Reach the top 10 without killing anyone.

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How to unlock the Pacifist achievement

  • zeldafanjtlzeldafanjtl161,696
    08 Dec 2018 08 Dec 2018 08 Dec 2018
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    The achievement description isn't very clear. You have to finish the match, in the top ten, without having any kills. If you make it to the top ten without any kills and then kill someone, you won't get the achievement.

    Like most achievements in this game, you can't get it in event modes. I don't know about custom games, but I would assume you can't pop it there either.

    To get this achievement, you're going to need to avoid other players as much as possible. My advice is to rely on vehicles as much as possible. Water vehicles are best, since you're least likely to run into other players in the water. Of course, as the circle shrinks, you'll eventually run out of water in the safe area. If you go with a land vehicle, prioritize a covered vehicle. stick to roads; if you drive through grass, you risk running over another player accidentally and getting a kill.

    If you can't find a vehicle, or the circle has shrunk enough that you can't safely drive around, time to go stationary. Avoid buildings; other players will likely search every room. Bushes are your friend. The backseat of a covered jeep will even do in a pinch; most players won't check, and may not even notice you if you don't react when they get in and start driving.

    Once you're in the top ten, you just have to get to the end of the match. I suggest letting someone kill you.

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    Kazusoi got to top 10 and didnt’t kill anyone then killed 4 people and won and i didn’t get the achievement so thanks
    Posted by Kazuso on 15 Dec 18 at 20:33
    RampagingGoat07Did the same in duos got to top 10 then obliterated the enemies to win and didn't pop. Thanks for staying we can't get a kill at all. Was confused as to way my friend got it but not me.
    Posted by RampagingGoat07 on 19 Jan 19 at 09:33
    daringDK2006Lol I’m a huge camper. I got this in my literal first match
    Posted by daringDK2006 on 18 Aug at 11:42
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  • IvanTortugaIvanTortuga203,371
    14 Sep 2018 15 Sep 2018
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    This is a particularly interesting achievement to get as it comes down to equal parts luck and equal parts knowing how the average player of the game thinks.

    You have the potential to get this on any map and if you are actively seeking it choose the map you feel most comfortable with. I find it easiest to just lay down as soon as you land, try and pick somewhere slightly off center but not towards any of the extremes of the map. Bushes are your friend, lay down and just stay still unless you absolutely have to move because of the circle.

    I've done this a few times but only recently had the achievement pop so hopefully it wont glitch on you as well. Lastly I find it best to have no weapons/grenades/etc. equipped if you do you run the risk of forgetting what you're doing in the heat of the moment.
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    SweptbackFlameYeah the achievement is either glitched again or isn't unlocking for some stupid reason because I've gotten top 10 without killing anyone since the patch came out to fix the achievements.
    Posted by SweptbackFlame on 10 Oct 18 at 00:42
    Mystical DragonI got screwed multiple times when attempting this. Finally got it on sanhok. Had to finish the game with zero kills... it pop after the game
    Posted by Mystical Dragon on 13 Oct 18 at 22:03
    Mystical DragonI got screwed multiple times when attempting this. Finally got it on sanhok. Had to finish the game with zero kills... it pop after the game
    Posted by Mystical Dragon on 14 Oct 18 at 01:24
  • RampagingGoat07RampagingGoat07180,327
    19 Jan 2019 21 Jan 2019
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    Made a quick video on a non stressful achievement completion. Can guarantee this soloution works as of now as i got them the other day and today on another account.
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