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Moonraven's Chosen achievement in Call of Duty: WWII

Moonraven's Chosen

In The Frozen Dawn, survive the trials of the Moonraven.

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How to unlock the Moonraven's Chosen achievement

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    This guide will be for the Moonraven trial, aka the broken flail.

    1. First thing you will need to do is finding the 3 gears and 2 books on the floor, scattered around the map. I will try to describe all the locations I know of as best as I can.

    When leaving spawn, head right. Just to the left of the access teleporter for the bossfight you can find a GEAR. Continue into the morgue. You can drop down here. Just before you drop down, you can find a BOOK on your left. In the phylactery, you can find a GEAR at the edge of the map, immediately to the right of you when you walk down the stairs next to the large bloodpool. In the area with the blood altar, You can find a GEAR to your right as you leave the teleporter, against the edge of the map. Now head over to the large blood pool where you bring the battery to (other exit from the phylactery). When you reach the plateau, a GEAR can spawn immediately on your right, next to the stairs. A BOOK book can spawn on your far left, hidden between some stones. Now head over to the area with the Planet-system and turn left up on the stairs. You can then go left again, a BOOK can spawn immediately on your right hand side against the wall. Turn back and head dowstairs towards the gear room. You are now standing right in front of the pillar with books on it. Place the 2 remaining books on it to reveal a hidden room on your left. You can find a GEAR in here immediately on your right. There is a last chance to find a GEAR in a little alcove in the corridor downstairs as well as a BOOK on the opposite site of the alcove against the wall, the one you can take from more or less here, coming across a teleporter and the gear room. In the gear room, you can place all 3 gears.

    2. Next, you will need to kill zombies next to the planet-system until the planets turn purple, green, yellow and red. (15 zombies or so)

    3. Now comes the hardest bit if you are doing this for the first time. Side note: MrRoffilewaffles as well as some other youtube guides I watched are totally wrong on how to do this step or simply make it much too complicated.

    In the hidden room we found earlier, there is a projection of the 4 systems situated against the wall. Only downside, you will need to mirror projection basically. If the top is North, right hand side East, bottom South left West, mirror the projection so that North and South stay the same, but East and West swap basically. This means planets directly South and and North of the earth will stay in the same position, but anything else will be mirrored.

    I've made a small example in Paint with before and after mirroring it:
    External image

    Next, you will need to stop the 4 planets on the large system at the right time, so that they match the mirrored projection on the wall. The highest part which holds the sytem (more or less in the direction of quick reload, is North. You will need to stop all 4 planets correctly in one you. If you stop one at the right spot, you will hear a loud sound (almost like a large door being locked). If you fail one, simply stop the remaining planets by pressing X on them and try again. Keep in mind that it might take a second or so before the planet actually stops, after you've pressed X.

    Doing this correctly will unlock the basic broken flail.

    4. Behind the solar/planet-system, there is a room upstairs which you can teleport into. There are 3 stones to be charged, start with the one on the right, then the center and then the one on the left. Each one requires 3 zombies, after which a rune will float above it. After doing each stone, you will need to find little blue stars somewhere in the sky. You can only see them when holding LT. Aim at all the stars in one go to make them yellow. Then charge the center stone, find another set of stars and do this one final time at the last stone.

    Possible locations to find stars are:
    In the room with the stones to charge, look behind and above the solar system while standing next to the 3rd stone. Note: Triple check this location, it might be very hard to spot the blue stars with a blue background.

    In the room with the bloodpool where you charge the battery, a few locations can spawn, 2 from here and 2 while standing all the way at the top, overlooking this area from the overview next to spawn

    Then there is 1 location when looking through the window next to electric cherry/electrical shock on reload.

    1 location through the large window nearby, in the phylacterly.

    2 locations in the blood altar area, one on the far left and one on the right, looking from the balcony/overview.

    Finally 2 locations at spawn, one more or less above the stone you charge to enter the city of Thule and one in the sky in front of the teleporter.


    5. With all 4 stones charged and 3 sets of stars found, throw the flail into the solar system with RB and then press RB again. Now you will have to complete the trial. First melee some enemies. Then fire will appear, throw the flail over the fire and teleport.

    Achievement unlocked!
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    RickydownHavent started this DLC. Do all players get the achievement when the Trials are completed by one person? Or does all players need to be teleported to survive the trials for the achievement to unlock?
    Posted by Rickydown on 21 Oct 18 at 22:20
    Itzz Sh0wt1m3Nope, everyone must do them.
    Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 22 Oct 18 at 06:35
    RickydownSo only 1 person can be transported to complete the trails each game? Two or more people cannot be teleported?
    Posted by Rickydown on 24 Oct 18 at 02:58
    Itzz Sh0wt1m3Yeah each of the 4 achievements ca only be popped once a game
    Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 24 Oct 18 at 07:41
    Car56Excellent guide. Very well done. Thank you!
    Posted by Car56 on 20 Jan 19 at 15:00
    Itzz Sh0wt1m3Thanks!
    Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 20 Jan 19 at 15:28
    FQXThanks, I watched Mr Dalek's guide on youtube and he overcomplicated the orrery step to an extreme extent. All that matters: Mirror the image, Speed cola = north. That's it haha.
    Posted by FQX on 01 Sep 20 at 09:09
    Whats a ChundyOnly one of the stones up top has the rune above it. Nothing happens when I kill zombies on the other two.
    Posted by Whats a Chundy on 08 Feb at 00:52
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