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Clocked at 32 mph

Reach 5 stars in Challenge mode in under 3 hours (medium difficulty or above)

Clocked at 32 mph-3.0
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How to unlock the Clocked at 32 mph achievement

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    I have to give credit to player Chaos Mythology for Co-writing this guide. If you have any questions or are not clear with something post below before leaving negative feedback.

    ************This Achievement can be done on the newer islands. Isla Matancerros is probably the best one to try this. My Guide is made for Isla Nublar which was the only island available on challenge mode at the time this achievement came out.***************

    Tips before starting
    1. Be familiar with the game and its mechanics. Especially dinosaur needs.
    2. Save every few minutes. I have a timer for every 15 minutes. Create multiple saves if you need to. If something bad happens like a tornado or a massive breakout, sabotage. You can step back to your previous save.
    3. Time is you enemy. Aesthetics are not very important but you still need to manage your space well and be organized for a high facility rating.
    4. Play on Medium difficulty
    5. try installing the higher level fences for your raptors and other troublesome dinosaurs.
    6. Try to mix as many dinosaurs into the paddocks as you can. To save space.
    7. If by 60-80 minutes in you are not at 2 stars i would recommend just start over.

    5 star dinosaur rating: For This you need to get 5000 Rating points on dinosaurs Feel free to use whatever combinations work for you. But i would strongly recommend to at least build the first 3 paddocks from my list and then you can diversify from there, just make sure to have 5k before the 3 hours.

    A tip i tried from player Pthe5: is that the herbivores except the sauropods were hatched with only 50% genome, to get them into the park fast and start generating money and dinosaur rating to level up fast.
    Your carnivores and sauropods should all be hatched as close to 100% as possible since those dinosaurs have higher rating values.

    The dinosaurs i used to get 5 stars were:

    Metracrantiosaurus (whoever its spelled)
    T Rex
    Indominous Rex**
    Torosaurus* optional
    diplodocus* optional

    *Some of these dinosaurs are unlocked via the research center under fossils. So keep checking that section every time your rating goes up.
    Sell Every fossil that you get for every dinosaur that you will not use.

    ** As soon as you get the Velociraptor and the Trex dig sites available focus all your efforts in getting their genomes at 100% or you will not be able to get indominous and the indoraptor. You can still 5 star the island without these 2 dinosaurs but it is much more difficult. You might need to compensate with other dinosaurs such as more of the sauropods (long necks) or other carnivores.

    The combination below got my dinosaur rating to 5 stars as long as they are fed and do not have any diseases.

    Now i will list how many paddocks and quantities of each dinosaur i had

    Paddock 1.(first paddock you have to build)
    Triceratops x6
    Edmontosaurus X1
    Struthiomimus x2
    Corythosaurus x3
    *During the late game you can replace dead triceratops and struthiomimus with torosaurus.

    Paddock 2.
    Ceratosaurus x3
    Velociraptos x6

    Paddock 3.
    Metrachatriosaurus x2
    Dilophosaurus x12

    Paddock 4
    Ankylosaurus x4
    Chrichtonsaurus x2

    Paddock 5
    Baryonix X2
    Deynonychus x 8

    Paddock 6* optional you can put the t rex in paddock 8
    T rex x1

    Paddock 7
    Indominous rex x1(to get this you need a 100% t rex and 100% velociraptor Genome.)

    Paddock 8(the last one i managed to work on as time ran out)
    Camarasaurus x3
    Brachiosaur x 3
    T-rex x1 (this is an additional t rex from the one on paddock 6 so this means i had 2 T rex total)

    Paddock 9 (if you are running low on time just keep him in a hammond center and release him at the end when you are going for the last part of the 5 stars instad of building a paddock)
    Indoraptor x1

    *I have been replaying this and found that instead of the indoraptor, you can just focus on getting more brachiosaurs, camarasaurus and diplodocus in Paddock 8. And Omit Paddock 9 Completely

    Starting the Challenge

    start building 2 power plants. a Hammond lab, expedition center and fossil center.
    Get the expedition center working as fast as you can. Start working on a dig site. I started with triceratops.( i tried starting with other dinosaurs and got slower starts with the others) (get an ACU and ranger station whenever you actually need them) The research center you dont really need it until you are a one star rating. But as soon as you hit one star make sure you have it or build it asap.

    The whole game the expedition center is your cash cow. As you level up your island you will unlock better dig sites, research, etc.

    As soon as you can try to get a research center and upgrade your dig teams, fossil yield on the expedition center and fossil capacity.(use all 3 upgrade slots on these.) These are your priority upgrades!. You can have up to 3 dig teams.

    Whenever you can. Try to have each paddock (in my case Paddock 1,2,3,5,9) to have its own Hammond lab. so you can just spawn the dinos into their paddocks without having to move them. A second use for those Hammond labs is you can spawn struthiomimus into them whenever you have a few spare seconds. So the carnivores can eat them and gain extra rating thru infamy. (i would do this whenever i had a few spare seconds between building, and waiting for expedition teams to return)

    Island Facilities.

    You need 5-6 Hotels.
    From the other buildings you only need the Arcade, Restaurant and Clothing shop. You can max out most stats by combining these 3. buildings. (fast food and gift shop will work fine at the beginning until you can research the other 3 buildings.)
    Also remember to max out the staff on each building menu.
    Try to keep dinosaur visibility high. And if you can afford it build a monorail.(Although i unlocked this without one).
    You will need to have enough Shelter Coverage (it took me 4 shelters)

    I had all hotels and facilities close. That way you need to build less shops.

    Try to keep your Facility rating at 5 stars or close to 5 stars right from the start. Dont wait until the end.

    Here are both Layouts.

    Layout 1 is my layout. I know its not there completely. On the top behind the HUD there are 2 power plants and an expedition center
    The part that is cut down at the bottom there's nothing just fences and 1 lone Hammond lab to assist with hatching long neck dinosaurs.

    Layout 2 is Chaos Mythology's Layout,(the first person to get the achievement on TA) he only used the top half of the island.

    External image

    External image
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    GdinutWhat makes it easier or harder are the requirements of each island and not the size. from the main menu on challenge mode you can see the difficulty and the par time on each island, Lower difficulties and lower par times are what you want. I know 100% mattancerros should be the easiest one for all none island specific challenge mode achievements. I think muerta has the same requirements than matancerros. The rest are just a bit more harder.
    Posted by Gdinut on 30 Jul 19 at 19:16
    Fuzzmeister JThanks for the reply! I am a bit intimidated with challenge mode due to the research and everything being reset, but it seems like only a few important things need to be researched. I'm sure I'll Figure it out at some point!
    Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 30 Jul 19 at 20:01
    GdinutIf you bump into any walls send me a message here or on xbox live and i can help out. If you follow the guide you should be fine. As when i wrote this you could only do challenges on nublar which is much harder than mattancerros.
    Posted by Gdinut on 31 Jul 19 at 14:31
    KennyannydennyI think the easiest map for this is actually Nublar North. If you capture the dinos at the start, you get several brachiosaurus, stygimoloch and gallimumus, when housed, and a hotel/restaurant/clothing shop are build, instantly boosts you to over two stars (at least it did on Easy). I was on 2.5 star in my challenge playthrough just by doing that.I figure the stars will be somewhat lower on medium, but still. Having brachiosaurus from the start of the park greatly boosts your income in the beginning.
    Posted by Kennyannydenny on 21 Nov 19 at 18:35
    Crims0nScorpionIf anyone wants a more visual guide, I highly recommend Mr. Reign on Youtube. His guide was created when it was only Isla Nublar but I did it on Isla Matanceros in 2:33. His video series has a layout of what buildings to buy first as well as upgrades and what dinosaurs he used in his pens, since Mattancerros only needs 12 species and 3200 you don't need everything he puts in his park. I didn't have anywhere near what he had because he used the Indominus Rex and Indoraptor, as well as using 12 Dilophosaurus and 2 Metriacanthosaurus where I only had 4 Dilo and 1 Metra so it does give you a lot of wiggle room. Most of my stars came from the last 20 mins with 3 Diplodocus, 3 Brachiosaurus, 3 Camarasaurus, and 1 T-Rex in one giant pen which can have more of the Sauropods if you want as well. If you have all the DLC there are a few other dinos you can play around with like Iguanadon and the like but I just followed his guide as a roadmap for what to put into pens and how to make them cost and size efficient. Also the facility rating is easy since dinosaur Viewing doesn't matter, you just need enough Viewing rating for the Food/Drink/Fun/Shopping to count since only those 4 matter at all.

    I'm not a fan of speedrunning stuff in games like this but honestly it wasn't that bad. Even with storms making my Velociraptors uncomfortable my Ceratasaurus kept scaring them enough to where they didn't attack the fence too often.
    Posted by Crims0nScorpion on 06 Jan at 01:48
    Bort BortsonUsing Kennyannydennys comment, Nublar North, if you have the DLC is pretty easy too because of the free dinos. I just finished on Medium in Jurassic Park era in 2:23. You need 5k Dino score but you get basically to two stars free. I finished without any real worries and probably could have completed faster but will apply lessons learned when trying for Hard in 4 hours. I wasted a lot of time focusing on smaller herbivores without actually getting any because I thought I would need for variety bonus of 12 that wasnt needed.

    I had 8 pens in the end. 1 Pen of 6 Pachy's. 5 of which were free, so I added one more. A pen of the 5 free Gallimimus. The big pen of 5 Brachesaurs and 7 Apotasaurs. 3 of the Brachesaurs were free. One pen full of 6 Triceratops and 9 Stego's. 3 of the Triceratops were free. One pen of 3 Ceratosaurs which were the first dinos I actually hatched to get to 2 stars. I had a small pen of 4 Ankylosaurs. Another pen of 2 Baryonyx. Another pen of 2 Metracaurs (the faction reward from Dr Grant, smaller T-Rex looking things that only come from the single site in the UK). I had the full 6 Pteradon aviary. I also had 2 Spinosaurs but the achievement popped once the first hatched.

    I only had to do minor save scrubbing fortunately. I would have also focused on Dr Sattler more even though her contracts are usually hatch a dino with a specific mod, because she gives the 3 dig team which if I had before 4 stars would have made the 2 to 4 star part a lot faster.
    Posted by Bort Bortson on 27 Jan at 05:47
    Fordie17When the game is paused does this stop the timer?
    Posted by Fordie17 on 14 Feb at 10:19
    Gdinuti cant really confirm without actually going into the game. But i believe it pauses it. I also think time either pauses or goes slower when you are in the menus. As i spent a lot of time in them and did not feel as it hurt my runs. But you can open a quick fresh game and check.
    Posted by Gdinut on 16 Feb at 03:42
    PRmykey327can't see the picture..cry
    Posted by PRmykey327 on 22 Feb at 04:40
    Gdinutthe picture is not appearing for some reason. I will try to find it and re upload it.
    Posted by Gdinut on 13 Apr at 04:36
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