Lord of the Seas achievement in Assassin's Creed® Odyssey

Lord of the Seas

Upgrade the Adrestia to Legendary Status.

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How to unlock the Lord of the Seas achievement

  • PsYcHoZeRoSk8eRPsYcHoZeRoSk8eR202,178
    02 Mar 2019 05 Mar 2019
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    As of 2019-03-01, this achievement has become very tedious to complete. While not as bad as it could be, as the achievement is no longer fully upgrade the ship and is limited to only require a "Legendary" ship, this still requires a lot of resources. Unfortunately, there was nothing that I was able to find online that outlined exactly how many resources were required for this achievement, thus here we go. As a result, I have taken the time to gather the requirements for each of the ship upgrade components, including all of the expanded upgrades which are required for this achievement.

    Additionally, as noted by the other guides here, achieving Tier 4 on within the mercenary ranks is almost necessary due to just how many resources are saved by reducing the cost by 50%. The numbers listed here for this price reduction were not computed and nearly all were manually verified* for each upgrade in effort to ensure that nothing was accidentally misrepresented. *The first 4 hull upgrades were already purchased but line up with others at similar levels, hopefully these numbers are accurate.

    I do not have any good locations for fast farming of resources, my suggestion is to continue to play the game and gather all potential resources that you come across. This means looting all war supplies before burning them, and while a bit tedious walking around instead of fast travel or even utilizing your horse.

    The other guides also place a high importance on the tablets as they are a finite resource in the game, however with the Tier 4 mercenary, this specific resource requirement is drastically reduced and therefore does not require the amount of effort needed to track down all of them. I still suggest taking the time to collect them all as doing so will only aid in collecting all of the other resources that are needed to complete this task.

    You will need the following resources to achieve this goal:
    --Tier 4 Mercenary--
    Soft Leather: 6021 (leather)
    Iron Metal: 10515 (metal)
    Olive Wood: 21296 (wood)
    Ancient Tablets: 75 (tablets)
    Obsidian Glass: 1244 (glass)
    Precious Gems: 1954 (gems)
    Drachmae: 250490

    Without Tier 4 Mercenary, you will require the following resources:
    Soft Leather: 13195 (leather)
    Iron Metal: 19855 (metal)
    Olive Wood: 42575 (wood)
    Ancient Tablets: 131 (tablets)
    Obsidian Glass: 2485 (glass)
    Precious Gems: 3905 (gems)
    Drachmae: 500600

    Savings Overview:
    Obtaining Tier 4 saves the following 7174 leather, 9340 metal, 21279 wood, 56 tablets, 1241 glass, 1951 gems, and 250110 drachmae. As commented above, the fact that we do not need to get the [current] top/last upgrade for each ship component is very fortunate as each one costs about as much as the entire Tier 4 achievement set. The total prices including all upgrades are [Tier4/Normal] 38953/79055 leather, 50955/100730 metal, 85823/171625 wood, 75/131 tablets (no additional tablets needed for the final upgrades), 17009/34010 glass, 15118/30230 gems, and 2149565/4298750 drachmae. To put this slightly into perspective, if you have already achieved this, the total for the last upgrades for each component would run you 32932 leather, 40440 metal, 64527 wood, 0 tablets, 15765 glass, 13164 gems, and 1899075 drachmae.

    Below are the resource requirement breakdowns for each category:
    With the exception of the Fire Braziers, every Level 1 is already unlocked when you first receive the ship. In addition to this, I have included the last tier to show the cost, however it is not needed for the achievement.
    Tier 4 Mercenary Resource Requirements:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Normal Resource Requirements:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Additional comments:
    -All counts were gathered on 'Nightmare' difficulty; while I don't believe that this would change from difficulty to difficulty, I figured it best to note, and if there is a difference, this would likely require the most resources.
    -When buying resources at the shops [Blacksmith], resources have the following cost.
    Leather: 12
    Metal: 10
    Wood: 5
    Glass: 80
    Gems: 100

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    STRAPxASSASSIN1You can. I purchased 5 from a blacksmith....don't remember where though
    Posted by STRAPxASSASSIN1 on 20 Mar 19 at 23:31
    TheLightMasterYes definitely can buy them from smiths. However they are pretty rare in my experience.
    Posted by TheLightMaster on 30 Mar 19 at 13:09
    Imm DrewwMy method for this was dismantling all armor and weapons I didn't use to get resources as well as riding my horse through the forest grabbing materials en route to locations instead of just following the road. I spent my gold at the blacksmiths on the gems and glass the most because those are what I needed more often when it came to upgrading. And lastly to farm money I would accept as many bounties I could and complete them since they're fast and easy to get money. Also the ship bounties I would ram the ships instead of boarding since it provided more wood this way.
    Posted by Imm Dreww on 08 Jun at 23:23
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  • Its DanIts Dan405,348
    04 Nov 2018 07 Nov 2018 27 Nov 2018
    31 1 18
    There are six different resources needed to upgrade ships, but not every resource is used for every upgrade, all upgrades require money, usually between 1,000 coins for the early upgrades and up-to 14,000 for the best ship upgrades.

    At mercenary Rank 4 all of the ship upgrades are 50% cheaper with all supplies

    Materials you will need are:



    Animal Hide

    Precious stones

    Ancient tablets

    Obsidian glass

    You will need a hefty amount of these materials through-out your journey so make sure to keep a stock full. The best way I found to get materials was to dismantle every weapon and piece of armour I no longer needed. This will easily give you the amount needed for all upgrades if you are thorough and looting enemies often.

    The big material you will need is ancient tablets, this can be abit difficult to find so use this video for exact locations -

    Be sure to also stop in at every Blacksmith you find. At the bottom of their inventory, blacksmiths carry crafting components. Most of the blacksmiths have wood and iron, and some times even ancient tablets but these appear less frequently

    New information - The update 1.0.7 one or two slots were added and costs increased by an extra 20k gold, Also the resources needed have been increased too.
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    SuperAwesomezThey only need to be up to purple level on the current update as I hadn't got everything to gold.
    Posted by SuperAwesomez on 22 Jul 19 at 11:16
    craaashI had to upgrade everything to "gold status", using version 1.5.1.
    Posted by craaash on 08 Dec 19 at 19:51
    TheDonSimeoniI currently have everything at purple with 4 legendaries, as yet, no pop. So you will indeed need it all to be "golden".

    UPDATE: I have also gotten all of the upgrades that require tablets, now I'm just grinding for the various materials. The best way I have found to get most is by dismantling weapons, I would, however, sell armour as this way you get a large influx of Drachmae every time you visit a forge.
    Posted by TheDonSimeoni on 26 Apr at 09:31
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