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From the Ashes

Complete Episode 5.

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How to unlock the From the Ashes achievement

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    Putting this up top: never written a guide before, so if I'm not doing it right or well, constructive comments would be appreciated so I can improve.

    First off, this achievement is unmissable, it is for completing the fifth episode of the game. That said, here we go.

    There are three main questlines to follow for this achievement. They can be completed in any order. I'm going to put thing down in the order I completed them, feel free to go about it however you choose.

    Island of Misfortune

    This one is pretty easy, you need to travel to the island of Keos, which is east of Attika. You will land there and beware, here be pirates! The goal is to reach the Temple of Athena Nedousia. You can do this two ways,

    Following the main path you will be setupon by pirates along the way, and have to defend yourself and kill the pirates.

    Conversely you can go up the cliffs and reach the top fairly easily avoiding combat.

    Then you will speak to the pirate leader Xenia, and you need to pay here for information, 15k Drachmae. And if you chose to go up the main paths killing your way up, you will need to pay more, approx. 2k per pirate, with a max of 35k. Yay, Cutscene! Quest complete

    First do no Harm

    This is located in Argolis, south of Korinitha. You need to find the doctor Hippokrates. Go to the city of Argos and find his clinic. You will speak to his assistant and an old women priestess of Chrysis. They will be having a argument. Cutscene!

    Now after the cutscene you get to take medical gear to the great Hippokrates, who is located just near the Cave of Pan. After speaking to him you get two quests.

    The Doctor will see you now

    This quest makes you go to the nearby Fort Tirnys. You will need to talk to the local healer, and you have a choice to make.

    1. Pay him 10,000 drachmae.
    2. Wait for him to finish his work.
    3. Drag him with you!

    You go back to Hippokrates and another, Cutscene! Another quest is in order.

    A Herald of Murder

    Note: You only get this quest is you don't do what I did on my first options playthrough (yes I do multiple runs of all of this because I like to know the differences), and do Hippokrates quest first.

    You need to go to the farm Eipdarous and speak to a frightened man by the name of Dolops. Somebody is trying to kill him. Thus it is investigation time. The clues to find are:

    1. Broken armor.
    2. A women next to bee hives.
    3. A piece of cloth near the broken armor
    4. A knife behind some pots.
    5. A man cleaning pots.

    Head back to Dolops and tell him all about what you found. Now time to draw a conclusion to all this attempted murder business.

    1. The neighbor is the culprit. (Wrong!)
    2. The landlord is the culprit (Right!)

    Now time to get rid of the Landlord. Afterwards you will get to see another cutscene and learn more about a nearby cultist.

    [The Priest of Asklepios/b]

    Now to gain some information about your mother. You need to help three people in the area. They can be done in any order.

    Enough is Enough

    You find a priest near a bathhouse. He has a major problem of snakes being loose in the bathhouse and having killed someone. You have two options to deal with them.

    1. Flood the bathouse with cold water from a nearby piping system.
    2. Kill all snakes.

    It ultimately doesn't matter which method you use, you still get your information, but there is a heated discussion if you killed the snakes.

    Written in Stone

    Another priest is nearby, lets go talk to him. He want to go on a tour of stones. Follow him around and then you get another choice.

    1. Tell the truth. (Wrong!)
    2. Fail to give accurate information about the sword wounds. (Wrong!)
    3. Talk about sword wounds. (Right!)

    If you give the third option you go talk to him at the olive tree of Herakles. Then you fight some thugs. Then another cutscene plays.

    If you chose wrong, the priest is dead upon arrival. No fight either.

    A Heart for a Head

    Now to the market. You need to talk to another priest who will send you to gain the heart of a sacred white bull. Head to the Asine Ruins. Bandits are around so be nice and stealthy, or just kill everyone. unfortuantely the bull is dead when you get there.

    Now go back to the priest and have to make a choice again.

    1. Save a famer.
    2. Save a wealthy woman.
    3. Save the child.

    Overall the only major effect outcome to this is that if you save the famer, an optional quest will appear out there, but it isn't related to the storyline.

    Speak no Evil

    Head to the head priest, Mydon. He has had his tounge removed so talking to him is a little difficult. There will be several, Cutscenes!

    [b}Ashes to Ashes

    Now that the cultist Chrysis is revealed, go to the Temple of Apollo. Here you will have to fight a couple of Cultist guards. Then into the building. Everyone say it with me, CUTSCENE!

    Now a choice appears that you need to make. To save the baby from the burning building or to go after Chrysis. I recommend saving the baby as you can find Chrysis later on in a sidequest nearby.

    To find a Girl

    Now head to Korinthia. You need to track down Anthousa. Head to the Pornien and talk to a few people. They are:

    1. A man on the side of the area. (no help.)
    2. A women at the other side of the Pornien (right person.)
    3. A man to the oppisite side of the area from the first. (no help.)

    Now onto the Temple of Aphrodite. You find some thugs there that you will have to take down. Afterwards a small cutscene presents.

    Now you head down the stairs to the Spring of Perand find Anthousa and Phoibe. She needs you to help a couple of the
    heraetrae and burn down a warehouse.

    To Help a Girl

    Head outside and find a women nearby named Damalis. She will request that you speak to one of her clients about his behavior. Head into town.

    Here you will meetup with the incorrigible brat, Phoibe. She will assist you by giving you some information to loosen the lips of the client and sneak into the clients area.

    Now use that information to distract the client as Phoibe steals stuff. Once done you go meet up with Phoibe and go over her findings. She found

    1. A coin Purse (unimportant.)
    2. Metal Tongs (unimportant.)
    3. A letter (Important.)

    After examining the letter you head to the Arbon House. Deal with the guards and find the secret way in, which is a suspicious pot and a small hole. Inside you will find a sex dungeon that is a little creepy. Investigate all the things in here:

    1. Chains
    2. Body moldes on the wall.
    3. A small statue

    Another guard will come in with Phoibe (who got caught) and you will have to fight him.

    Follow that Boat

    Now head to meet up with Erinna, who is concerned about a friend named Keilo. Head to the harbor and you'll see a boat heading out to the sea. Go stop that boat by any means necessary (which of course is a naval battle).

    After the battle you find Keilo. Turns out she was just running away and you just destroyed that hope, kind of. You get the option of bringing her back or saying you'll help her. If you help her you get a small unrealated to main story quest.

    Go back and either turn in the girl or tell Erinna what you chose. Either way, Cutscene!

    Port of Lawlessness

    Now for that warehouse problem. You'll need to head to The Mongor's Warehouse (apply named if I do say so). Here you will need to either sneak in or take out the nearby guards. Inside you will need to burn some supplies. It should be noted that there are two people tied up inside. Once you burn all five crates you will get an epic cutscene.

    Monger Down

    Now for the point of the whole thing, taking down the criminal called The Monger. First head to Anthousa's house. You will need to make a choice again.

    1. Fight the monger in the theater and in front of a crowd.
    2. Fight the monger in the Sacred Cave.

    BOSS FIGHT!!! Finally you take on the brutish Monger. He is not that hard really, but his attacks hurt a fair bit. once you beat him down you get a cutscene. If you fought him in the cave Anthousa will once again make you choose to end him there or take him out into the public.

    From here the rest is the final cutscene of the episode. Congrats on getting the achievement.
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