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How to unlock the Undead achievement

  • iMaginaryyiMaginaryy1,486,249
    15 Sep 2019 15 Sep 2019 27 Mar 2020
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    This achievement is for unlocking the Ankh backpack.

    Method 1: To unlock this in the main game:

    First you must unlock the Ball backpack in Robot World* by purchasing it from the shop. Bring the Ball to Sally and press use to enlarge the ball. Bounce the ball against Sally's face several times without letting the ball hit the ground. The Ankh will appear where the ball lands after you meet this requirement.

    Method 2: There may also sometimes be daily challenges with the Ankh available in them.
    As in one of the items given at the start. In which case, walk forward and pick up the Ankh.

    Method 3: Thanks to Danyaelus ThePaleHorseman and HappyTheDevil there is also another method if you'd like to try it out instead:

    You can use and abuse a secret passage in the death area which will give you a random head, weapon, and backpack repeatedly until you get the ankh (and all other items if you wish). It's long, so details in the comments/other solution for now. Give ThePaleHorseman an upvote too!

    *note: it may be possible to find in shops in other worlds, so might be worth your time to check along the way. Although most sources state it must be robot world. (see comments)

    Posted with permission on behalf of Uh iCanExplain
    (accidentally deleted original solution)

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    m6wg4bxwAny info on why some players don't have the secret area described by Danyaelus? Is an event or item required to unlock it? I've read about the area on several sites, and seen it in a video, but it isn't available to me.
    Posted by m6wg4bxw on 27 Mar at 23:13
    iMaginaryyHappyTheDevil commented on ThePaleHorseman's solution (also very good btw! <3) that "I needed to touch the whale skeleton during the last boss for the secret passage to appear in Death." if that might help you out!
    Posted by iMaginaryy on 27 Mar at 23:47
    m6wg4bxwiMaginaryy, thanks for relaying the info.
    Posted by m6wg4bxw on 28 Mar at 05:40
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  • ThePaleHorsemanThePaleHorseman1,462,132
    13 Feb 2020 14 Feb 2020 14 Feb 2020
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    This is a comment made by Danyaelus on one of the other guides that worked perfectly for me and is much faster and more convenient than getting to the shop and relying on lucky RNG. I contacted and got permission to use it to make a guide.

    "For me, there was a much easier way to get the ball backpack (and anything else you need to unlock). Visit death and have him grab the Teddy Bear head. Use it to triple-jump to a wall above you, halfway between the "heads" tree and weapons crates. Wall jump up to the secret passage.

    Alternatively, you can wall jump up the leftmost wall and use the scythe and shark fin attack to cross to that passage on the right.

    Walk to the right of that hallway, drop your stuff (down+B), and enter the teleport worm without anything equipped.

    You'll be given a random head, weapon, and backpack. Once you pick them up, they're added to your collection, so you can exit to menu and repeat this as many times as needed until you get what you want."

    If you have trouble finding the spot mentioned, you can also use death to find it easily. When you are controlling him to select a head, instead just fly up and to the right, past the whale skeleton, and you will find the tunnel you need to get up to.
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    HappyTheDevilI needed to touch the whale skeleton during the last boss for the secret passage to appear in Death.
    Posted by HappyTheDevil on 18 Mar at 00:48
  • SprinkyDinkSprinkyDink1,482,929
    24 Nov 2019 24 Nov 2019
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    In case the other guide is not updated, this achievement is unlocked after getting the ball backpack, going to Sally and using the backpack button which will make it a large purple ball. Then you will want want to jump at the ball and knock it off Sally multiple times(I did it 10 times in a row) and then let the ball drop which will turn into a new backpack (Ankh backpack). Upon picking this up the achievement unlocks. Now the way to get the ball backpack is to start a new game, and at some point during your run you want to die and use your glyphs to respawn. Then when you get to a shop(some people say it needs to be robot world but was not the case for me) it should be there for purchase. If you dont see it for purchase try getting to the robot world shop and see if it is there.
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    SprinkyDinkIf you are going to negative vote at least explain why.
    Posted by SprinkyDink on 29 Nov 19 at 07:37
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