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Reach the top 10 10 times.

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How to unlock the Top 10 achievement

  • Vr EnglishVr English748,258
    06 Oct 2018 11 Jan 2019 11 Jan 2019
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    There is no guaranteed way to get this but I can give some tips on the easiest way to get this. It is much, much easier to get in the top 10 than first and you can often do so with no fighting and really the easiest way to get this is to minimise firefights and so doing.

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    1.First tip is to review the flight path and make sure to not land in major firefight zones. Aim for smaller areas. This might be easier on Sanghok (and the next snow map if its a smaller one) as the smaller areas tend to have good loot too.

    2.Second tip is to always try to me near the circle you don't have to rush in and get caught.

    3.Watch your corners, if you're in 3rd person mode you can hold the RB button and look around whilst running without changing direction.

    4.Any firefight draws attention and will bring about nearby teams. If you're not confident of a kill and they haven't seen you, you may progress further by not engaging. This is especially true as the teams get smaller in number.

    5.Avoid vehicles except when at an absolute must, they make a lot of noise and everyone will gravitate towards shooting at you!

    6.When in a building looting you can press start and run across the floor and loot that way rather than having to lean over and look at every item.

    7. When commiting to an engagement with weapons with 7.62mm ammo it is often far easier to use single shot and rapidly press the trigger than rapid fire because the recoil is so immense there can be exceptions...

    8. ...When going close quarters its always worth doing a mental check to see which firing type your guns are. You can switch between burst, single shot and fully auto with the dpad left.

    9. It makes sense to have a gun for short range and long range if possible, if you find yourself with 2x and a 6x scope you can fight across various ranges but two 6x and you can be very blind in close quarters.

    10. In close quarters you can also use LB to aim in over the shoulder for when you want more control over your view but don't want to aim in with a big scope.

    11. Make sure you're comfortable with the control scheme, many CoD players may prefer the second controller layout.

    12. Be like Obi-wan and have the high ground, it is far easier to aim down than up and people are more likely to look on their level and below except in a panic rush up a hill. There are limitations to this though in that running along the top of hill can make you vulnerable from both sides. In this case you can quickly dip to the otherside of the hill though if you know which side you are being shot from.

    13. Blend in! Sometimes it can be far easier to find bushes and lie prone and let action wait it out and listen for where there are nearby people. Similarly in 3rd person you can lie prone near windows and look out.

    14. When being shot and you don't where it is coming from, zig-zag to cover, be unpredictable, it makes it a lot harder for them to hit you and you'll often get out with only the initial hits and hopefully people will be alerted to their location and not yours.

    15. Lastly, I'd recommend avoiding wearing the xbox white onesie, it sticks out everywhere. I would be inclined to match your clothing to greenish colours if possible.

    This is not the most action-oriented guide but should help.

    Any tips or comments on how to improve this welcome.
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  • RampagingGoat07RampagingGoat07190,199
    19 Jan 2019 21 Jan 2019
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    Made a quick video on a non stressful achievement completion. Can guarantee this soloution works as of now as i got them the other day and today on another account.
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    VrruummAs of January 22, 2019 (Update #4), you cannot choose the server, however you can still get this achievement with ease by selecting 1-Man Squads, FPP, and Standard maps. Time for Matchmaking can take between 5-15 minutes.
    Posted by Vrruumm on 14 May 19 at 15:56
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