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Record Breaker achievement in Forza Horizon 4

Record Breaker

Get 258mph on a Speed Trap in the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

Record Breaker0
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How to unlock the Record Breaker achievement

  • Maka91Maka91
    24 Sep 2018 02 Oct 2018 02 Oct 2018
    Car: 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
    Tune: "Top Speed" by "Maka91"
    Speed Trap: M68 (on the highway)

    You can try to save some money by purchasing the car from the auction house.

    If the speed trap is not available to you, make progress on other speed traps and zones until you unlock more.

    Approach the speed trap from the south, and give yourself a lot of lead up. Take gentle turns and make subtle adjustments as you in order to maintain your speed before hitting the speed trap. With the above tune, it should be relatively easy to hit the speed trap fast enough for 3 stars and the achievement.

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    GamePadZebbyAwesome, thank you 👍 now just to push a little harder for three stars
    Posted by GamePadZebby On 25 Jun 20 at 17:46
    I TRU RELIG1ONThankyou
    Posted by I TRU RELIG1ON On 28 Sep 21 at 15:16
    ALoneWolf42Works great, thank you! I actually used this build to get a few other speed traps I was stuck on.
    Posted by ALoneWolf42 On 23 Nov 22 at 05:47
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  • Ha1fwitHa1fwit
    12 Oct 2018 12 Oct 2018
    I have watched a couple of videos on this & read a few solutions but none of them really pointed out where the difficulty was & how to get round it, so it inspired me to make my first "Achievement solution guide"
    Like everybody else I started out about a quarter of a mile from the tunnel at the southern end of the M68 heading north & in the correct direction of traffic as I needed the driving line due to not so good eye sight. After many failed attempts it suddenley dawned on me that I was going to fast to soon by that I mean when I got to the point where the red breaking line appeared I went out of control so many times, I came up with the idea to start near the tunnel & build speed slowly using the right trigger at about 80% so when I got to the red breaking line I was doing just over 200mph {sorry don't know kph equivalent} making this bend more managable then just as the red breaking line is about to fade put your foot down or in this case, fully squeeze the right trigger and you should be able to get to 258 mph in good time. Just a couple more things I used "Trap Achievement" tune by Don Joewon Song {big thanks to him} my settings were default accept for ABS off making the car more rigid, one more thing you can use rewind if needed but I suggest going back a good distance with it.

    P.S. I would like to thank all at True Achievements for a great site & all the people who's guides have helped me in the past, now I hope this guide {my first} will help others :}
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    DangerCensoredGreat idea! I was having a bit of trouble holding the 80% speed. I just found a spot where I could just full gas it and go from 0 to 200ish at the left turn and got to 260 at the trap.
    Posted by DangerCensored On 30 Sep 21 at 06:16
    Motorfan66Your idea to wait until the red brake line fades before putting the foot down worked a treat. Thanks very much for the tip.
    Posted by Motorfan66 On 14 Dec 21 at 02:23
    TrevorPhilipsBRI followed you suggestion. I gottoast the achievement on my 1st try. Thanks.
    Posted by TrevorPhilipsBR On 29 Dec 21 at 02:21
  • GrouxGroux
    26 Oct 2018 26 Oct 2018
    PROTIP: If you have about $2.1 million credits saved up, you can do this achievement for less than 70,000 credits in about 15-20 minutes.

    You can easily buy a tuned Veyron in the 980-999 range for 2 million credits from the auction house. I've checked every day this week, and nearly every hour there are at 5-10 pre-tuned Veyrons that sell for an entry bid of 2 million (not a buyout) with a buyout listed at $2.495 million.

    So, go to the auction house and bid $2 million on a tuned Veyron (usually 980-990 rating) with a few minutes left in the auction. Once you win it, then you can search for and equip the Maka tune, which should only cost $50,000-70,000 credits if you bought a pre-tuned Veyron - maybe even less. Some of the Veyrons even already have the Maka tune which is even better.

    Once you complete the three stars on the speed trap, and nab the achievement. Go sell your Maka tuned Veyron with a 2 million credit buyout. To get the 2 million credit buyout, you have to put the starting price at 1.1 million credits. BUT DON'T WORRY! Just set the BUYOUT at 2 million with the AUCTION LENGTH at 24 hours.

    As stated, most people post their Veryon buyouts at 2.495 million or above because they are afraid of the $1.1 million starting price for the $2 million buyout. However, if you set the buyout at just $2 million, your Veyron will sell easily within 10-15 minutes to other achievement hunters looking to do what you just did.

    TL;DR - In a matter of about 20 minutes, you can buy, tune, unlock and resell the Veyron for the achievement for a cost of less than $70,000 credits - allowing you to go back to hording credits for the Castle achievement.
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    GoClimbAGlacierEven faster. Before I had a chance to look at my auction, the car had sold. Great guide to getting the Bugatti sold, man oh man!
    Posted by GoClimbAGlacier On 27 Mar 20 at 02:15
    Madtown BAll good advice, except for the fact that there is an auction fee of around $200k when you sell the car back. I lucked out and got a tuned one for 1.9 mil. Did the achievement, managed to sell it for 2.2 mil, and barely turned a profit.
    Posted by Madtown B On 30 Nov 20 at 04:22
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