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Two time!

Perform two special tricks in one jump.

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How to unlock the Two time! achievement

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    You can actually do it on Sandy Moutains (it works without oponents) with Jay Valdes. Build an ATV with 100 Tricks, and build your boost until you come across the second vertigo jump (the first one being just after the start). Once your here, start preloading while boosting, and as soon as you jump, use Air Guitar (Up + RB LB). Before the first trick ends, hold them again to make a smooth transition (hey, every millisecond counts !) and do another Air Guitar.

    I was first going for two Sidewinder but Air Guitar worked at my first try !

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    PiCkLE SQU1DI tried Air Guitar and Rockstar and got it first try.
    Air Guitar: Up+LB+RB
    Rockstar: Left+RB+LB

    Once I did my Air Guitar I was already holding down RB+LB and holding to the left. Once I started doing my Rockstar, I moved over to the left kind of over the rocks. I don't know what happened exactly, but it seemed like my ATV was stuck in the air for an extra second because I was holding left and once I finished my 2nd special trick it just kind of landed.
    Posted by PiCkLE SQU1D on 02 Jun 14 at 09:53
    Diesel FoleyOMG Pure luck.tried 100 times,never enough time to land then I did air guitar then sidewinder,crashed as normal and achievement popped anyway.pure shit of a game
    Posted by Diesel Foley on 04 Nov 14 at 23:17
    SciKoHahaha xD
    Same here, got so tired of it all I just steered the hell to the left and thought f*ck it, let it glitch and sure as hell, first "try", flew into the cliffside crashlanded and flew around on the bike for a sec before crash respawn and the cheevo popped laugh
    Good luck folks!
    Posted by SciKo on 27 Aug 17 at 16:40
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  • SoulblitzSoulblitz132,534
    28 Sep 2008 30 Sep 2008
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    I've never seen anyone get this achievement cleanly, and whether it's even possible I still don't know. Make sure you have an A class ATV with as close to a maxed out tricks stat (100 is the max) as you can.

    Go to the Sandy Mountain level, build up special, and do Blind Faith (LB + RB + UP) as soon as you leave the giant ramp (it's one of the shorter specials). As soon as you can afterwards, perform Gyromaniac (LB + RB + BOTTOM-RIGHT). You just have to get lucky with the landing to be honest, and this is why you have to use Gyromaniac. My ATV landed half way between on it's side and a perfect landing, and I managed to not crash and I got the achievement.

    You just have to get lucky and hope your rider can stay on the ATV when it lands to be honest.
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    LausDominiI ended up getting it cleanly with Suzi Andrews' Lazy Girl (LB+RB+UP) then Rockstar (LB+RB+LEFT). A very helpful tip is that after executing the first Special, you can hold the button combination for the second one and it will automatically transition into the second Special without you needing to try and time it.

    Play in Trial mode so there are no opponents to get in the way.

    Also it is possible to earn a Special on Lap 1 before the jump but you don't have much room for error:

    1) on the first jump you can do 5 tricks (RB+A+Up, A+Up, RB+A+Down, A+Down, B+Any)
    2) as soon as you land take the big hill on the left and do 2 tricks (RB+B+Up, B+Up)
    3) Boost and jump the very next hill and do 3 tricks (RB+Y+Up, Y+Up, A+Any)

    This will earn you the Special right before the jump. If you still need a little more nitro you can make use of the terrain here to get another trick in.
    Posted by LausDomini on 22 Jun 11 at 06:28
    noth1ngness69I just used blind faith twice and it worked as well
    Posted by noth1ngness69 on 11 May 13 at 12:49
    noth1ngness69And I only got 43% ready thingy
    Posted by noth1ngness69 on 11 May 13 at 12:49
  • MakkerMakker395,000
    23 Jan 2010 07 Feb 2011 07 Feb 2011
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    I originally posted this on X360A but since it was well received I thought I'd add it here too. Sorry for the wall of text but I put this together with the level of information I would have liked when I was going for this achievement.

    Rider - Takeshi Yukio
    Engine - DASA Racing 449cc 4 Stroke (A Class)
    Stats - 96, 87, 22, 85 & 100
    Track - Sandy Mountain
    Special Tricks - Blind Faith (UP) and Rockstar (LEFT) in that order
    Do this in Trial Mode so you're the only person on the track. Before anyone says this has to be done in World Tour or Single Event, believe me it doesn't. I unlocked my achievement in Trial Mode. When you go over the Vertigo Jump go straight on instead of up the steep path to the left. Follow this route. The jump before the Vertigo I got a double Y button trick in. After landing I used some boost to get moving quickly, lined myself up and then put the boost back on at about a 3rd of the way round the bend that leads to the Vertigo and kept it on til I was in the air. You need shit loads of boost and a 100% preload else you can guarantee you won't land your 2nd trick. Not much more to say other than swear excessively when going for this achievement (and try to avoid breaking things in your house). It's annoying. Simple as. Let the anger out and try again.
    Again, credit goes to CheshireMulisha who got this achievement before me using the same rider but different tricks. He used Sidewinder (I think - whatever the UP/LEFT special is with Takeshi anyway) followed by Blind Faith (UP). I don't know exactly what his stats were but they were similar to mine.
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    SKX Sick OneYU. Just got it. =)
    Posted by SKX Sick One on 22 Feb 11 at 18:28
    IntoTheDark7Got it first time with this guide. Rockstar seems a good choice for the second trick as there's no rotation of the ATV so it's much easier to line up the landing.
    Posted by IntoTheDark7 on 18 May 11 at 07:07
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