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Combo Infinity

Did you just run out of colors?

Combo Infinity-72.6
08 November 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Combo Infinity

  • vSullyvSully766,592
    16 Sep 2019 16 Sep 2019 17 Sep 2019
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    The requirement for this achievement is building your combo to 100. At 50, the colors go crazy. When you reach 100, everything turns white. The key to getting the combo up to 100 is the Scythe.

    To get the Scythe, you need to spend all your glyphs re-rolling shop inventory. The Scythe will then be available for 1 glyph. Now carefully 5-combo the mushrooms on the ceiling to get a glyph so that you can buy it.

    I used the Brick Head (so I wouldn't break apart if I took damage), the Scythe, and the Shark Fin, which causes an insane burst of scythe madness when used. I combo'd through the first four areas in Cave World (killing most enemies along the way), then kept my combo through the shop with the mushrooms on the ceiling, then used a Shark Fin barrage in the boss room and got my combo to 100, unlocking the achievement.

  • Kol MagiusKol Magius184,921
    18 Nov 2019 18 Nov 2019
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    There is a secret world snake in the room above your head, weapon, and backpack collections when you suit up at the start of the game. This world snake leads to an area where (after falling through a virtually empty room) the rooms are unusually dense with enemies. I found this area easier to get a 100+ combo than in Cave World. The difficulty of the enemies increases with each room, but you can generally get the combo to 100 in just a few rooms without a perfect run, as long as you don’t let the combo break. It still took me several tries (I’m not terribly good at this game yet), but because of the density of enemies it seems like an easier location to get the combo if you don’t have a lot of skill.

    The world snake is in the top right corner of the room with all your equipment when you select “Start Game” and are not doing the intro or restarting from a shop. The ceiling is high where the head tree is, but low above the weapons and backpacks. This means that to the right of the tree and to the left of your weapons, there is a wall above you where the ceiling drops down. If you climb this wall, you reach a tunnel leading right to the world snake. To reach that wall, I used the Teddy Head (triple jump). The equipment I recommend you grab before climbing is the Teddy Head, Shark Fin Backpack, and Scythe. Given how many enemies are in there, you could probably use something else if you prefer, as long as you can climb the wall to reach the snake.
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