Grand master achievement in Gnomes Garden

Grand master

For completing all levels with 3 stars

Grand master-1.6
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How to unlock the Grand master achievement

  • EinaisEinais146,056
    09 Oct 2018 10 Oct 2018
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    You may need to replay some levels a few times before learning the steps and best path forward to get those three stars. But here are some tips I found while playing.

    After you get stop time skill that is the primary skill i used for the later half of the levels. Because of the way skills charge i found it advantageous to wait for the one to fully charge and then use the worker speed and just kept doing that. Finished the later levels with ease not having to replay any had plenty of time to spare for all levels.

    Before starting the level look at the map and try to get a sense of the resources needed to complete the level. If it is a level that is going to require a good amount of wood work on upgrading the sawmill first. Same goes for food or stone. If you have a farm that only puts out 1 food ignore it unless you have a worker doing nothing.

    If you have to restart look at what resource you have plenty of and when you restart don't build that resource up right away focus on something else.

    Use skills I found myself getting into a grove on the map and forgetting them and they were charged for awhile before i noticed.
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    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzI just kept doing them and eventually got %100. After much trial n error, you'll get it! 👍😋
    Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 12 Dec 18 at 04:25
    mystmagiI've also found a playlist on YouTube containing a 3 star walk through on all levels:

    Just focus on the steps taken in the videos i.e. level up mill, clear a certain path.
    Posted by mystmagi on 12 Dec 18 at 04:26
    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzHaha yea that's the one I would look at when I got stuck, help me see it from another perspective 😁
    Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 12 Dec 18 at 05:18
    EmDeeGeeMaybe this'll help someone somewhere: zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz mentioned, rightly so I thought, that you can still lose your three stars after you have completed the level, because the game takes aaaaaages to light the fireworks and on some of the tighter levels, you still lose your 3 star rating. The end screen then shows you two stars. This was especially annoying for me on lvl 10. Last night, I decided to give up on it for the night, after trying and failing mutiple times, and when I backed out, I suddenly noticed that it did say 3 stars for me on the world map. I am quite certain I never saw that on the end result screen. Maybe the timing is more finicky, but sometimes, apparently, even though the game rewards you with two stars, you actually did it in 3. To make sure this wasn't a 'fake' 3 stars, I completed the rest of the levels today, and the achievement popped for me.

    Tl;dr: check the map screen if you have gotten close to 3 stars but got screwed over by the fireworks. Perhaps you did get it. Especially on lvl 10
    Posted by EmDeeGee on 08 Jan 19 at 00:17
    AceJust to add a bit of advice. I always went for 2 workers immediately which essentially doubles your production. I never bothered getting 3 workers, and it is worth thinking about other upgrades you can skip over, for example do you need 2 fairies or just 1? The game seems to be able to keep 2 busy indefinitely in most levels and only occasionally did I think a third could help. Making sure not to waste resources on unnecessary upgrades is the key to getting easier 3 star levels.

    Update to this, I found a glitch. First, if you use a skill while another is active it doesn't increase the cooldown time of the active skill so its great to use 1 ability right after another, typically I would use time stop, faster build and then speed up in that order. However the glitch is that if an ability, namely time stop, has just finished and is on cooldown with 0% recovery you can use another ability immediately and it actually reduces the cooldown of the ability you just used making it recover faster.
    Posted by Ace#4617 on 16 Jan 19 at 09:15
    TheOnlyMattowhen fire works go off. pause game, and the timer stops for the animation. plz add.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 24 Jan 19 at 20:58
    TheOnlyMattoyup i just tested it again. while the fireworks go off press PAUSE and just wait. it will unpause itself and give u the three star
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 24 Jan 19 at 21:10
    The GlobalizerGreat tip, TheOnlyMatto. Saved me a couple of times.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 08 Apr 19 at 02:06
    King GBFWhat mystmagi said is either wrong or has been patched. As soon as you disconnect your controller before starting a game, the clock starts running, making it impossible to complete a level with 3 stars if you wait for the skills to fully charge.
    Can you go back to earlier levels after you unlocked Time Stop and use it there to make these levels easier?
    Posted by King GBF on 24 Oct 19 at 06:45
    thanatos8285Two tips to add:

    1) Pay close attention to the level requirements. There may be more items than you need to finish the level. For example, a level might have an objective to grow 3 trees, but 5 trees available to grow. You might waste extra time and resources growing those extra trees, so make sure you’re only doing as much as you need to.

    2) Goblins don’t start showing up until you’ve cleared a path leading off the screen. It won’t work on every single level, but on some, you can hold off on clearing the way until your firehouse is built so that you don’t have to try to get things done with goblins running around and no way to stop them.

    I had 2-3 levels I COULD NOT get 3 stars on until I noticed that I was doing more than I needed to and unleashing goblins before I was ready for them.
    Posted by thanatos8285 on 09 Feb at 04:14
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