HUT Superstar! achievement in NHL 19

HUT Superstar!

Reach Division 1 in Online Seasons in Hockey Ultimate Team.

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How to unlock the HUT Superstar! achievement

  • xxDAMRONxxxxDAMRONxx651,702
    27 Jan 2019 18 Jan 2019 27 Jan 2019
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    Hey gamers! I’m just getting going with this particular achievement

    As of writing this I am currently in Division 3. I will make videos of strategies, my team settings, and line up as I go. Keep in mind this will take time to properly do. For now I made a video of “How to score in Online play.” I think these are great ways to score and I will continue to update this guide over the next few weeks to give you a complete guide from goals to defense to team strategies.

    *1/18/19 - Guide started, added HUT scoring guide*
    **1/27/19 - Just got to Division 1 today. Tough road! Currently making video to show strategies and best synergies.**
    ***1/27/19 - Added guide for team strategies and best synergies to use.***

    Scoring Guide

    HUT Synergies and Strategies Guide

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    frankieMARTWhat is this like to boost? Can you easily repeatedly match up with the same person?
    Posted by frankieMART on 20 Oct 19 at 22:58
    xxDAMRONxxI’m not sure. Possibly you can now that NHL20 is out
    Posted by xxDAMRONxx on 21 Oct 19 at 01:43
    Rambler82For anyone getting outmatched by their opponent, there is a way to "game" the matchmaking process. You will need a computer or mobile with the Xbox app. This method won't guarantee you a win, as you still have to play the game, but it can put the odds in your favor if done right.

    Once the game matches you with an opponent, the loading screen will display their Gamertag. Run their Gamertag through the app and do an achievement comparison for NHL 19. At the top it will display how much time they've played the game.

    Generally, I tried to only play opponents with less playing time than me (11 days). When matched with someone with significantly more time (over 100 days in my case), you can quit before the puck drop and not have it count as a loss. I was told this still costs you contracts, but I never confirmed this. I was able to go 8-1-0 in Division 2 using this method.

    You have to be quick in doing your comparisons and quitting, if necessary, as there isn't a lot of time between matching and the puck drop. There may also be extended periods where you aren't getting favorable matchups, but waiting is better than losing and having to replay the division.
    Posted by Rambler82 on 09 Nov 19 at 17:47
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  • LethewalkerLethewalker137,565 137,565 GamerScore
    27 Dec 2018 27 Dec 2018 02 Jan 2019
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    This is going to be tough, especially if you don't want to spend any money on packs. Once you get to around Division 3, almost every team you face will be loaded with legends and special cards. If you're like me and started late, even playing a perfect game may not be enough sometimes.

    Offensively, make sure to put all your wingers on their off-wings, as well as your defenders. This opens up more one-timer options, which is the best way to score this year. The second best way is to glide across the middle and snap a wrister across the goalie. A good play if you're having trouble finding space in the middle is to pass the puck back to the point, and pass it again to your other defender and aim the one-timer far side. This isn't as powerful as in previous years, but still goes in occasionally and may create rebound/deflection opportunities.

    Defensively, you have to try to avoid the chances I mentioned in the previous section. As your defender, keep opposing wingers to their backhand. Don't let them cut to their forehand and shoot. The poke check is still your best tool, but you need to make sure that you are getting the puck and not the skates, as it's a penalty almost every time this year. For cross-creases, hold down cn_LT (Vision Control) and position your defender between both opposing players. The stick lift is useful in some situations where you are parallel with the opposing player, but I rarely use it this year.

    For goaltenders, it's a complete crapshoot. Regardless of the overall numbers, any goalie is capable of stealing a game or ruining it for you. From my experience this year, I've had my best success with tall goalies. I used both Rinne and Dubnyk, and they were much better for me than others. Try to stay away from the alumni goalies, as a lot of them are under 6 feet tall and are stand-up goalies.

    Getting the best players will be a massive grind, as the easiest way to get them is the milestone challenges. You can do this offline against casual CPU, but that would bore you out of your mind. Try to get centers with high faceoffs, and try to complete synergies. Alumni players are great for this, since they have two synergy styles. Bronze players have 3, but from my experience it's not worth shoving them on your team as they are a liability.

    Around Christmas time will be the best opportunity to get this achievement. The game will be filled with "Christmas Noobs", meaning that you may see less stacked teams overall.
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    H0ckeyM0nkey87Great guide and tips thankyou just need abit of luck now laugh
    Posted by H0ckeyM0nkey87 on 31 Dec 18 at 10:22
    xxDAMRONxxYou dont just want to put wingers on their "off-wing." You want to put them on their off-hand. Some wingers are already offhand (ie a left winger that shoots right) and those ones you don't want to switch. What you want is wingers on their "off-hand," so players that shoot right should be on the left and players that shoot left should be on right. May want to clarify that a bit! Great overall guide though. I've made some videos also to help with scoring and strategies which I have put in an additional solution!
    Posted by xxDAMRONxx on 27 Jan 19 at 20:28
    LethewalkerOff-wing refers to players playing on the off-handed side. Some players already play off-wing as their regular position.
    Posted by Lethewalker on 29 Jan 19 at 02:35
    06 Dec 2019 06 Dec 2019
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    This took me a while with borrowing my other xbox one. What I use to boost was 3 accounts and 2 xbox ones. I got to boost my main account with my second account from Division 10-4. When you are in Division 4 its VERY hard finding your 2nd account to boost even further. So this is where Account 3 comes in, this is your play 7 matches and delete team and repeat process with your 3rd account to play against. Once you get your 2nd account from Division 10 - 5 or 4th Division. Once that happens Now go back to your main account to boost with your second account to division 1. If you have problems on your Division 2 or, I suggest go back to account 2 and boost with account 3 to Division 6 or 5. I had troubles finding my second account with my main account. You will meet people WHO still play NHL 19 I unno why. But It should go smooth but will have frustrating problems not finding an opponent or same person. I had times where my 2nd account which was high enough to find my main account, it wouldn't make those 2 accounts find each other. So best bet late at night when the population is VERY low or for me it was around 7pm-12am to find my boost account. You will come across the same people and might get a random msg. Just politely say, "I just want to play against my friend".

    *Note: When the game starts, the person giving the other player the Win, quit the 1st period when the timer ends 17:00 remaining of the period. You do not have to play the entire 3 makes it a lot faster to rank up.*
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