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American Wilds

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American Wilds

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Beautiful Tan

Travel 10 kilometers along the shorelines of American Wilds

Beautiful Tan-0.1
23 January 2020 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Beautiful Tan achievement

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    As far as I know, this can only be obtained on the map Grizzly Creek, as it is the only one of the two DLC maps with a shoreline. The best vehicle to do this with is the Hummer, as a lot of the other scout vehicles will have difficulty getting traction in the sand. There are two sections that count: either the shoreline east of the starting garage, or the longer (and preferred) shoreline to the southeast (pictured).

    External image

    Start a new casual game with a couple of Hummers (and repair points are probably a good idea too). Drive up and down the shoreline (red path). Only the sand counts. There is a fuel station on the road nearby if you get low on fuel. If you tear up both Hummers on the rocks that the developers have lovingly put there for you, or tear up the beach too much that it becomes impassable, just start a new game.

    The red path is about 0.6 km long, so it will take several trips back and forth to accumulate 10 km.
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    MrWhite2U Just pick a spot on the beach with no rocks and go in a circle. It sucks but it beats going up and down the shoreline and dealing with all those rocks.
    Posted by MrWhite2U on 31 Oct 18 at 23:33
    smoli83 Great solution cheers :) I also found the K-8400 Skidder to be good at going along the beach, even in auto and cruise control - it didn't seem to get damaged by the rocks. Obviously it uses a lot more fuel and is a bit slower than the Humvee, but it is a lot more 'hands off' to just grind it out. You could even use the Humvee to refuel it, if you didn't want to drive to the fuel station, though it is very close to the beach.
    Posted by smoli83 on 08 Dec 18 at 23:28
    Chris Hirschy Great solution + 1

    First: I got the In-game medal, but the achievement didn't pop up. (I didn't drive the 10 km in one sitting)
    I restarted the game, loaded up the check point and the in-game medal popped up another time followed by the achievement.
    Posted by Chris Hirschy on 03 Mar 19 at 19:49
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