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Having a Blast achievement in Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Having a Blast

Hit 5 targets with a single Stasis blast combo

Having a Blast0
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How to unlock the Having a Blast achievement

  • Lordwinter666Lordwinter666
    24 Feb 2019 24 Feb 2019
    First of all, there are two types of Stasis blast, a heat blast and a cryo blast. To trigger a blast you have first to shoot a target with a Stasis missile (or throw a stasis container). Then you shoot the same target either with a heat or a cryo weapon.

    You don't have to hit 5 enemies with a Stasis container, but when the blast occurs (either cryo, or heat) it should hit at least 5 enemies for the achievement to unlock.

    What I did was go to a decode location (there are a dozen of them on each planet), then I waited for 7-8 enemies to spawn and then I back out of the hacking circle. I tried to group them and then I hit one with a stasis missile. I then hit that opponent with a cryo weapon until it exploded with a cryo blast.

    One last thing you need to take into consideration is that the first enemy should not die immediately. For example, if you hit a low level imp or cyclops, it is possible that it would die immediately before you have the chance to hit it with your cryo or heat weapon.

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    Fire Hawk DDitto, E vee. Even better, there's a mod you can equip that applies a Stasis effect when an enemy touches your ship. That's how I got it. I drove into a bunch of imps and cyclops, bumped into a few, and unleashed the fury of my ice and fire cannons.
    Posted by Fire Hawk D on 13 Apr 20 at 04:12
    KungFuStu72I used Fire Hawks method of equipping Stasis Armor and dodging/ramming enemies at decode sites. This saved a lot of hunting around trying to find stasis canisters. Worst achievement in the game though!
    Posted by KungFuStu72 on 14 Apr 20 at 00:18
    TrEX 71RIn my game, the name of this cheevo "Bubblebatch"
    Posted by TrEX 71R on 17 Apr 20 at 05:23
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  • BipedFungus484BipedFungus484
    02 Dec 2018 02 Dec 2018 02 Dec 2018
    As I played the digital version, I did not have the physical toys, I had to use the default ship and weapons. Once I finished the game, this was my last achievement. I tried several times to throw the stasis container at enemies but the achievement never popped. So, I started a new game and used easy setting.

    Skip through all the beginning cutscenes as much as you can. You will have a space fight scene then another cutscene. Once you are able to get control of your ship on Kirite you will have to follow the pointers to the Equinox. On the way, destroy all the enemies (only 5 imps and 2 legions) up to there to get the 1st mission to find the observatory.

    Instead of going to the observatory, I flew around until I found a village that had a stasis container in it. There were several legion walking around, about 6 or 7, so I flew in circles until they were all in a semi-close proximity, then I led them to a cold chamber in the village. The cold chamber in the village was the kind that has ice on it with 5 imps inside, so I let the imps loose for more enemies by firing my flamethrower. You have to back away to the other side of the main group so the imps don't board your ship and start causing damage, and it also puts the imps in the same area as the group. Once they were all right in front of me, I threw the stasis chamber at the middle, causing several to start to float, then I let loose with a volley of both heat and cold from my guns. As soon as 5 were destroyed the achievement popped.

    I am not sure if you have to actually destroy the enemies or just catch them in the stasis field, but I had tried 20 or more times just throwing the container at the enemies without success.

    It actually took me less time to get the achievement once I started over than it took to write this guide.

    If this helped you, please give me a positive vote. If giving a negative, please let me know what I can do to fix this guide. Thanks for reading, and best of luck.
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    BipedFungus484I agree, but I didn't record it.
    Posted by BipedFungus484 on 09 Dec 18 at 20:34
    Singularity69I did the same thing. Didn't need any imps, just 5+ cyclops in a very close group. Easy difficulty and a new game. I kept circling until I had about 7 cyclops in a cluster (just to make sure), threw the stasis canister into the group and immediately opened up with both Flamethrower and Hailstorm.
    Posted by Singularity69 on 01 Jan 19 at 15:39
    Retrologue@OP: Something worth mentioning possibly for this guide:

    This is doable on the first planet as described. However, I kept trying to do this in Bahari Town... IMO it doesn't work... I think the enemies are so weak (on Easy) that the stasis canister will kill them before you can do the combo.

    If you are coming from the Equinox, there is a town past Bahari Town where the enemies have skulls over their heads -- ARAKI VILLAGE -- you could almost draw a straight line from the Equinox to Bahari Town and keep going (its also to the "right" of Worldspring if you are using this orientation).

    Anyhow, on easy the skull Cyclops will pose no threat. There are about 5/6 of them, plus some imps roaming about outside the village. Do the technique as described in the guide to round up the enemies. Fire the canister toward the center, and then use your elemental weapons to get the combo. After trying in Bahari Town about 10 times I got this in Araki Village on the first try.

    Good luck!
    Posted by Retrologue on 16 Apr 19 at 16:38
  • Assassin BeanAssassin Bean
    12 Apr 2020 13 Apr 2020 21 Apr 2020
    If you don't own any of the extra content or toys, this is the easiest way to knock this out.

    Start a new game on easy and head to Araki Village. Use the Stasis Canister there on the enemies, then hit them with the Flamethrower.

    Full Explanation:
    Start a new game on easy, and equip the Flamethrower. Play through the tutorial until you crash onto the planet. Fly forward and take out the enemies to reach the Equinox. The game will have you open your map. Let the dialogue play out then close the map. Once Levi talks (he mentions "killer robots") pause and quit to title. Load your game back up and you'll be in a very specific spot. Only using cn_RS, aim at the Equinox, then open your map. Pan up for about three seconds, then right for one second. This is the approximate location of Araki Village. On the way there you'll pass the monument on your right and a crashed Drake on your left. When you get there fly around and get their attention. Make sure they're all shooting at you. On the map look for the blue chest. Head around the right corner of the building to find the Cold Cashe. Go behind it into the little alcove. Hang out until they all bunch up trying to get to you, then hop up onto the ledge on your right. Follow the path to the right and you'll find a Gravity Canister and past that a Stasis Canister. Grab the Stasis and hop back down. Fire it into the middle of the pack to raise them into the air, then hit one nearest the middle with your Flamethrower. The explosion should hit at least 6-7 of them.

    If for some reason you don't get it to pop, just quit, reload, and head back to Araki Village. The enemies and the Stasis Canister respawns so you can try it again.

    I based this guide off BipedFungus484's guide and Retrologue's comment. Works like a charm.
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    HOUSEoftheDeadIt took me three times to line up all the guys properly but it is a reliable and repeatable method for people who do not have the DLC/access to stasis weapons. Luckily, if you mess it up you can just hit start and exit the game, reload it and go right back to Araki village. All the enemies respawn and so does the status canister. 👍
    Posted by HOUSEoftheDead on 21 Apr 20 at 19:16
    Assassin BeanGlad it worked out for you eventually! I'll edit the solution to add in the fact that you can just quit, reload, and try it again.
    Posted by Assassin Bean on 21 Apr 20 at 19:25
    DetectivBananasThis has to be hands down the worst achievement in the game tbh. Been trying for 30 minutes now and still haven't gotten it, because the stasis canister killed all the enemies
    Posted by DetectivBananas on 29 Mar 21 at 22:42
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