The 5 D's achievement in NBA 2K19

The 5 D's

Win a round of Dodgeball in the Neighborhood in MyCAREER.

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How to unlock the The 5 D's achievement

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    You can play dodgeball in the neighborhood at set times that can be checked by opening your phone while in the neighborhood (done by pressing cn_X) and then clicking the events app.

    For now it seems the times are the same everyday 10:15 AM Eastern and 7:15 PM Eastern. If you aren't sure what that is in your timezone if you google the time (for example just google "10:15AM Eastern") it should convert it for you. These times may change in the future and you can check the times of the event by doing what I mentioned above. The game does not always start on the dot, sometimes it starts at 7:20 PM for example just wait it out and eventually you'll hear an announcement and a gate will open with a 5 minute countdown timer near the alley oops tattoo shop and the wheels store.

    As far as winning it goes it's going to be some luck some skill for sure, the controls in this feel very wonky to me and I'd imagine they'd be even harder on a TV with high latency (although the game in general would naturally be harder on a TV with high latency, the controls in this mini-game specifically feel like they'd suffer). You can see the controls by pressing Y while waiting the 5 minute countdown but I'll also list them.
    cn_RB to throw the ball
    cn_LB to fake a throw
    cn_Y to dodge / slide
    cn_A to jump
    cn_RT to sprint
    Aim and look with the triggers as you'd expect.

    The aiming isn't very well explained it's just a huge reticle that takes up like half your screen, try to center them in it and RB to throw it, generally I just spammed cn_Y if someone got near and they would usually miss. The main strategy I used to win my game was to hide beside the Ante Up facility and use the 3rd person camera to peek around the wall into the alley. You can't go onto the courts but you can enter certain alleys and the alley near the Ante Up facility is large and has room to move if someone else does go back there. I was able to hide there until around the 3 minute mark when everyone is forced to travel to the Iverson statue which is on the opposite side of the neighborhood. By the time I got there, there was only 3 other people left. I eliminated one as he was entering the area and time ran up for the other two to arrive so they were DQd and I won by that. Definitely a lot of luck playing into it. I feel like just hiding until the statue portion and then hoping for the best may be the right way to go for this.

    When you win the achievement will pop and you'll be given a nice t-shirt along with a cool 25k VC. I won my second game of dodgeball, I'm not sure how much of it was luck honestly but I don't think this should be too difficult to nab if you play it every chance you get. I set a reminder / alarm on my phone 5 minute before the event starts because it's easy to get caught up in training or career games and miss out at which point you'll have to wait at least 9 hours for another chance.
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    sirgizzeI always push a button to play.... 5 min countdown run and at the end nothing happened. Any ideas? Thanks
    Posted by sirgizze on 12 Nov 18 at 09:29
    Kobe824MambaHappens to me from time to time as well. I'm not sure why. If anyone is going for this, I would recommend playing with a friend. You can team up and hide in an alley until the timer tells you to go to the center. After that, just hope you have a 2v1 advantage. I was able to do this with a friend and he got the achievement for winning (since I got out at the end) and we'll switch to make it my turn next time.
    Posted by Kobe824Mamba on 12 Nov 18 at 18:30
    Joker De PabloI played and won. Afterward, it stated the 25K VC would be added to my account. I jogged around and kept checking but it never went into my account. Am I suppose to go to the agent's office or something to complete this?
    Posted by Joker De Pablo on 11 Dec 18 at 22:07
    S Mac 1985I won the capture the flag version (well along with my team) but no achievement popped
    Posted by S Mac 1985 on 04 Jan 19 at 01:18
    EscapeTheRoachDid first try. @Joker De Pablo No you receive the VC just at the end of the game.
    Posted by EscapeTheRoach on 03 Mar 19 at 17:50
    Test1I must be missing something. I look at the events calendar but never see dodgeball. I only always see Trivia 9pm and sometimes an occasional random event no matter what time I look.

    What am I missing??
    Posted by Test1 on 31 May 19 at 12:56
    Test1Never mind, I found it by the times. Always seems to start the 5 minute countdown clock at 7:20 Eastern with the game starting at 7:25.

    Never saw anything listed in the Events calendar though.
    Posted by Test1 on 02 Jun 19 at 23:23
    Test1One more follow-up, I was there for the same times and waited longer on Monday and Tuesday and there was no dodgeball. Is this a weekend only thing? Only saw it the Saturday and Sunday that once.
    Posted by Test1 on 04 Jun 19 at 23:32
    mossfan563I’m guessing this is unobtainable now. Haven’t seen this in the events in the past few days I’ve played this game.
    Posted by mossfan563 on 30 Aug 19 at 04:09
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