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Achievement won on 10 Oct 18
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Posted on 05 October 18 at 06:42, Edited on 12 October 18 at 22:20
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I've finally conquered the Pantheon of Hallownest. This was definitely one of the hardest challenge I've ever done when it comes to Video Games and I'm really proud that I got this Achievement.
As already been said, this Achievement is the hardest Achievement in the game by far. Everyone who love challenges, can go ahead with this one.
Note: Pure Vessel and Absolute Radiance are much faster and stronger compared to the ones in the Black Egg from the campaign. So don't try to practice there! When you reached a certain Boss in the Pantheons, they will be unlocked in the Hall of Gods and can be practiced there.

Here's my run if you'd like to watch it:

Charms I used on my victory run = Fragile Heart, Fragile Strenght, Mark of Pride, Nailmaster's Glory



First of all, Godhome is a "Boss rush" place. You will fight all Bosses from the game through all the Pantheons.
To enter the "Godhome" where all the Pantheons will be, it requires the Dream Nail. The Dream Nail is acquired in the Resting Grounds by inspecting the Dreamer Statues. Doing so will send the player into a dream where they will receive the Dream Nail from a Moth (story progress).

External image
The Godhome location can be found in the Royal Waterways as shown in the screenshot


External image
There you will find this "God" in the left-down corner as shown in the screenshot above. By hitting him with the Dream Nail, you will enter the "Godhome" where all the Pantheons will be.


There are 5 Pantheons in the Godhome:
1. Pantheon of Master
2. Pantheon of the Artist
3. Pantheon of the Sage
4. Pantheon of the Knight
5. Pantheon of the Hallownest

Pantheon of Hallownest is the 5th and final Pantheon in the Godhome and the ultimate challenge. To unlock Pantheon of the Hallownest, you need to complete ALL1-4 Pantheons first before you can access the last one.


Pantheon of the Hallownest:

This Pantheon is literally a run from Pantheon 1 to Pantheon 4 in just one run and no continues. Plus there are 3 extra bosses which aren't included in the 1-4 Pantheons and also 2 new boss forms. (Sitting on a bench won't save your progress. If you'll quit, you'll be automatically in the Godhome again. So don't try to quit when you're attempting this one!)
According to Hollow Knight Wiki Page, all bosses are at Ascended difficulty.
Ascended means increased Health, sometimes new Hazards in the Arena, double damage or the boss having different more challenging attacks.

The Pantheon of Hallownest contains 42 bosses:

1. 2x Vengefly King
2. Gruz Mother
3. False Knight
4. Massive Moss Charger
5. Hornet
6. Resting Spot ---> (The Godseeker)
7. Gorb
8. Dung Defender
9. Soul Warrior
10. Brooding Mawlek
11. Brothers Oro & Mato
12. Resting Spot ---> (Bench)
13. Xero
14. Crystal Guardian
15. Soul Master
16. 2x Oblobble
17. Sisters of Battle (new Form of the Mantis - new battle)
18. Resting Spot ---> (Bench)
19. Marmu
20. Flukemarm
21. Broken Vessel
22. Galien
23. Paintmaster Sheo
24. Resting Spot ---> (Bench)
25. Hive Knight
26. Elder Hu
27. The Collector
28. God Tamer
29. Troupe Master Grimm
30. Resting Spot ---> (Bench)
31. Resting Spot ---> (The Godseeker)
32. 6x Watcher Knight
33. Uumuu
34. Winged Nosk (new form - new battle)
35. Great Nailsage Sly
36. Hornet (Sentinel)
37. Resting Spot ---> (Bench)
38. Enraged Guardian
39. Lost Kin
40. No Eyes
41. Traitor Lord
42. White Defender
43. Resting Spot ---> (Bench)
44. Resting Spot ---> (The Godseeker)
45. Soul Tyrant
46. Markoth
47. Grey Prince Zote (watch important note on the bottom of this guide)
48. Failed Champion
49. Nightmare King Grimm (only in Pantheon of Hallownest)
50. Resting Spot - (Bench)
51. Resting Spot - (The Godseeker)
52. Pure Vessel (only in Pantheon of Hallownest)
53. Absolute Radiance (only in Pantheon of Hallownest)

The absolute pain starts after 46. Markoth. Don't be fooled by Markoth, because he is faster as usual and the Arena is open so you can easily fall down. Very annoying!
The main Problem will be between 47. Grey Prince Zote and 49. Nightmare King Grimm.
If you are out of Souls and with low HPs after Markoth, it will be hard to beat Grey Prince Zote if you don't master him already. You can easily lose against him, so make sure you practice enough against Grey Prince Zote until you feel confident.
After beating Grey Prince Zote, you will face Failed Champion. He double damages plus you gain almost NO SOUL in this fight. So when you get hurt too much in this battle, you can only heal yourself with maximum 2 HPs from what you get of souls by Failed Champion. Don't forget that Nightmare King Grimm is your next Boss after Failed Champion. So make sure you have enough HPs while beating Failed Champion and just don't get hit! Practice him in the Hall of Gods if necessary!


Short summary about what I wanted to explain:
46. Markoth
- Very annoying because of open Arena / make sure to have full HP in the end
Tip: while he's rotating his Dreamshield you can heal yourself (2-3HP's) if you have a certain distance where he won't reach you with his Dreamshield.
(video will be uploaded soon)

47. Grey Prince Zote
-If you practiced him enough, you shouldn't have any problems with him. Just make sure to have full HP's at the end and have some souls left. Because you will gain almost nothing from the next boss battle = Failed Champion)
Tip: Always watch out for these "inflatable flying exploding" things. They do double damage(-2HP) so better stay in a spot where they won't hurt you. Also good to know = after he's dead, you can Heal yourself 5 TIMES before the next battle starts! So better hurry with healing when you gave him your last hit!
(video will be uploaded soon)

48. Failed Champion
- Does double damage (-2HP) and you gain Soul only when he's laying on the Floor and you have to hit his head - by just hitting his armor you won't get anything
Tip: His pattern is actually very easy to understand. If he jumps away from you, the next attack will be usually (!)this "wave" attack. If he jumps at you, you can actually "shadow floating" under him through. Make sure not to lose too many HPs because your next boss battle will be NKG.
You can watch my video for the best way to defeat Failed Champion:
(WARNING: Sound gets BAD after 23 sec so better TURN it DOWN or OFF. I already apologize for the issue)

49. Nightmare King Grimm
- Does double damage (-2HP) and can kill you very easily if you are too careless for a few seconds. His pattern are very easy to understand and actually easy dodgeable. Just watch out for his thorns! They are the most difficult ones to dodge and can easily hit you. You can just watch my video and skip to NKG for the easiest way to defeat him (in my view).
If you didn't lose too much HP from the Failed Champion before, you should get through.
Tip: There's not much to say. Just watch out for his thorns and always take your opportunity when you can hit him in a safe way. He will transform himself 2 times in the fight into those black bats after you've hit him for certain times. Between this time, you can heal yourself 2-3 times. So take these opportunities as long as you can! (if necessary)
If you are having problems beating Nightmare King Grimm, watch my Video for an easy way to beat him.
Radiant Difficulty, No Damage

50. Resting Spot ---> Bench
- Finally a spot to fill your HPs, Souls and to change your Charms. Only 2 bosses are awaiting you. It depends on you what kind of Charms you want to use. When I practiced Absolute Radiance, the best Charms were Fragile Heart, Fragile Strenght, HIVEBLOOD (for Absolute Radiance) and Long Nail. But on my real run I never used Hiveblood. So it's up to you what you'd like to use.

51. Resting Spot ---> Godspeeker
- Last conversation with Godspeeker

52. Pure Vessel
- Does double damage (-2HP) and is quiet fast. Just don't get too nervous. He can kill you very easily in a short time if you are too careless for a few seconds. So stay focused and concentrated. I failed 2 times against him because of my nervousness after reaching him. Also watch out when he throws spikes at you (just shadow dodge them) or when he's jumping at you.
Tip: Practice him, practice him and practice him in the Hall of Gods until you feel confident attempting him in the Pantheon. There are some healing opportunities. But the safe opportunity is when he's kneeling for a few seconds (only 1 HP possible safely).
You can use ALL of your SOULS without worring not to have HP left for the Absolute Radiance. No matter how much HP you will have after beating him; your HPs will be automatically refilled after beating him for the Final Battle against Absolute Radiance. So just use them as long as you can (if necessary).
Just watch my video if you are curious for "my" best way on Radiant Difficulty.
Radiant Difficulty - Hall of Gods

53. Absolute Radiance
- In my opinion Absolute Radiance is the most difficult Boss of this Pantheon. She is very fast, does double damage and has LOTS of HPs. She has 3 phases (in the black egg it's only 2) and she is much faster, has much more HP and is definitely stronger compared to the Absolute Radiance from the Black Egg. When I practiced her in the Hall of Gods and was using the Charm HIVEBLOOD, I acutally never had problems. It depends on you which way the best is for you. Be creative and try different Charms when you practice her. Sometimes with different Charms it's easier for you. Without trying it out you won't know it. When you'll reach her for the first time, you will be probably absolutely destroyed by her. But at least you will unlock her in the Hall of Gods and can practice her. (She'll be behind the gate in the top right corner of the Hall of Gods).
Tip: In Phase 1, you can use your spell Abyss Shriek once without having too little Souls left for the Phase 2. After using 1 Abyss Shriek on her in Phase 1, your Souls will be just in time full when you're done with Phase 1. Then you have full Soul left to either heal yourself completely (6 HPs - you have enough time) or to continue and use your soul for Phase 2.
In Phase 2 don't go too much for her. I usually stayed on the middle platform and always waited until she got close enough and then I attacked her with all of my Abyss Shriek and hits I had. Of course it depends on the situation. Just practice her and find your best way!
After Phase 2, you have to climb all the way up while she's shooting "laser" at you.
When you reached the top, she will only throw light balls at you which you can easily dodge. After a few hits, she'll be dead smile
(video will be uploaded soon)


If you let Zote die in the Greenpath, it will skip the Grey Prince Zote boss fight in the Pantheons! That would make this Achievement much easier if you don't have to fight Grey Prince Zote. Since I never had any problems fighting him, there was no difference to me anyway. So I fought him normally.
On the Steam Version of Hollow Knight, you were still able to unlock the Achievement by skipping Grey Prince Zote. For the Xbox Version it's not yet confirmed.


Just never give up and keep attempting this Achievement. It took me quiet awhile and then suddenly on my WORST attempt, I finally did it. Unfortunately only the last 4 bosses will be your problem. And to get there, it will take you somewhat between 30-45 minutes. If you fail, you have to start all over again. So this Achievement is very time consuming. But if you love this game just the way I do, then you'll gonna get this Achievement one day.

To give you some motivation; here's a screenshot when she had only 1-2 hits left and I died.
External image

As you can see; she is already in the middle of Phase 3 which means that she has something between 1-3 hits left. Because of my carelessness, I died 2 hits away before the goal - and that was probably the best run I've ever had. But then I cleared this Pantheon on my worst run I've ever had. So as you can see, just because you're having a bad run doesn't mean you won't made it. wink
So I hope this motivates you to stick with it and keep trying it

English is not my native language - so post something in the comments below if something is unclear.
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