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Warrior Within

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Warrior Within-0.5
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How to unlock the Warrior Within achievement

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    Here is an overview of the ranks. I made this picture myself:
    External image

    I got the achievement today. I played this 100% PvE and didn't spend any money. Some stats for your information:
    -> 317 completed missions (106 easy, 95 normal, 70 hard)
    -> 101 hours gametime (I think this does not include any time in menus)

    My personal tips for people new to this game:
    -> Log in every day to collect the daily bonus. Even if you don't want to play a round. During the last year I got 100+ revive coins for free. I also got a couple of free event guns and skins here and there. Plus an unknown amount of warface dollar and various boosters.

    -> Your general target should be aquiring warchief equipment. They cost $11.000 to $13.000 per piece. Boots and gloves are shared between classes. Vests and helmet need to be bought for each class. Warchief helmet regenerates health, warchief vest regenerates shield. If you have both you can regenerate both. Dont use them on easy as it is a waste of money for repair. Warchief gloves and shoes have least priority in my eyes. Get the helmet first (for health regen) unless you are medic. If medic get the vest first.

    -> Play the special operations. You get 5 free token per day up to 10 token max. If you have 10 token play some special ops! I think I never lost a spec ops on easy and the rewards are good. For normal and hard you need to be prepared. If you suck at FPS, grind on easy. Additional token cost $500. Which is less than you get for completing a spec ops mission.

    -> The easiest Hard levels are the ones where you ride a vehicle (truck or boat). Choose medic, lay flat and heal yourself and your teammates.
    The hardest Hard levels are the ones with the giant mech. Usually a waste of time and repair money.

    -> If you dont have a clan that can help you with hard co-op levels then choose your lobby. This game dropped the limitations for low ranks and they are useless on hard. They teamkill (purposely or on accident) and leave the game after 2 minutes. A waste of time. If there are 2 people ranked below 10, leave and search for a new lobby. If you are below rank 10: dont play hard.

    -> If you are low to mid rank don't spam "follow me" commands. You look like a jerk.

    -> You can not throw grenates out of the helicopter windows. Don't try, you will kill yourself and look like an idiot.

    -> Stop knifing other people in the helicopter. You look like an idiot.

    -> Enjoy the game. It is not perfect, but it can be fun.

    I also updated the picture of the ranks. It now includes all ranks up to rank 90 which is the highest rank as of now (23 million xp).

    Original story:

    Rank 30 is called Company Sergeant and requires a hefty 423,700 XP.

    A good way to earn XP is collecting the daily bonusses. For every PvP mode and PvE Mission you get a daily bonus for the first time you complete the mode / mission. So it would be smart to play each mode at least once.

    After that it depens on your skill. PvP usually only hands out significant XP to the top players.
    PvE on the other hand gives same XP to everyone. This makes PvE a solid choice of leveling for the average player. The XP is slightly different per level. And also there is a wide variety of easier and more difficult levels.
    Generally everything where you have to ride a vehicle or protect a vehicle is hard.

    A special note to the mission where you fight the HUGE mecha robot with the blue energy bar:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Of course any type of boosters speed this up significantly.
    And so does completing the "Commanders Orders" (hold the back/select button during the mission and see them on the bottom left): they give +10%.

    And if you are interested here is the required XP per rank:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    HINT: when you reach rank 5 and this achievement
    WarfaceLife On The BattlefieldThe Life On The Battlefield achievement in Warface worth 23 pointsAchieve Rank 5

    you have done less than 0.1% of the road to rank 30. Rank 15 is a bit over 10%.

    Geting there is half the fun!
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    The SCHWARTZ 00How tf have 11 people already gotten there??
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 12 Oct 18 at 17:03
    Ale386Probably thanks to XP Boosters. Admire the power of $$$ in games like this.
    Posted by Ale386 on 12 Oct 18 at 22:37
    Dub86NutWhat’s the quickest way to rank up?
    Posted by Dub86Nut on 13 Oct 18 at 10:00
    The SCHWARTZ 00There is a double XP weekend going on right now. I used some XBL credit and bought a $10 30 day VIP pack to stack it. I'm getting huge chunks of XP per match now.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 13 Oct 18 at 19:40
    BellstenOnce you've done all the daily stuff just speedrun Spec ops Anubis on normal, followed with all suiciding at the final wave for quicker end results or play untill the end if you want the random box reward.

    You basically get 5 free spec ops coins daily and doing Anubis takes around 25 min and with boosters it gives around 25k xp Or 6413 xp with out any boosters.
    Posted by Bellsten on 29 Jun 19 at 11:48
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