Ritual achievement in Hollow Knight


Defeat the Nightmare King and complete the Ritual

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How to unlock the Ritual achievement

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    This is the optional final step in the Grimm Troupe questline, with the other option being to talk to an NPC and banish the troupe, earning the Banishment achievement. You cannot get both Ritual and Banishment on the same save file.

    First, head to this location behind a breakable wall in Howling Cliffs:
    External image

    Use your Dream Nail on a large dead bug at the end of the cave path:
    External image

    Then go back a screen and attack a fireplace several times to summon the Grimm troupe to Dirtmouth. You'll see their tents to the left of the bench. Go inside and talk to Troupe Master Grimm to receive the Grimmchild charm. Seek out and kill three enemies that are marked with flames on your map while having the charm equipped, then return to Grimm. The familiar granted by the charm will be upgraded and you'll be tasked with defeating three more enemies marked by three new flames on the map. Do so and return to Grimm once more, which will start a battle with him. Defeat Troupe Master Grimm to unlock an achievement:
    Hollow Knight: Voidheart EditionSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition worth 28 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    The familiar will be upgraded and three more flames will appear on the map (four, actually, but you can ignore the flame in Distant Village area as that marks the NPC that leads to the Banishment achievement)). After defeating these three enemies, return to the Grimm tent in Dirtmouth and you will find Troupe Master Grimm hanging upside down asleep. Hit him with the Dreamnail (hold cn_Y to use) to start the battle with Nightmare King Grimm, a more difficult version of Troupe Leader Grimm with similar attacks.

    He has five basic attacks that you'll need to know how to avoid as everything does two masks of damage to you:
    Diving dash: Just jump over him to avoid taking damage
    Charge to uppercut: dash away to avoid him, then avoid the falling projectiles
    Cape Spikes: get in between two to avoid damage
    Firebats: jump and dash towards him and attack when within range
    Fire pillars: attack him a few times while avoiding the fire

    At certain health increments, he will take position in the center of the screen and release a torrent of fireballs that must be avoided. Also, after taking enough damage he will stagger (turn into bats and then reappear), which is really the only time you can heal.

    I opted to instead maximize health with charms and never bothered healing.

    After defeating Nightmare King Grimm, your familiar will receive the final upgrade and this achievement will unlock.

    Here is my successful battle for reference:

    Good luck.

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    xShtankyHoly crap that was hard. I used thorns and sharp shadow. Once you can def tell what move hes gonna do, this fight gets alot easier. Just keep practicing.
    Posted by xShtanky on 02 Oct 18 at 21:14
    AwooUnbreakable Strength, Sharp Shadow, Mark of Pride, Shaman Stone

    Uppercut: Dash through him exactly when he attacks, then dodge the falling fire, try to not move much or it's harder. Don't dash through him too early or he'll step back and hit you.

    Dive: As soon as you see him, dash and you'll usually dash through him, hitting him. Then immediately jump, double jump over him and downstrike him once when he's under you. It seems hard at first, but once you get good at it this move is almost always a free two hits.

    Bats: Wait for a second, jump forward and dash over the second low bat. Hit him 1-3 times.

    Spikes. Stand between them, duh.

    Fire pillars: Inch your way towards Grimm, then either hit him a few times as you pass under him, or if you have soul, make sure the fourth pillar is close to him but won't hit you, then use Abyss Shriek for loads of damage.

    Bullet Hell: Stand as far away as possible and make your jumps as low as you can. Bit of RNG with this but usually doable. You can also pogo on his head for this attack (it doesn't do damage to him), but it's hard to get up there without taking a hit.

    Only heal when he's knocked into his little bat form, and even then twice at the very max.

    Seems hard at first but he's really pretty easy once you get the basic movements down.
    Posted by Awoo on 13 Oct 18 at 00:14
    AwooAlso if you banish the troupe and then fight NKG in the hall of gods, it does not unlock this achievement. It has to be the actual main game boss fight.
    Posted by Awoo on 13 Oct 18 at 00:15
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  • Willy K OlhoWilly K Olho557,450
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    I'm Brazilian, and it's the first time I'm going to contribute a achievment guide, so forgive me for the weak English.
    I read in the comments here that it would not be possible to release the two Grim DLC-related achievements. I can confirm that it's possible, yes.
    Just see the order in which I freed both achievements. First, I defeated the Grim Nightmare, and as soon as I defeated it the achievment released. Without leaving the game, or closing the menu, just enter some other game. I did that, and when I got back the Game did not recognize that I had defeated him. However, the achievment had already been released.
    Shortly after, I did the procedure to banish the Grim troupe. When I returned to Dirtmouth, the NPC that plays the accordion was next to the bank. He handed me the Amulet and the achievment was released.
    Saving time in the second play!
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