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Ghost Patrol achievement in Halo 3

Ghost Patrol

On Longshore, get 3 kills with a Ghost during any ranked or social match.

Ghost Patrol0
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How to unlock the Ghost Patrol achievement

  • Seanrock101Seanrock101438,874
    24 Sep 2009 23 Sep 2009 25 Feb 2011
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    On the side with the bridge the ghost is on your left straight away so be holding that direction as there is always a race to get it.
    If the ghost gets destroyed there is a 3 miniute respawn delay on it to make this harder to get.This achievement requires you to KILL opponents so don't feel the need to charge and attempt a splatter on someone so feel free to sit back and use the guns on the ghost.
    To get this I suggest sit your side either ontop your base or outside the center building.As you can shoot anywhere from your base and can get everyone in the middle from just outside

    On the side without the bridge the ghost starts on your right I believe.So either use a strategy mentioned above orsimply go behind and spawnkill until you have your three kills then give someone else a go

    In objective gametypes the ghost only spawns on the side without the bridge

    Whats the point of voting down a solution that is correct? If anyone has an better way to get this achievement without boosting then post it otherwise don't vote down my solution that is trying to help people

    The playlists are:

    Rumble Pit
    Social Slayer
    Social Skirmish
    Multi Team
    Social Big Team
    (Note: The ghost does not appear in certain game-types)

    (Thanks to xDunkin Dx for updating the playlist)
    (Thanks to The Milk Man 09 for telling me to put the playlists in)
    (Thanks to Kristin5690 for pointing of the holes in my solution)
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    KilerdenLongshore is in the playlist:

    Social Big Team.
    Multi Team
    Social Skirmisch
    Social Slayer
    Rumble Pit
    Posted by Kilerden on 19 Jul 10 at 00:06
    Seanrock101thanks dude!
    Posted by Seanrock101 on 19 Jul 10 at 00:06
    KilerdenYour welcome, just got it on Social Skirmisch :D (after an failed endure run in the last wave :@)
    Posted by Kilerden on 26 Jul 10 at 17:35
    FabsNFuriouscan this be done offline in a private match? with 2 controllers?
    Posted by FabsNFurious on 09 Jan 11 at 13:17
    Seanrock101@ fsanuk : Sorry mate has to be done online in either a Ranked or social match...So thats a no there...But if you set up a boosting game session there would probably be some people here willing to help out :D
    Posted by Seanrock101 on 12 Jan 11 at 17:47
    Medion DrakeConfirmed still possible to get longshore with ghosts in social skirmish. (dec 2014)
    Posted by Medion Drake on 04 Dec 14 at 09:56
    folsombrandonjJust wanted to provide an update on this achievement: The bottom line easiest way to get the achievement is with a group of eight (can be guest extra controllers) on social skirmish. I've tried other playlists for about 9 1/2 hours, but it was social skirmish that had it with its CTF variant. The brains variant doesn't have a ghost, fwiw.
    Posted by folsombrandonj on 14 Nov 17 at 07:42
    robbozskiiCan confirm I got this on social skirmish. After tyring (without luck) to get the Longshore map for hours with 6 players (two gold accounts plus 4 guest accounts over 2 consoles) I tried it with 8 players (2 gold accounts and 6 guest accounts over 2 consoles) - the map appeared within the first few rotations.

    So if you're tearing your hair out trying to get this map to show up try 1) social skirmish and 2) an 8 player game
    Posted by robbozskii on 18 Jul 18 at 23:14
    StcGK2008Can confirm this is available on team mythic and social skirmish. Just got it tonight.
    Posted by StcGK2008 on 13 Dec 19 at 00:57
    Achiev3ments360I can confirm, got it today playing TEAM MYTHIC, I played like 50 matchs with 6 peoples, and longshore didn't appear, only after playing with 8 peoples, in my first try I got it longshore map
    Posted by Achiev3ments360 on 07 Jan at 15:15
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