The Whole Story achievement in The Last Door: Season 2 (Win 10)

The Whole Story

Read all letters, notes and diaries in the game

The Whole Story-0.5
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The Achievement may not log collectibles correctly.

How to unlock the The Whole Story achievement

  • PalesiusPalesius1,520,789
    19 Feb 2019 20 Feb 2019
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    You need to read all the notes/books in the first 3 episodes (there are none in 4). I've included the names they are called in the save file (see below) so you can check what you are missing.

    Episode 1:
    These are missable, from viewing the patient logs on the wall of the mirror room.

    Episode 2:
    MISSABLE: These may be from reading the Marco Polo book on the shelf in the library and from reading it using the button while solving the globe puzzle. It's all possible the 1st 3 are from reading the clue that directs you to the library in the 1st place.

    MISSABLE: Make sure you read the note in your inventory each time it updates as you do the riddles.

    Not sure about this one but I am pretty sure it's unmissable. Might be from cutscene with Kauffman in room with portrait puzzle.

    From the Book of birds

    MISSABLE: Pretty hard to miss, but you will get a note on the ground at the beginning of the maze and then another at the end of it.

    Episode 3:
    These should all be unmissable as they are required to progress.

    Invitation from the lord

    Letter in the bottle in ocean

    Letter in mailbox of the Solitary House

    Diary in basement of same house

    Paper on coffin at end of episode

    Viewing status:
    In case you are having trouble with this or think you may have missed one... Or if the game just glitches out on you (it decided to not count my secrets from episode 1 the first time I played it), there is a way to view what you have gotten credit for.
    Go to: c:\users\{your username here}\appdata\Local\Packages\GAMETROOPERS.TheLastDoorSeason2CollectorsEdition_334sksj6ker18\TempState\UnityPlayer.log
    The 334sksj6ker18 may be random, but it should have the beginning the same, regardless.
    Open that file in notepad, go to the end, and then search (backward) for "STATS". Do not try to run the game while you have it open in notepad as it will crash. If you are using a different editor that doesn't "lock" the file while it has it open you should be ok. (I used UltraEdit and was able to leave it open just fine.) I recommend that, as Ultraedit will prompt you to reload /update the file if it has changed, so you can easily recheck without having to quit/launch the game.

    You will find a line like:
    XboxLiveSavegameManager::GetPlayerData: XboxData: STATS = {"stats":[["LAST_EPISODE_PLAYED","ep7"],["ACH13_LIBRARY_CLUE",true],["ACH13_LIBRARY_CLUE_2",true],["ACH13_LIBRARY_CLUE_3",true],["ACH13_CLUE1_GLOBE",true],["ACH13_CLUE2_GLOBE",true],["ACH13_CLUE3_GLOBE",true],["ACH13_CLUE1",true],["ACH13_CLUE1_CLUE2",true],["ACH13_CLUE3",true],["ACH13_CLUE3_CLUE4",true],["ACH13_CLUE5",true],["ACH13_CLUE5_CLUE6",true],["ACH13_DLG_KAUFFMAN_CR_LOOK_NOTE_TEXT",true],["ACH13_DLG_KAUFFMAN_CR_LOOK_NOTE_TEXT_2",true],["ACH13_DLG_KAUFFMAN_CR_LOOK_NOTE_TEXT_3",true],["ACH13_DLG_KAUFFMAN_CR_LOOK_NOTE_TEXT_4",true],["ACH5_01",true],["ACH5_10",true],["SECRET_05",true],["ACH5_02",true],["ACH5_03",true],["ACH5_04",true],["ACH5_05",true],["ACH5_07",true],["ACH5_09",true],["ACH5_06",true],["ACH5_08",true],["ACH13_BIRDSBOOK_CONTENT_1",true],["ACH13_BIRDSBOOK_CONTENT_2",true],["ACH13_BIRDSBOOK_CONTENT_3",true],["SECRET_03",true],["ACH13_NOTE_CONTENT",true],["SECRET_04",true],["ACH13_ARCHWAY_NOTES1",true],["EP6_FINISHED",true],["EP5_FINISHED",true],["MIRROR_INSPECT_STATE0",true],["MIRROR_INSPECT_STATE1",true],["MIRROR_INSPECT_STATE2",true],["MIRROR_INSPECT_STATE3",true],["ACH13_WALL_CLIPPINGS_TEXT_1",true],["ACH13_WALL_CLIPPINGS_TEXT_1_CONTINUE",true],["ACH13_WALL_CLIPPINGS_TEXT_2",true],["ACH13_WALL_CLIPPINGS_TEXT_3",true],["SECRET_01",true],["SECRET_02",true],["ACH13_INVITATION_CONTENT",true],["SECRET_06",true],["ACH13_BOTTLE_LETTER",true],["ACH13_MAILBOX_LETTER",true],["ACH13_DIARY1",true],["ACH13_DIARY2",true],["ACH13_DIARY3",true],["ACH13_DIARY4",true],["ACH13_DIARY5",true],["ACH13_DIARY6",true],["WICKER_01",true],["WICKER_02",true],["WICKER_03",true],["WICKER_04",true],["SECRET_07",true],["ACH13_COFFIN_PAPER_1",true],["ACH13_COFFIN_PAPER_2",true],["ACH13_COFFIN_PAPER_3",true],["EP7_FINISHED",true],["CHRISTOPHER_LEE_TRIBUTE",true],["SECRET_09",true],["SECRET_11",true],["SECRET_10",true],["SECRET_08",true]]}

    This lists all the secrets you have found as well as notes for the whole story achievement, and some progress for the wickerman and food doctor achievements. If you are missing "SECRET_09", for example, then it won't be in the list. The order they show up on will depend on the order you did them in game.

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    marcodigioFor some reason all the notes from Episode 2 are not tracking for me, even the unmissable ones. Played the episode twice but still not tracking. Secrets tracked fine though. Weird.
    Posted by marcodigio on 05 Jun 20 at 21:34
    FloriDUH JBotNothing tracked for me beyond the first few in Episode 1. Needless to say, the cheevo didn't pop.
    Posted by FloriDUH JBot on 09 Jun 20 at 19:27
    David BorhiDidn't pop for me either
    Posted by David Borhi on 14 Jun 20 at 20:22
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  • BlackTiboBlackTibo444,063
    18 May 2020 04 Jun 2020 04 Jun 2020
    2 0 0
    I had a lot of problems with this one since some collectibles does not register into the save file...

    I think I understood why, but it's really weird!

    The collectibles register only if you are on a continuous playthrough. If you break your playthrough by restarting an unfinished episode or skipping one, the collectibles will not register correctly. I figured it out the hard way by not seeing this achievement unlocking when it should have. I indeed did restart the first and the third episode during my playthrough.

    To do a continuous playthrough, you have to start from episode 1 and click on "continue" at the end of each episode to go to the next one. Be wary about partial playthroughs!!! If you have started an episode (let's say ep3) but never finished it, when you click on "continue" at the end of the previous episode (in my example, ep2), the game will be resumed where you stopped this episode the last time you played it, voiding the continuous playthrough. This is because the game saves a different checkpoint for each episode.

    To avoid this, I found a simple method : start a new game on ep3 and quit immediately, do the same on ep2 and finally start your continuous playthrough from ep1 (you don't need to reset ep4 since there is no collectible in it). By starting a new game on an episode, you reset its checkpoint to its beginning, allowing the continue from episode to episode.

    A continuous playthrough does not mean doing the whole game in one sitting. You can quit whenever you want. When you restart the game, just click "Continue" on the main screen
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