Master of the Hunt achievement in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Master of the Hunt

Complete the Daughters of Artemis questline.

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How to unlock the Master of the Hunt achievement

  • TheDude722TheDude722602,831
    11 Nov 2018 11 Nov 2018 22 Mar 2021
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    In northern Phokis, next to the Temple of Artemis, you will find Daphnae, one of the Daughters of Artemis. She will give you a quest to hunt down and retrieve the pelts of eight legendary animals. Most pelts you bring to her will reward you with a powerful legendary piece of equipment with decent Hunter stats.

    Animal Name - Starting Level (levels increase as yours increase)
    Reward after turning in pelt
    Location from closest Viewpoint

    1. Kalydonian Boar - Level 13
    Artemis’s Bow (+20% Damage with Predator Shot ability)
    Phokis, Sacred Lands of Apollo, west of Temple of Artemis viewpoint

    2. The Hind of Keryneia - Level 16
    Drachmae reward, Death Arrow crafting
    Eboea, Artemision Point, south of Istiaia Peak viewpoint

    3. The Nemean Lion - Level 22
    Pandora’s Kopis (+15% damage to animals, buffs to the Tamed Beasts ability)
    Argolis, Sinkholes of Herakles, southwest of Sight of Perseus viewpoint

    4. The Kretan Bull - Level 33
    Master's Artemis Outfit (+15% Hunter damage, +10% bow charging speed)
    Messara, Fertile Battlegrounds, southeast of Temple of Artemis Diktynna viewpoint (Little Egypt)

    5. The Lykaon Wolf - Level 36
    Master's Artemis Treads (+15% Hunter damage, +10% bow damage when using Charged Shot)
    Lakonia, Dioskouri Peninsula, south of Helot Lookout viewpoint (Helot Hills)

    6. Kallisto the Bear- Level 37
    Master's Artemis Belt (+13% Hunter damage, +12% damage with bows on distant targets.
    Arkadia, Golden Fields, west of Temple of Poseidon viewpoint (Argos)

    7. Erymanthian Boar - Level 38
    Master's Artemis Gloves (+15% Hunter damage, +25% adrenaline upon headshot kill)
    Elis, Erymanthos Foothills, southeast of Ionian Watch viewpoint (Istion Valley)

    8. The Krokottas Hyena - Level 39
    Master's Artemis Hood (+13% Hunter damage, +20% headshot damage)
    Kythera, Skandeia Bay, north of Sacrificial Altar viewpoint

    After you successfully hunt and kill the final animal, Daphnae moves to Chios (eastern edge of map). She's in the north of the island, just south of Huntress Village in Hunted Forest of Artemis. She'll ask you to do one more thing before the questline ends. SPOILER:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    I did most of my hunting from level 45 to 48. They were all quite doable by then with my extra buffness.

    Here's a helpful video from Gaming with Abyss on YouTube
    (0:05) The Daughters of Artemis
    (1:40) 1. Kalydonian Boar
    (4:02) 2. Kallisto the Bear
    (4:31) 3. The Erymanthian Boar
    (5:04) 4. The Hind of Keryneia
    (5:30) 5. The Kretan Bull
    (6:01) 6. The Krokottas Hyena
    (6:30) 7. The Lykaon Wolf
    (6:58) 8. The Nemean Lion
    (7:26) The Goddesses Hunt - Return all Pelts
    (8:12) Artemis's Request -

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    TheDude722Are you saying you killed the last 3 and needed to turn them in? Or you still had 3 more to kill? She was at Temple of Artemis for each of the first 7 turn-ins. I think she moved when I had to turn in the 8th. So if you do multiple kills without turning them in and you finish all 8, she will move.
    Posted by TheDude722 on 23 Jun 20 at 18:06
    Pmalone6If you have a romantic relationship with Daphnae you have an option to walk away peacefully and get the achievement without fighting her, thought that should be mentioned
    Posted by Pmalone6 on 22 Mar at 02:35
    TheDude722Nice to know.
    Posted by TheDude722 on 22 Mar at 03:22
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  • IPokeTheWelshIPokeTheWelsh342,329
    17 Oct 2018 17 Oct 2018 05 Nov 2018
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    Beside from the 8 legendary animal you are tasked on killing, there is one more quest that needs to be completed, called daughters of Artemis. (I think its called something like that)
    It is started from Daphnae after handing in all the legendary pelts on Chios Island, it is a level 49 quest but is extremely easy, you will have no problem doing it at a lower level.

    Edit 1: Some people have found they had to leave the area and return for the quest to show up

    Edit 2: the legendary animals appear on your map with glowing question mark, so go to the area described in the quest log and proceed to look for the glowing question mark

    Edit 3: for those having difficulties with killing the legendary animals i have a few suggestions
    1. Turn the game down to easy
    2. Wait until you are a higher level
    3. The second wind ability is you friend
    4. Reset your ability points (even if its just for these animal fights) to a warrior class with gear master, weapon master, battle cry or ares, overpower, second wind and poison related perks and use the venom legendary armour set acquired for defeating the eye of kosmos cultist division
    5. Having the legendary perk -1 adrenaline for overpower attacks is very helpful
    6. Finally make sure to save and have full adrenaline when going into the fights

    Edit 4: There are side quest in this questline but are not necessary (thanks to SuperTigerWoods). So to recap 8 pelts then the final quest where you hand it in.
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    Taoist ChiI was having a ton of trouble with a couple of the faster animals in this quest, but I randomly maxed out the Arrow Master ability to get the explosive arrows. When a fast one is charging at you the explosive arrow stops them wherever they get hit and they have to start the charge again. I know damage farming isn't as fun as an up close fight - but I'd rather not look like a crazy person yelling at the tv and giving it the finger...
    Posted by Taoist Chi on 05 May 19 at 21:05
    Chief0fZombiesThe Yellow ! For Artemis Request did not appear on the map for me. Looked up where it was on Chios and walked there. After being 10M away the ! Finally popped up and I could start the quest.
    Posted by Chief0fZombies on 11 Jun 19 at 20:03
    Drazer76Thanks @Warboy925.
    I had both items, so equipped them and tried. Went great!
    Posted by Drazer76 on 23 Feb at 00:06
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