Speedrun 2 achievement in Hollow Knight

Speedrun 2

Complete the game in under 5 hours

Speedrun 2-6.4
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How to unlock the Speedrun 2 achievement

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    This time requirement is pretty lenient as long as you've been through the game before and you have a plan. I followed this awesome guide on Steam, which is extremely detailed in terms of pathing and objectives.

    It's up to you to understand boss encounters, but there is a lot of leeway since an optimal run takes maybe 2h15m. The achievement was originally for completing the game in under three hours on the PC version but changed to five hours in an update.

    There's really no major rush to be able get through the game in under 5 hours, so be sure to smash geo rocks and kill enemies when you see them as geo is an extremely important resource. You definitely want to have 1800 geo for the Lumafly Lantern before going through Crystal Peak as a few areas there are difficult without illumination. The guide I linked considers the lantern a convenience for Crystal Peak but I found it to be a necessity.

    A few of the battles, especially the Watcher Knights and Hollow Knight, were rough with low damage and health. So feel free to go out of your way for grubs and mask shards in addition to the nail upgrades to make your life easier in the long run. Be sure to hit the bench near the Watcher Knights so you don't have far to travel should you struggle with them like I did.

    Time does not accumulate when you have the game paused with cn_start (as mentioned by NINja227), so be sure to pause and not just be in your inventory menu if you need to take time to plan or figure something out.

    Additional info can be found on the Hollow Knight wiki.

    Good luck.
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    NINja277i just tested it in a new steel soul game and left I it paused for about 15 mins then i exited tot he main menu and the timer did not count while paused, the save file showed 0 mins.

    I am certain when looking at the quickmap time ticks as enemies still move around but pausing does not seem to count
    Posted by NINja277 on 11 Oct 18 at 16:24
    Rozay151Watcher Knight is so unfair... With only 5 masks, 2 nail upgrades, without double jump its basically RNG and pray... Screwed up my run.
    Posted by Rozay151 on 21 Oct 18 at 02:01
    vSullyJust save at the nearby bench and quit before you die to retry. Should have plenty of time even with an hour of retries.
    Posted by vSully on 21 Oct 18 at 02:20
    MugenKairoBut even if you press start right away it gets too close sometimes... if you’re burning time, Press Start to pause the. Home -> restart console. It’s a pain to reload but it won’t add on the time taken.

    I’m up to the Watcher knights for the 3rd time (doing speed & steel playthrough on same run) and have found getting the shade soul upgrade makes things much faster. Shade soul goes through 2 knights, coupled with the charm to save soul usage (spell twister, shaman stone or soul catcher) makes this task easier.

    If this is your second run also practice on the watcher knights in the Godhome DLC area on your other save file until you can perfect each battle then return to this playthrough and you’ll crush them.
    Posted by MugenKairo on 01 Dec 18 at 09:17
    IntoTheDark7Thumbs up - nice link that guide is really useful. I got past the Watcher Knights after a few tried but really hit a wall with the final boss. I ended up restarting, and then right before the boss, heading off and collecting the Monarch Wings and the Shade Soul. I had an hour to beat the final boss and did it within 10 mins. Those two upgrades made him nuch more striaghtforward for me.
    Posted by IntoTheDark7 on 26 Jan at 10:23
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