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How to unlock the Playwright achievement

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    The numbers I have used here are different than the ones in the other guide (I've left other number in parentheses). But I have left them in roughly the order you encounter them in game. This is because you can look at your stats to see what you have found and not found, and my numbers match those used in game. I would also recommend turning on subtitles, as they make it easier to tell when a secret has trigger in a few cases.

    Episode 1:
    Paul Street - Alexandre's hideout
    Enter the combination in reverse (5,4,1,6). You can do this without finding the clues and get that achievement as well. When you go through the safe you will get an extra cutscene.

    East Hill - Inmate quarters - first room
    Keep walking around the room before speaking to the guy. You will occasionally get crunching noises. After enough of these, he will start talking to you. There seem to be hotspots just below the open door, and along the right wall (both right above the table and right below the table).

    Episode 2:
    Secret_05 (3)
    At the beginning of the hypnosis segment, pick "go elsewhere" then wait about 15 seconds, and you will have an option to tell him to wait a while and then go into the fog.

    You will get this for doing lost in the sea. After putting the flowers on the first grave in the graveyard, head straight to the beach ASAP. A necklace will show up on the sand right below where you entered. Grab it quickly before it washes away, and give it to the person who gave you flowers. Later on, while you are in the cave maze you will find a very dead body. (You have to go through that room in the maze anyway.) Be sure to inspect it.

    Secret_03 (5)
    Stand near the hole in the wall in the cliff location for a minute and you will hear a howl and your character will react.

    Episode 3:
    Secret_06 (8)
    Near the start, you can go left at the hill location, past the guys in masks, keep inspecting the hole until you get weird noises instead of your character talking. FYI, The walkthrough never directs you to this area.

    Secret_07 (6)
    When speaking to the Lord, make sure you say you are religious. At the very end of the episode, after you open the secret passage at the old abbey, before you enter it, go to the hills and then north. There will be a wickerman on a a cross in the water. Inspect it. FYI, The walkthrough does not direct you back to this area.

    Secret_08 (7)
    This cannot be done on your first playthrough of the episode. Inspect the top left tombstone in the graveyard.

    Episode 4:
    After entering the house in the fog at the beginning look at the painting to the left of the door, but don't exit the close up until you hear a baby and then monster noises. It takes about a minute (and is clearer when it is done if you have subtitles on).

    Secret_11 (10)
    In the basement of the house there is a shadow in a cage, you will inspect it and then eventually get a key. If you stay in the room, then after a minute or two a dripping sound will start. Wait a few more minutes for it to stop before you continue on.

    Secret_10 (11)
    After you fix the piano and put the sheet music on it there are a few secret songs you can play. You can do this AFTER playing the real song if you are going for the achievement for playing it right the 1st time.
    Monkey Island: Fa#, Fa#, La, Sol#, Fa#, Mi, Fa#
    Indiana Jones: Fa#, Sol, La, Re, Mi, Fa#, Sol

    Viewing status:
    In case you are having trouble with this or think you may have missed one... Or if the game just glitches out on you (it decided to not count my secrets from episode 1 the first time I played it), there is a way to view what you have gotten credit for.
    Go to: c:\users\{your username here}\appdata\Local\Packages\GAMETROOPERS.TheLastDoorSeason2CollectorsEdition_334sksj6ker18\TempState\UnityPlayer.log
    The 334sksj6ker18 may be random, but it should have the beginning the same, regardless.
    Open that file in notepad, go to the end, and then search (backward) for "STATS". Do not try to run the game while you have it open in notepad as it will crash. If you are using a different editor that doesn't "lock" the file while it has it open you should be ok. (I used UltraEdit and was able to leave it open just fine.) I recommend that, as Ultraedit will prompt you to reload /update the file if it has changed, so you can easily recheck without having to quit/launch the game.

    You will find a line like:
    XboxLiveSavegameManager::GetPlayerData: XboxData: STATS = {"stats":[["LAST_EPISODE_PLAYED","ep7"],["ACH13_LIBRARY_CLUE",true],["ACH13_LIBRARY_CLUE_2",true],["ACH13_LIBRARY_CLUE_3",true],["ACH13_CLUE1_GLOBE",true],["ACH13_CLUE2_GLOBE",true],["ACH13_CLUE3_GLOBE",true],["ACH13_CLUE1",true],["ACH13_CLUE1_CLUE2",true],["ACH13_CLUE3",true],["ACH13_CLUE3_CLUE4",true],["ACH13_CLUE5",true],["ACH13_CLUE5_CLUE6",true],["ACH13_DLG_KAUFFMAN_CR_LOOK_NOTE_TEXT",true],["ACH13_DLG_KAUFFMAN_CR_LOOK_NOTE_TEXT_2",true],["ACH13_DLG_KAUFFMAN_CR_LOOK_NOTE_TEXT_3",true],["ACH13_DLG_KAUFFMAN_CR_LOOK_NOTE_TEXT_4",true],["ACH5_01",true],["ACH5_10",true],["SECRET_05",true],["ACH5_02",true],["ACH5_03",true],["ACH5_04",true],["ACH5_05",true],["ACH5_07",true],["ACH5_09",true],["ACH5_06",true],["ACH5_08",true],["ACH13_BIRDSBOOK_CONTENT_1",true],["ACH13_BIRDSBOOK_CONTENT_2",true],["ACH13_BIRDSBOOK_CONTENT_3",true],["SECRET_03",true],["ACH13_NOTE_CONTENT",true],["SECRET_04",true],["ACH13_ARCHWAY_NOTES1",true],["EP6_FINISHED",true],["EP5_FINISHED",true],["MIRROR_INSPECT_STATE0",true],["MIRROR_INSPECT_STATE1",true],["MIRROR_INSPECT_STATE2",true],["MIRROR_INSPECT_STATE3",true],["ACH13_WALL_CLIPPINGS_TEXT_1",true],["ACH13_WALL_CLIPPINGS_TEXT_1_CONTINUE",true],["ACH13_WALL_CLIPPINGS_TEXT_2",true],["ACH13_WALL_CLIPPINGS_TEXT_3",true],["SECRET_01",true],["SECRET_02",true],["ACH13_INVITATION_CONTENT",true],["SECRET_06",true],["ACH13_BOTTLE_LETTER",true],["ACH13_MAILBOX_LETTER",true],["ACH13_DIARY1",true],["ACH13_DIARY2",true],["ACH13_DIARY3",true],["ACH13_DIARY4",true],["ACH13_DIARY5",true],["ACH13_DIARY6",true],["WICKER_01",true],["WICKER_02",true],["WICKER_03",true],["WICKER_04",true],["SECRET_07",true],["ACH13_COFFIN_PAPER_1",true],["ACH13_COFFIN_PAPER_2",true],["ACH13_COFFIN_PAPER_3",true],["EP7_FINISHED",true],["CHRISTOPHER_LEE_TRIBUTE",true],["SECRET_09",true],["SECRET_11",true],["SECRET_10",true],["SECRET_08",true]]}

    This lists all the secrets you have found as well as notes for the whole story achievement, and some progress for the wickerman and food doctor achievements. If you are missing "SECRET_09", for example, then it won't be in the list. The order they show up on will depend on the order you did them in game.
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    JdobemLast one, Secret_08 (7), I had to quit the episode for the cheevo to register. I thought I had lost it...
    Posted by Jdobem on 21 Feb 20 at 22:06
    QuanticJustice@Jdobem Thanks for this! Thought the same. No cheevo; quit to menu; cheevo!
    Posted by QuanticJustice on 16 Mar 20 at 04:50
    Buachaill DonaBeen through this game 3 game times and this achievement refuses to unlock, and to top it off you can't check the save files if you play it on Game Pass.
    Posted by Buachaill Dona on 04 May 20 at 20:31
    JdobemI played it from Gamepass, you can check the save files, they re just in a different folder. Not sure where from memory and I uninstalled. Sorry.
    Posted by Jdobem on 05 May 20 at 00:26
    Oaawara2@Jbodem thanks for the tip.
    Posted by Oaawara2 on 04 Jun 20 at 14:17
    NessNoldoCan SOMEONE please tell me where are this files when one play this game in Game Pass? That secret 06, I don't wanna screw up all and I don't know who's that "mask guys" are. Can you be more specific?
    Posted by NessNoldo on 05 Jun 20 at 12:40
    Matton ChopsThe file you're looking for was on my computer in the correct place --
    c:\users\{your username here}\appdata\Local\Packages\GAMETROOPERS.TheLastDoorSeason2CollectorsEdition_334sksj6ker18\TempState\UnityPlayer.log.

    Just make sure you have the "Hidden items" box checked under the View menu in File Explorer.

    Also, the "mask guys" mentioned for Secret 06 are the Viking and Bird. Walk left past them and you'll find the big hole. You'll have to examine it a few times before you hear the noises. I would recommend turning on subtitles so you have a visual clue for this and other sounds in the game. It really helped me a lot.
    Posted by Matton Chops on 05 Jun 20 at 13:51
    PsiScreamQuick note - I think you must do an area transition for this to register. Secret_08 (7) was my last one, and after clicking it I had to transition away before it popped.
    Posted by PsiScream on 05 Jun 20 at 18:47
    TinCannEd@ QuanticJustice, your solution was fantastic. I found out I was missing 6, so I wnet to the hole in Ep3, turned on mu subs, everything went, but no chievo. Then I saw your solution, Quit to main menu & BLAMMO, achievement popped. toast
    Posted by TinCannEd on 09 Jun 20 at 13:19
    ICE Faux PirateThank you Matton Chops for the hidden items checkbox tip!

    The code line in the files was towards the very bottom for me. Also, for some reason using CTRL+F to search for the secrets didn't always work. For example, I typed in SECRET_11 to search the files and it said it couldn't find it but when I skimmed the lines myself it was there.

    The one I'm missing is SECRET_10 at the piano. Not sure why it's not registering. I've tried playing both tunes slowly and/or quickly. Tried exiting cave and exiting game. Any thoughts?

    EDIT: Nvm, I'm dumb. I didn't realize it was saying to play the sharp (#) (black) keys. I was just using the white keys only.
    Posted by ICE Faux Pirate on 11 Jun 20 at 16:00
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