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Jurassic measures achievement in Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic measures

Reach 5 stars on Jurassic difficulty challenge mode

Jurassic measures+6.5
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How to unlock the Jurassic measures achievement

  • GdinutGdinut409,361
    21 Sep 2018 19 Sep 2018 07 Jan 2019
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    A few tips on how to make your Jurassic play thru easier.

    ************ As of patch 1.6 more islands were added to challenge mode, i would recommend doing this on isla Matancerros or Muerta as those have the lowest requirements to reach 5 stars.*******************

    1. You do not need to complete this below par time. It does not matter how long you take as long as you eventually reach 5 stars.

    2. Save Often. It is very easy to fail in Jurassic, save every 30 min or so. In case you mess up, its better to go back than to start from zero.

    3. The Hammond foundation fees are really punishing. Your income will be very low and increase slowly. In order to counter this. you can do a few things

    a) Sell Fossils from Dig sites. Dig every time you can.
    b) There is a lot of free time so every once in a while use your ranger teams to take photographs for the extra money.
    c) Contracts are important Try to focus on completing them as best you can and raise the bar for each one as best you can(This way you can avoid sabotages from low ranking divisions). You will need to research and build each one of the divisions buildings as that will generate extra income. If you have extra cash feel free to terminate any contract that is stalling you.
    d) be efficient and organize you pens to house more than one species of dinosaur at the same time.
    e) Except for your first few dinosaurs. Research the Genome to 100% before incubating them for higher ratings and higher incubation success. Failed hatches can seriously waste a lot of time and money.
    f) Try to economize as best you can.
    - I only ran 2 Hammond labs and would transport the dinosaurs to their pens as they hatched. Hammond Labs not in use would be turned off. To save Power.
    - Use Reduced upkeep cost upgrades in power stations.
    -Once you can research the reduce research price upgrade. GET IT. a research center maxed with these reduce research costs by 50%.
    - Micromanage your stores, never have more personel than you really need, otherwise it will affect your profits.

    4. Have the best fences you can afford and double layer them on pens with carnivores. Especially Raptors. Dinosaur escapes on this difficulty can be catastrophic to your economy and may cause you to get the game over screen. (any escape that involves more than 5 dinosaurs, especially carnivores. Its best just to reload to your previous save.)

    5. Try researching available Diseases as soon as you can. And keep around 100K available to treat outbreaks. In this difficulty. Dinosaurs get sick a lot and diseases spread fast. An untreated disease can destroy your park. Put Treating diseases as your TOP Priority in this play thru. If you get a disease drop everything else and try to get rid of it.

    6. Storms are very common. be prepared. If your pens break. Try to build a new fence around the Broken area just to close out the gap before the dinosaurs run out. Its a lot faster than sending a ranger.
    Also storms are not "scripted" If you get a storm that wrecks your park and releases too many dinosaurs. Just reload the save and next time the storm will spawn on a different spot and take a different route. You can keep doing this until you get one that does not do too much damage. Another thing i did, if i could not get a storm that didint break everything i would settle with one that started close to my ranger station and would jump on the jeep and follow the tornado, manually fixing anything it broke.

    Dinosaur Rating.

    Regarding the Dinosaurs attempt to get the most species of dinosaurs you can to increase the Variety.

    I needed 110 dinosaurs with 34 different species to finally get 5 stars. On the rating menu you will need something between 9500 and 10000 rating to get 5 stars. All my dinos had 100% genome and most of them were modified in at least one trait.

    Try whatever combination of dinos works for you, but i didint get great diversity until i had around 30 species.

    You should be able to complete this in around 15 Hours. My ingame time was 12:38 Not counting all the time i spent backtracking on saves.
    I dont really think i need to talk about Facility rating. But if you are having trouble, leave a comment and i will add that section.

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    ninjaraiden2003Just got it in 5:12 using the other solution posted. Achievement was fairly easy. Left it until last after doing the other DLC's because of how hard people were saying it was and didn't have any problems.
    Posted by ninjaraiden2003 on 31 Jan 20 at 23:42
    Sneaky G WizardYeah, you had a patch over one eye and one arm tied behind your back too, right?

    What a helpful comment
    Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 01 Feb 20 at 15:27
    ninjaraiden2003Maybe you should check the comment on the other solution then before being condecending.

    My comment on here was intended to put people at ease and give a counter balance to all the people saying it's really hard. Make it less intimidating for anyone approaching doing it.

    For someone that had such a problem with my comment you don't seem to have much of a problem being toxic in your own laugh
    Posted by ninjaraiden2003 on 01 Feb 20 at 19:54
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  • dale smeegledale smeegle589,729
    10 Feb 2020 24 Jan 2020
    7 0 1
    Not a solution but a link to a steam community guide that's very thorough and I found it incredibly helpful

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    ninjaraiden2003Got it in 5:12 using this solution so thank you for posting. I'll post some minor ammendments I made just from finishing up.

    Did it on Isla Mantaceros as the Dinosaur Rating requirement was only 6400 which is pretty small compared to the larger size of the island making it a bit easier to manage space.

    The only really challenging part of this achievement is getting through the initial start and turning a profit. You'll begin in the minus so just focus on getting your initial buildings set up and a Struthio out to turn a profit. Save scum your contracts, just save before picking one and load up until you get one you can do really quick and then save again. Things like "Build an emergency shelter for 10% coverage" are easy, build it, complete the contract and then demolish the structure for profit.

    I didn't have any of the dinosaur DLC packs, only the 3 related to achievements so I didn't have access to Iguanadon or Crichtonsaurus. So I made my pens a little different after 1 star. Exhibits 1, 4, 5 and 6 all were done the same as the guide suggests.

    Exhibit Two - 15

    Edmontosaurus x2
    Corythosaurus x4
    Euoplocephalus x4
    Gallimimus x1
    Ouranosaurus x3

    Exhibit Three - 4

    Ankylosaurus x1
    Nodosaurus x1
    Polacanthus x1
    Sauropelta x1

    If for some reason you don't have access to the Euoplocephalus you could opt for placing a small or medium Carnivore inside your Sauropod pens too, like 2 Metriacantosaurus as there's still room for 6 more dinosaurs per pen. Diplodocus x8, Brachiosaurus x5 and Camarasaurus x4 is only 17 with the smallest MAX population size of the 3 being 23 for the Camarasaurus leaving space for an extra 6 of something.

    I only needed to make TWO large pens for two sets of Sauropods, one have the Diplodocus x8, Brachiosaurus x5 and Camarasaurus x4 in it and the 2nd one had Brachiosaurus x5 and Camarasaurus x4 and the achievement unlocked when I had incubated my 5th and 6th Diplo and popped as the 5th one released. My Facility Rating sat at 4.9 at this point so I just built a 2nd viewing platfrom at my large split starting pen of Exhibits 1-4, reduced all their costs on the 2nd/middle tier selling option until it turn 0 (or the last amount of profit) and the achievement popped.

    Two other supplemental guides I used alongside the one posted in this solution were
    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=14135... for a visual reference of dinosaurs pen sizes, comfort levels and trees etc and also https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1asbl4934A6JhpCrZvQzU... just for a tabled breakdown of stats mainly for planning out my pens with no access to certain DLC dinosaurs.

    Thanks for guide, made this a breeze. Got like, 2 tornados that didn't do anything so it wasn't remotely difficult or stressful for me following this guide. +1 from me.
    Posted by ninjaraiden2003 on 01 Feb 20 at 00:07
  • OperativeEmeralOperativeEmeral345,717
    26 Jan 2021 26 Jan 2021 30 Mar 2021
    2 0 1
    I hope you can forgive a bit of copy and paste but there’s no sense in typing this out again. And after using this strategy multiple times in succession I can confirm it’s effective.

    I used Jurassic Park as the era instead of Jurassic World and used Isla Matanceros.

    The thing is, JP has significantly lower requirements on visibility and the number of unique species required since fewer are available. As long as you have the binoculars researched, the dinosaurs will count as “visible” if they’re anywhere near the tour vehicles.

    In Park mode you also need substantially fewer facilities, I built a single Tour and put all the paddocks around it. I built extra hotels to ensure the facility rating was 5 stars without issue.

    I did end up building more than one of each guest facility, only because the arrival helipad, visitor center and aviary where far enough apart to warrant it.

    Also, you ALWAYS want to have two contracts from Dr. Malcolm as his are almost always timed contracts to keep the power on and prevent carnivores eating anyone. And save before accepting any contract from anyone else; you don’t want to end up with contracts you cannot complete quickly when you’re short on cash.

    Having the constant income stream from Dr. Malcolm’s contracts will meaning having money to burn to incubate the more expensive dinosaurs and build the best possible tour.

    Because there’s no time requirement, so long as you make use of Dr. Malcolm’s contracts you’ll always have extra cash even with the gradually increasing Hammond Foundation fees. Because of this, it’s worth it to invest in having a full genome before adding a new species to the island, as well as using the shark DNA to maximize their life expectancy.

    And do yourself a favor, the SECOND you hear about an approaching storm, immediately, WITHOUT HESITATION, send your Rangers to tranq your Raptors and T-Rex. Make sure you have two teams. If you put up electric fences the Dilophosaurus won’t be able to break free, and the Ceratosaurs and Spinosaurus don’t care about a storm enough to rampage easily, same goes for Baryonyx. The time spent trying to chase them down after a storm and fix fences is time and money wasted.

    Stegosaurus WILL be your biggest source of drama as they start to panic as soon as there isn’t 5 of them in the herd, and they will tear down fences fast if not kept happy, so always keep 6 of them in a paddock at once. Otherwise you likely won’t be able to release a new one in time before the others lose all comfort and start attacking your fences.

    And yes, you only need the one tour. Keep a fence between the tour vehicles and the dinosaurs. The vehicles can see through the wire fences so it will not affect dinosaur visibility.

    I ended up not needing every last species since heavily modifying each dinosaur substantially increases their rating reducing the total number needed, but not the required unique species. This results in not needing to mass produce dinosaurs to par out your score at the end.
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    Hero Of CourageGot this in about 5h30. Wasn’t too bad at all. Good advice switching to JP in challenge mode. +1 from me.
    Posted by Hero Of Courage on 12 Feb at 18:25
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