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I Want YOU! achievement in Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition

I Want YOU!

Recruit 60 crew members across multiple escape attempts.

I Want YOU!0
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How to unlock the I Want YOU! achievement

  • codomojumpcodomojump366,704
    08 Oct 2018 09 Oct 2018 09 Oct 2018
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    I got this while going for all the snapshots. Go to World of Wardens and download "Easy for escape mode" created by 22213. If you have all the DLC, you can also download GroungeMunky's map, "I Have This Condition" and use his guide.

    Using the suggested map above, I would:
    - Start a new game, standard mode, placing skill points in Chronos Traveler and Avid Learner.
    - Depending on the cell you land in, you can sleep or Read a Book from the bookcase at Double speed (hold cn_Y and hit cn_left/cn_right to change game speed) until around 6am. Hold down cn_LB and hit cn_right. Assign two points to Chronos Traveler to max it out and unlock Triple speed.
    - Head to the Workshop or Library, somewhere you can make money, and work at Triple speed. Watch the top left of the screen. You will see a bar slowly fill up as you gain XP and money. Once the bar completely fills, you will hear a sound and see that the counter above the bar has increased by one. Immediately upon receiving a skill point, assign it to Avid Learner. Do this twice to max it out.
    - After maxing out the Avid Learner, you should have between $20-$50. Slow the game down a bit and go find someone to recruit (should cost $10 for the first one). Simply walk up to another prisoner (I would stay away from Maximum Security) and hit cn_A to Recruit. By default, this prisoner will now follow you like a bodyguard. What I would usually do is hold down cn_LB and hit cn_left. Click on the recruit's photo with cn_A to "View Orders", and go right twice to see "Extort Convicts". You can assign the order to the recruit with cn_A or assign the order to ALL of your recruits with cn_Y. Your recruits will now go around shaking down other prisoners for money which will become available in your bank immediately.
    - At this point, some of my prisoner's vitals were hurting. You can go take a shower, go to the canteen, or go to the yard to exercise. But I would typically head to the Shop located east of the Workshop and north of the Classrooms (northwest of the Reception area). When you're in the Shop, you can see several items to purchase that will fill your vitals instantly. Figure out what you need the most and press cn_X to simutaneously purchase and use immediately.
    - Once my vitals were good, I would head just south of the Shop into one of the Classrooms and Study at Triple speed. At first, you start gaining skill points pretty quickly. But for each one earned they come slower and slower. Assign the skill points to whatever categories you need to accomplish the other achievements you're going for. While you're studying, you will start earning some money as your recruit runs around shaking down other prisoners for money.
    - Once your vitals start getting low again (usually sleep and exercise), simply head back to the Shop, refill all your vitals with the money earned from your recruit(s), head back to the Classroom and study. Most of the guards on this map won't pop in to check on you so you can stay in there all night racking up skill points without having to go back to your cell.
    - Every once in a while, I would leave the classroom to go recruit more inmates (typically after maxing out the Natural Leader skill set to make it cheaper) and head back to studying.

    I used this method in just about every gameplay to get recruits and max out skills in certain areas to get all the achievements for this game. If you like this method, feel free to download my map "ta escape". In the bottom middle of the map is a classroom with a shop in it so you can sit there and acquire as many skill points as you need in peace. Most of the inmates are loaded too so it shouldn't take too long to get a ton of money going. I got the majority of the other achievements for the game in this map while the "easy for escape mode" is great for recruiting, snapshots, and "I Am The Ill Intent".

    Let me know if you have any questions or want to see any changes to this solution.
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  • count023count023592,584
    30 Jun 2019 30 Jun 2019
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    Load up the map. "TA Escape" from world of wardens.

    What you want now is to focus on levelling up MoleMan and Escape Artist.

    Once you've got them maxed out, get a shovel and/or pickaxe from the workshop and then head back to your jail cell.

    Dig a tunnel out to the nearest wall and make sure it opens up outside the fence for you to escape.

    DON'T ESCAPE. Go back into the prison, keep recruiting crew and give them the order "attempt escape". Thanks to your maxed escape artist and moleman, the tunnel won't be seen even by the prison searches, and you will be able to keep recruiting crew as your old ones escape.

    Once you've recruited the 60th henchmen, the achievement will unlock.

    It should take you no more than 10-15 minutes to unlock.
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    BonxyBoth guides worked perfectly. :)
    Posted by Bonxy on 23 Jun at 13:06
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