Influence for every 5 minutes of watchtime, amounting to 6,000 per hour. If you broadcast to Mixer while you play, this hourly rate can go up to 15,000, possibly more if you have a larger audience.
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    Barad 007do i have to watch mixer on my console or can i on my laptop? and do i need horizon running in the background?
    Posted by Barad 007 On 11 Dec 18 at 20:20
    PJTierneyYou don't need to have the game running.

    All you need to do is watch Mixer on any supported device, while logged into the same Microsoft account you use for your Gamertag.
    Posted by PJTierney On 14 Dec 18 at 13:22
    MagmaticNevada8There's no such thing as this "Mixer" thing in the game.
    Posted by MagmaticNevada8 On 28 Jun 21 at 13:10
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