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Collect all energy crystals

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How to unlock the No one missed achievement

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    22 Apr 2019 22 Apr 2019
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    I just want to add that you if you happen to miss collectibles, you can go back to the main menu and select ''Load'' (It's a Chapter Select with the total number of collectibles)

    By the way, for those wondering : The collectibles are pretty easy, you just have to keep pressing LB (Switching worlds) back and forth to find the collectibles. No guides needed and just keep looking everywhere before moving on into the level. Also, when you do those ''Challenge Rooms'' (where you need to collect 3 collectibles and sometime you have to do a ''speed run'') you can select Restart Level and it will only restart the challenge room you are in and not the entire level.

    Hope it helps
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    TheOnlyMattovery helpful
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 06 Jan 20 at 08:18
    BonkekookA few things to add. Don't pay a LOT of attention to the collectible counter before you finish an area. Oddly enough, I was at 20/21 in the 3rd runic area. I collected my first one in the 4th runic area so that I was at 5/12(its a cave section that rewards you with 5) and when I checked the counter again for the previous area I was at 21/21. I don't know WHY that happened, but I almost went through that section again when I didn't need to.

    Here are a couple crystals that I missed my initial time or that can't be gotten by simple changing worlds.

    In the forest, immediately after getting the double jump, head back to the left. You had dropped down this gap to get to where the path opened to obtain the double jump. Instead, double jump across this gap now and follow it to the right. If you miss this, you actually see it later in the level but can't get it without backtracking to here.

    In the second area, the runic, Load up the 4th area(with 6 total collectibles), and head right. Almost immediately is a spider attacking you. Stand on the ledge to its right, and look below you. There is a lit opening that hides a collectible.

    Also in the runic, in the final area, without a picture this will be difficult to describe, but in one of the caves where you need to collect 3 collectibles(I don't believe this has a time limit) after the last checkpoint in the area, this is a pit of spiky plants with a glowing platform moving back in froth. In the bright world, there is a grass platform you jump to that has a teleporter on it. What you want to do is change to the dark world and jump there. To the left is a hidden area that holds a collectible. For more of a reference, after you jump in the teleporter you jump along 3 glowing platforms that fall due to your weight and then you fall down to the exit of the area.

    Immediately after exiting that area you run into a spider moving back and forth with some pillars in the foreground. There's a collectible hiding behind the pillar after the spider. This one isn't really hidden but I missed it my first time so I'm mentioning it.

    The final 5 collectibles are in a Time Trial Cave. After the very first checkpoint, you're supposed to drop down and switch worlds to make it through. Simple jump across the gap and find this one in a hidden alcove. In that same cave, the 2nd collectible is below a large jet stream that is right after you use a teleporter to bypass a thin pathway of spikes.

    Hope this helps others.
    Posted by Bonkekook on 03 Apr 20 at 18:19
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