Gift of Serket achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Gift of Serket

In IX, acquire Serket's Kiss

Gift of Serket0
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How to unlock the Gift of Serket achievement

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    Pack-A-Punch the "Death of Orion" weapon to turn it into the Serket's Kiss

    - You must unlock Pack-A-Punch as well as the Acid Trap so make sure your working towards those in the early rounds

    Pack-A-Punch Video

    Acid Trap Video

    - Once PaP is unlocked you will be able to shoot a flaming pot which is just out of the doorway which opens when the PaP is unlocked (as shown in the video)

    - Then go up to the Danu-Ra bridge to see an arrow of flames pointing to one of the 4 towers revealing where the Statue Head will appear, here are the 4 spots it can be:
    RA - In the basement “Ra Tower Burial Chamber”,
    Its behind a flaming bowl in the corner
    DANU - Also on the bottom floor in the water
    ODIN - Next to the large pot
    ZEUS - In the blood bath of the basement area
    in the corner by the curtains

    - Once the head is acquired proceed to build the acid trap followed by placing the head on the near by drain by holding cn_X, turn on the trap and wait for it to finish to pick up the 1st of 2 parts needed

    - After that proceed to kick some ass in the middle of the arena raising your Crowd Affinity until eventually you will here a voice say "A Gift From Serket" after finishing a round, a Golden Vase will then appear on the ground

    - Bring both parts to the lower level of the Danu tower. You'll see 2 trees and one will have a small hole that you can knife to place the 1st part, then look at the ground and hold cn_X to place the vase on the ground

    - Wait a round and come back to a FULL vase of poison which you then take to the Mystery Box and by holding cn_X on the corner of the box will give you the option to "Poison" the mystery box

    - Once poisoned you can then spend 950 credits to receive the "Death Of Orion" from the box. Take to weapon to the PaP altar to turn it into the Serket's Kiss and recieve your achievement smile

    Hope this helps!

    Most of you will also want to go for the CONSTELLATION PRIZE achievement so before you finish your game you should do that at the same time :)
    Here's a quick video I made for that one:

    All of my Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 HD Achievement Guides can be found here! :) (Mobile Friendly)

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    GiinceeEdit: we did all steps until you have to kick ass in the arena. Maybe treyarch patched something?
    Posted by Giincee on 16 Jan 19 at 12:22
    MartyFSMYou can just farm the mystery box, train in the arena with the pack a punched strife that you get from the challenges and then just keep going for the box when it’s safe.

    I rarely got it straight away, sometimes by round 15 I would the gun. Then all you have to do is pack a punch it. Simple, also if you get instakill you can get the constellation prize achievement aswell by just lining them up
    Posted by MartyFSM on 19 Jan 19 at 12:39
    SoulyDconteDon't know If they patched the game or something but just randomly got it from the mystery box today. I remember doing the whole easter egg back in the day for this chivo.
    Posted by SoulyDconte on 06 Sep 20 at 00:43
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  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,498,872
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    If you are focussed just on thie achievement, I think it is easiest in zombie rush on IX. Keep hitting the box at the different locations until you get the unpack a punched wonder weapon. Once you get it head over to the pack a punch and use it to get your achievement.
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    McAwesomePTIt might be easier in terms of having to know and build stuff but the rng is crazy. Made around 30-40 attempts spread through different boxes and rush zones and got nothing. Guess I will do it the "normal" way 😪😤😭
    Posted by McAwesomePT on 11 Nov 18 at 17:18
    15 Oct 2018 15 Oct 2018 15 Oct 2018
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    1. Collect all 4 challenges heads (1 located in each tower)

    2. unlock pack the pack a punch by placing the heads on the poles next to the pack a punch

    3. Shoot the fire found in the window under the Danu tower

    4. Climb onto the bridge above Danus tower to see where the arrow points

    5. Collect the head from the tower the arrow points to

    6. Collect the parts for the acid trap (two are located in the pack a punch room, the 3rd is thE pot in the middle of the area that spawns after completing 3 challenges)

    7. Build the acid trap in the Zeus tower

    8. Place the head in the grate next to the acid trap

    9. Activate the acid trap

    10. Pick up the scorpion from the grate that has replaced the head

    11. Survive a few rounds in the area until the announcer says "A gift from Serket"

    12. Pick up the vase which can be found on the floor of the arena

    13. Knife the tree on the right side under the Danu tower and a poison trail should appear

    14. Place the cup under the leeking poison

    15. wait a round and pick the now full cup up

    16. Place the poison onto the mystery box

    17. activate the box and collect the Death of Orion Gun

    18. Pack a punch the gun

    19. Pop the achievement

    If you would like a video guide on anything of the parts check out the video I made below.

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    Glass SwimI'd like to add that my friend just got it in the Mystery Box so I think with the most recent update it's possible to get it out of there.
    Posted by Glass Swim on 20 Oct 18 at 07:49
    PHARREAL87i just got it out of the mystery box randomly as well. Didn't pack a punch it though since I didn't know that gun was for this achievement.
    Posted by PHARREAL87 on 07 Nov 18 at 13:55
    UGWRayneHow do you get this while coop? Thumbs dont go up or stays green with no confetti and one is red matter how many rounds...please some advice
    Posted by UGWRayne on 07 Sep 19 at 20:42
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