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How to unlock the Mythical achievement

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    Once you've achieved a 1st place win in a 4 star (silver wreath) championship for each of the five event types, the career mode will start to randomly dole out gold wreath world championships along with normal 1, 2 and 3 star events.

    All you have to do is achieve a 1st place in each activity (again) and you'll have the tasty Mythical achievement.

    If the type of gold event you wish to complete doesn't appear, or if you're in a hurry, simply enter and quit 1, 2 and 3 star events of the same type until the gold championship appears. For 2 and 3 star events use 'Quit Activity' from the pause menu after the race has started. The activities menu will normally offer you 2 star events after quitting a 1 star, and 3 star events after quitting a 2 star event (and hopefully a gold 4 star event after quitting a 3 star). This may take several attempts but I found a gold championship would appear after quitting six or seven race events in succession.

    The difficulty level seems to be on par with the 4 star silver championships. If you're having trouble beating the ludicrous Rally AI times, there is a way to reduce your driver level that the AI uses to generate the stage times. Go to the recruitment menu and note the level of the recruits you're being offered. Mine were around Level 20. To lower this level and receive easier times to beat, enter and quit as many 1, 2 or 3 star events as required to lower your driver rep (and therefore the available recruits) down to Level 10 or 11. Using extreme-khana or buggy events works too. Quit each race (or quit activity if it's 2 or 3 star) and check that your potential recruits level is dropping. I got mine down to 11 and managed to win the Rally world championship (using the fully upgraded Cat 7 Citroen) without too much swearing.

    One last thing, with the Rally Cross championship, don't do what I did and assumed that I beat the first event's qualification round - I clicked through at the end of the race without checking the overall position out of the 15 racers and didn't realise I was well below the posted 1st position overall time. You'll need to win all three events if you have a two or three event Rally Cross championship! Always check your overall position before you click through to enter the semi-final, and if you're not in the top 5 at the end of the qualifier, restart and practice until you are! I got 2nd place for the championship and had to enter/quit several more events for another gold championship to pop up.

    Have fun! Poops out.
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    Xtasian 0stixHah same happens to me.!
    Thanks for the guide though ;)

    Played all silver + gold championships except gold buggy. Spent 3h yesterday evening to try finding a gold buggy, which I finally did not... found some silver in all categories, but still no gold! Hope I can get it today ^^
    Posted by Xtasian 0stix on 04 Jun 20 at 06:44
    MizerisMoneyThe rally championship cpu times are impossible. WTF
    Posted by MizerisMoney on 11 Jun 20 at 10:44
    Kelle1994I've completed 5/5 silver championships. Then i got 2/5 Gold championships. Now i only get silver championships again (after quiting about 10 events). Is this normal that they appear again? I thought all 4 star events should be golden by now
    Posted by Kelle1994 on 28 Jun 20 at 14:16
    Capt PoopeyHi Kelle1994 - see Healtti's comment above. I recall doing a bit of fishing to get those gold events to appear but not 70! It's really painful but don't give up.
    Posted by Capt Poopey on 28 Jun 20 at 21:06
    CidelionI had a huge problem with this. I couldn't win the golden rally for days. Until I found out that even the crew you have with you counts. I had a lvl 17 crew and was unbeatable. I fired them all and got 10 lvl crew. It became much easier and I finally got the cheevo.
    Posted by Cidelion on 20 Sep 20 at 13:27
    Colin84PLAnother tip for rallies that may help. If leader times are to hard to beat don't worry. Finish the stage and then restar. Your new time to beat will match time you just did. For exemple if the leader time was 2:30 but you finished with 3:15 (penalties not included), after the restart your new time to beat, leader time, should be 3:15. Later on I'll try it while driving the championship but it definitely works with single stage events.

    edit: championship has a locked times so this trick doesn't work.
    Posted by Colin84PL on 22 Sep 20 at 18:53
    CagyCrownCZAnother tip for Gold Wreath to spawn. I was chasing gold for khama and it still doesnt pop up. But I realize that there are 3 championships from different races. So I quit rally championship and gold championship of khana pop up. Propably if there are 3 championships available , maybe it is max, so you have to get rid of one (or more)
    Posted by CagyCrownCZ on 26 Sep 20 at 05:40
    Throni360The Ford Fiesta RX is trash. The Honda Civic is ez win with all upgrades except 2. engine (stability loss makes the handling very bad). Change gear ratio from -1 to +.8 to make up for the loss in acc.
    Posted by Throni360 on 25 Jan at 00:34
    Finally got this today man that was a grind ahah
    Posted on 18 Feb at 17:16
    Capt PoopeyGood on ya mate, it's great to get the grinds out of the way!
    Posted by Capt Poopey on 18 Feb at 23:00
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