Ground Force achievement in Forza Horizon 4

Ground Force

Get 3 stars at a Danger Sign in a vehicle from the Trucks Car Type.

Ground Force0
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How to unlock the Ground Force achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,128,296
    28 Sep 2018 02 Oct 2018
    441 3 25
    Car: Mercedes Benz #24 TANKPOOL24 Racing Truck
    Tune: "Danger Sign" by "Maka91"
    Danger Sign: Ambleside Edge (Left of the Hub)

    If the danger sign is not available to you, make progress on the danger signs you have to unlock more.

    Approach the danger sign from the south, using the dirt road, and a straight approach to hit the ramp at your highest speed. You should easily go over the required distance upon landing and the achievement will unlock.

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    Posted by SurerABE on 06 Jun at 12:38
    J0K3RW1NSThanks man!
    Posted by J0K3RW1NS on 07 Jun at 20:03
    Doctor MandrakeEffortless. Thanks Maka.
    Posted by Doctor Mandrake on 23 Jun at 09:53
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  • ZonkyZonky39,502
    29 Sep 2018 29 Sep 2018 06 Oct 2018
    110 10 14
    As an alternative to the first solution, you can purchase the cheaper Mercedes Benz Unimog U5023 and equip my tune, called 'Ground Force'. Use the same danger sign, Ambleside Edge and you should hit the 3 star target straight away.
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    Matt DaresDidn’t mention the 400k price of the tune..
    Posted by Matt Dares on 19 Oct 18 at 22:13
    Johnny BroflexI managed to get a Unimog through a Wheelspin. I wasn't stoked so much about getting this particular vehicle but more excited because it wasn't a horn or a pair of pants.
    Posted by Johnny Broflex on 21 Oct 18 at 09:03
    Jaaaay MeeeeeGreat tune and solution. Just a note for those like me who had already 3 star'd the sign and couldn't get it to pop: completely exiting out of the game and starting it back up made it pop as soon as I got in my car.
    Posted by Jaaaay Meeeee on 18 Jun 19 at 17:36
  • White WyvernWhite Wyvern468,537
    05 Oct 2018 05 Oct 2018 14 Oct 2018
    38 1 6
    A much cheaper alternative using the Unimog, I did this for about 85,000 Credits.

    I bought a Unimog off the Auction house for 55,000CR buy it now (trust me they do appear quite regularly at that price). If you're not too bothered just buy one for less than 100k, if its been tuned already then its a bonus.

    With tuning I only upgraded it to Max class C 600 which only costs around 30k compared to the 400,000k plus using S1. The tune i used was called Cheap Power under the suggested tunes tab.

    You can also upgrade it to class B quite cheaply. Just search for class B tunes, there are lots. It's probably a lot easier this way but its definitely possible at class C.

    I used the Ambleside Danger zone for this too, you need to get to about 120 MPH which is fairly easy to do if you go back far enough. It'll take a few attempts, just use the rewind tool to get the best angle.

    Straight after I sold my Unimog on the auction house making a bit of profit.

    Note: This is much more difficult in winter, I recommend either waiting for another season or upgrading the unimog to a higher class (S1) if you don't mind spending A LOT more credits. At the time I was saving for the castle so I couldn't afford it.
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    MattynicklinI agree closest I can get is about 175m, can't even get up to 118 mph
    Posted by Mattynicklin on 14 Oct 18 at 09:47
    White WyvernI'll add the tune i used maybe that's the issue, also would winter have an effect on it? I did mine in summer, obviously the roads would be different. Just a thought.
    Posted by White Wyvern on 14 Oct 18 at 09:56
    White WyvernOk guys I've just tried it again on winter and couldn't do it, i upgraded to 660 as above did and i got to 117mph, it seems its a bit slower in the snow unfortunately, sorry guys I didn't think about that.
    Posted by White Wyvern on 14 Oct 18 at 10:39
  • EchelonSixEchelonSix587,757
    02 Oct 2018 02 Oct 2018
    29 0 3
    Volvo Iron Knight

    setup: flying knight

    Ambleside Edge

    start in the small forest south of the sign at the small intersection. accelerate carefully through the corner and as soon as the road is going straight you go full speed.

    252 meters at the 1st try. easy
  • Anima PuraAnima Pura347,358
    23 Sep 2018 23 Sep 2018
    33 7 0
    You need to grab one of the three (initial at least) trucks in the game, by going to the Autoshow, hitting cn_Y and then selecting the "Truck" type, which is the last one on the list.

    Buy either the Volvo or the Mercedes, those are actually meant to be raced and auto upgrade them to the maximum possible PI. Then, while having Rewind set to "on" so you don't have to climb hills each time if you fail, go towards the Ambleside Edge Danger Sign, which is just to the west of the Festival hub. If you set a waypoint to it from the Festival itself, you can actually get a pretty good run towards the jump, down a pretty fast right-hander. Get out of the corner, focus on getting that speed up and line up the jump.

    As soon as you successfully land it, the achievement will pop, regardless of whether you've completed the jump before.
  • Ruan Carlos05Ruan Carlos05303,439
    08 Oct 2018 30 Oct 2018 10 Nov 2018
    26 2 6
    CHEAPEST METHOD (127.250Cr max)

    all you need is:
    1) a truck called "UNIMOG U5023" of the brand "MERCEDES-BENZ", which costs 100.000Cr (you can find for a lower price in the auction house)

    2) download and install a tuning called "GRND FORCE(CHEAP" (to find the tuning just go to "garage">"upgrades & tuning" > "find new tunes"> "search" and search for the tuning name in the "description") this tuning costs 27.250Cr and will change the class of your vehicle to [B 646], enough to perform the jump

    after doing this, you simply need to make a jump at 200Km/h (124 mph) in the danger sign "ambleside edge", near to Horizon Festival (do the same as shown in the video), it will be enough to get the 3 stars and unlock the achievements.

  • Demon Fox 00117Demon Fox 00117303,154
    13 Oct 2018 22 Oct 2018
    11 1 0

    Easily Beat this achievement in any of the trucks!

    A) 2014 Mercedes Benz UNIMOG U5023
    B) 2015 Mercedes Benz #24 TANKPOOL24 Racing Truck
    C) 2015 Volvo IRON KNIGHT

    A) "Cheap 3 Stars" by "Demon Fox 00117" - Although mines probably more expensive than required
    B) NA
    C) NA

    Danger Sign: Ambleside Edge (Left of the Festival site)
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