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Nade King Master

Kill 50 players with grenades.

Nade King Master-1.8
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How to unlock the Nade King Master achievement

  • FQXFQX241,875
    08 Sep 2018 08 Sep 2018 31 Mar 2020
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    50 grenade kills. Potentially the most troublesome achievement of the lot if you want a fast completion.

    Firstly, for those unaware of how to use the grenades:
    press cn_right to pull out your grenades. Press it again to cycle between Concussion, Smoke, Molotov and Frag grenades should you be carrying multiple types of grenades.
    hold cn_RT to show the grenade trajectory assist (note, this is made by the developers to be inaccurate at ranges, so don't count on it if aiming at a small window from say 20 metres away.
    Optionally, when you tap cn_LB you will start cooking the grenade, starting its five second fuse before it will blow up.
    Tapping cn_LT will switch between throwing underhand or regularly. Be cautious when trying to underhand a grenade say, off a balcony, as it will more often than not land at your feet even though the aim-line showed that you'd be safe.
    Letting go of cn_RT at any point after pulling out the grenade will cause you to throw the grenade, unless you haven't cocked the pin by pressing cn_LB ; and only by pressing Y to cancel the grenade before letting go of cn_RT

    So, a couple things to start off:
    - Knockdowns with grenades and them bleeding out does not count. Neither by killing their team or waiting for bleedout timer.
    - Finishing your teammates' knockdown with a frag grenade does NOT count.
    - As for most of the [kill x amount of players with x weapon or equipment] achievements, you can down an enemy by any means, so long as you finish the player off with whatever you're trying to progress the achievement of

    What does count:
    - Any kill in a solo game (Sanhok is unreliable, I recommend not playing that map until it is fixed if you're only after achievements).
    - Finishing a knockdown of your own with a grenade. (The knockdown could be with anything, but finishing has to be with a grenade.)
    EDIT: Tip from Acurate Bob on my Crossbow solution, although I haven’t tested this, he reported if your teammate crossbows an enemy you downed, you get crossbow kill progress; if this works I would assume the same thing works for grenade kills.

    There's a few ways you can go about doing this:
    - Play squads with some cooperative friends.
    - Play solo squads so you can knock down an enemy and finish him with a grenade
    - Play actual solo

    The latter might be harder for some as they can obviously shoot back if they're not knocked down, however it was how I went about doing it.
    try to always have grenades on you, and ALWAYS prioritize grenade kills even if you're trying to work on other achievements as well; Something I didn't do and cost me some time.

    Now you can go as hard on this as you want of course; Personally I played the "Anything for a grenade kill" way, dying a few times with no kills as a result.

    If you don't care about fast completions, a squad of friends will be the easiest yet not fastest way of doing it.

    Depending on your skill level as a player, and your strategic preference, only you can be the judge on whether or not you want to hot-drop to find people quickly, or want to sneak up on people late-game.

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    FQXAFKing and boosting is always an option, however no solution is needed for that, so I focus on the legitimate way. Personally I’d say legit is faster than afkers, but ofc Fooga, having all your friends or TA session members piling up will always be the fastest if you wish to go that route
    Posted by FQX on 11 Feb 19 at 02:12
    imaidiot19I popped the 10 kills by downing a guy with my gun, and a teammate used his own grenade to kill him (and I was knocked myself)
    Posted by imaidiot19 on 07 Dec 19 at 21:56
    FQXYeah. The way it seems to work is the person has to get finished by a grenade, while the kill is in your name. So whether that’s you nading a down made by a third party, getting an instant kill on solo/ last man standing, or your teammate nading a down made by you. All of those seem to work
    Posted by FQX on 07 Dec 19 at 23:03
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  • NickFury PlayerNickFury Player326,768
    11 May 2020 21 May 2020 21 May 2020
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    Both guides above are great but if you aren't good in the game like me to get this easily I got a method. (it's not mine but I'm just sharing it)

    First you turn off the cross platform option in the menu and change to FPP and solo squad now just wait a few minutes and you will be probably enter a match filled with bots. From now on it's a piece of cake get some guns and after finding the grenades start killing the bots and when they're down finish them with the grenades.

    Happy Hunting
  • TendedFatbackTendedFatback312,443
    27 Apr 2020 27 Apr 2020 27 Apr 2020
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    here is a video guide on how to do it with a boosting partner.

    basics of how to boost
    1. same servers and same cross platform settings
    2. search at the same time and check code under the map to be sure you are in same map
    3. choose landing spot and find grenades
    4. have partner pull pin on grenade with right trigger and throw your grenade at his feet and after they explode run to there body to explode from there grenade

    below that is a guide to do it on afk
    to do this with afk people ride the plane to the end and see gow man are there and land on buildings as close as possible. if you find a grenade run back and throw it at there feet and hopefully kill more than one
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