Marksman Master achievement in PUBG

Marksman Master

Kill 100 players with an assault rifle and/or a sniper rifle from over 100 meters away.

Marksman Master-0.5
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How to unlock the Marksman Master achievement

  • Albie 7Albie 7223,790
    18 Sep 2018 21 Sep 2018
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    The key here is the 100 meter distance. Each small square on the mini map is 100 square meters. If you down an enemy from less than 100 meters away, you can run away from him until you are past 100 meters and then finish the kill from that distance to help count towards the achievement.

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    b0seijuSo it´s completely random, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn´t. Very frustrating, have gotten kills with: QBZ, AKM, M16A4 M416A, G36C, on almost every map, also I've got some kills on afk'ers which counted. But also (aprox. 90%) of my kills don't count. It doesnt matter if I have scopes equipped or not, if they are more or less then a 100m away, if they're moving or not, if its headshots or not. This is going to be my last achievement and a dirty grind.
    Posted by b0seiju on 08 May 19 at 10:15
    ShawnthebroI was seeing no progress on this whatsoever the last time I played. Can anyone confirm if they patched it and made it so it has to be 100 meters away?
    Posted by Shawnthebro on 04 Aug 19 at 19:12
    skav00vieI'm still making progress on this one at about 10m distance. For some reason it may not actually work on players who are AFK.
    Posted by skav00vie on 14 Aug 19 at 17:32
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  • TheJoeDeanTheJoeDean816,790
    02 May 2020 02 May 2020 02 May 2020
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    As of 05/01/2020 The easiest method for This achievement and a lot of others such as the care package loot and level 3 armor achievements is to go to the settings and turn off cross-play. Then search for a First-person 1 man squad game. Wait for the game to start and search for an assault rifle. I would always grab one and an SMG. Throw a suppressor on the assault rifle as well to work towards the kills with that. These matches are mainly populated with random bots so you won't die from running around. You can also grind out other achievements with this method such as win 10 games and KIll 1000 enemies. Please let me know if this method gets patched for whatever reason and I will update the guide. Happy Hunting!
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    Necrophage33No achievements track in the FPP playlist.
    Posted by Necrophage33 on 11 Mar at 19:19
  • iN7trepidiN7trepid186,995
    13 Oct 2018 08 Oct 2018 21 Jun 2019
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    As of 10/08/2018 this achievement does not track properly - however it is still possible to obtain.

    The only assault rifle's that appear to track kills towards this achievement are the M16A4 and the M416. The distance (100 meters away) is not required, feel free to kill enemies from any range; what you MUST do - to progress this achievement - is make sure you are aiming down the IRON SIGHT. I have tried aiming with a red dot sight on numerous occasions and not once has it tracked the kill. 6x scopes appear to work on occasion but they are not consistent. At this time the only sure fire way to progress this achievement is using the weapons iron sights.

    I have not been able to test every sniper rifle but can confirm that the VSS, Winchester, Mini 14, and M24 do not count towards this achievement, even from a distance greater than 100 meters.

    Note: As of 06/21/19 it sounds like this achievement still tracks incorrectly. I want to reemphasize that distance does NOT track correctly and iron sights appear to still be your best bet - thanks andresfgp13 for reconfirming that. I wanted to clarify that I no longer play PUBG and am unaware of recent updates/changes but wanted to leave this solution up because there are helpful comments below.
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    NBA KirklandI agree that this doesn't count on AFKs. I think there is also a minimum distance in play, but it seems to be about 15-20 meters. So don't get too close and add your experience in the comments below.
    Posted by NBA Kirkland on 08 Nov 18 at 18:16
    andresfgp13hi, testing this the 10th of may 2019, its counting the kills for me with the m16, m4a1 and akm even from point black if you use the iron sight.
    Posted by andresfgp13 on 10 May 19 at 16:10
    Jony MumblesI have noticed that the mini14 is counting even if you have a scope on it.
    Posted by Jony Mumbles on 21 May 19 at 16:48
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