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Abandon Ship

In Voyage of Despair, complete the Trial

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How to unlock the Abandon Ship achievement

  • Mild GonoliniMild Gonolini345,116
    01 Dec 2018 21 Dec 2018
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    Alright everybody, how we doing? Good? Good. So, with black ops 4 we have 3 easter eggs on disc, and this achievement is for completing the map "Voyage of despair". As I'm sure you know, there are some drastic changes to the way zombies works in this game, but keep your wits about you, and you'll have no problem. This is probably the hardest of the 3 launch easter eggs, primarily because of a fairly difficult boss fight. Now, before we get into this, let's go over suggested loadouts.


    Your loadouts going into this are very important. Your starting weapon isn't super important, but in terms of the special weapon I like the hammer, but it honestly isn't all that important.

    The perks you run should be:
    -quick revive
    -Dying wish
    -bandolier bandit (or really whatever you'd prefer)

    The first 3 are pretty essential, but the 4th one is up to you for the most part. I also like to have dying wish as my tonique modifier, so that with all 4 perks after exiting dying wish I am at full health and don't stand a high risk of getting one hit.

    The elixirs you bring in are also important
    -Immolation liquidation (as many fire sales as you have, you will be hitting the box alot, this is unfortunately a consumable elixir
    -Temporal gift (extends the duration of drops, means your firesales last longer, this is thnakfully non consumable)
    -Equip- mint (instantly refill your lethal grenades, pretty essential for getting more monkeys int he boss fight, something you'll soon see is that monkeys are pretty essential for the boss fight.
    -Nowhere but there (a god send, instantly teleport to any downed player and are invulnerable long enough to revive them, also non consumable)
    -Anywhere but here (not super essential, but can be beneficail to get yourself out of hairy situations in this very tight map).
    -Cache back (a very rare gobblegum which gives you a free max ammo, you shouldn't really need this if you're smart during the boss fight, but it could potentially save a run).

    Now, obviously there are more than 4 elixirs there, so you will want to spread them out among your team, if you have one person with a ton of fire sales, just have him bring them in (instead of temporal gift), and honestly just avoid the max ammo unless you find you keep failing on the boss fight because you keep running out of ammo.

    Now, I will not be covering how to unlock pap, build the shield, or build the kraken upgrade station, but doing so is basically essential to complete the easter egg (you can't start the easter egg until pap is open and one step requires a specific kraken upgrade). The shield on this, and really every blops 4 map, is basically essential, so building that ASAP is important. I also expect you understand the layout of the map and the names of the locations, in the top left of the screen your current location is always displayed, if you can't find a location, near any box location there is a map with labelled names.

    This easter egg can be done with any number of people, but, as always, the more the merrier, more people means more potential monkeys.

    Now, let's just jump into it.

    Step 1: Unlock pap

    Super simple, before the first step starts you will need to have activated the pac-a-punch in all 4 locations.

    Step 2: Find some clocks

    There are 6 clocks around the map, 4 of them will be relevant to you (changes every game). The 4 clocks you need will have a random time other than 11:40, if you see a clock giving this time, ignore it. The 4 clocks you need will also have a nearby symbol on the wall, there are 4 symbols being
    -A normal triangle
    -A normal triangle with a line through it
    -An upside down triangle
    -An upside down triangle with a line through it

    All you need to do is find a clock, and write down its time with its symbol, so say you see a clock saying 1:55, and nearby you see the upside down triangle on a nearby wall, either write down or remember: upside down triangle, 1:55.

    Now, onto the locations of each clock, plus their associated symbol location (remember, only 4 of these spawn in a given game, otherwise the clock will read 11:40 and have no symbol)

    1. Mail room:
    -Clock: Just to the right of the doorway which leads to the cargo hold.
    -Underneath the stairs on the wall leading to the vapr wallbuy.

    2. Grand staircase:
    -Clock: Very top of the staircase, obvious engraving as soon as you reach the top stairs
    -Symbol: Turn around from the clock and it is to your left, on the wall right before the doorway.

    3. Bridge:
    -Clock: Right above the main steering wheel
    -Symbol: Turn around from the clock and look underneath the desk, on the right side.

    4. 1st class lounge:
    -Clock: Sitting on top of a fireplace right in the middle of the room
    -Symbol: On the left side of the wall to the right of the mystery box spawn.

    5. Galley:
    -Clock: Look at the wall opposite the hanging corpse
    -Symbol: To the left of the clock on the cabinets

    6. 3rd class Berths:
    -Clock: Coming from the turbine room, it is on the left wall when you reach the landing going up the stairs.
    -Symbol: Next to the bottom of the stairs above, on the wall behind some luggage.

    If you see that the area has no symbol, you know to ignore that clock, or if the clock reads 11:40.

    Something of note when reading these clocks, they don't really make a lot of sense if you're read clocks before. Say for the time: 1:55, you would expect the hours hand to be nearly at 2, since it slowly moves towards the next hour throughout the hour, however, in this case, the hour hand will just point directly to the necessary hour, so if you the minute hand pointing to 55, and the hour hand pointing to 1, it may be your inclination to think this is actually 12:55, and the hour hand just appears to be very close to 1, this is not the case, the hour hand will always be pointing directly to the correct hour .

    So, after doing all this, you should have 4 symbols associated to 4 times, keep these in mind or written down for the next step.

    Step 3: input the times

    Head up to the bridge, while here, you will see 4 turn-able dials, these seem to indicate the boat's speed. Each of these will have a symbol matching the clock symbols you just found. For right now, only consider the minute hands.

    You must simply match the symbol to the time. Each movement of the dial represents + or - 5 minutes. So say for the normal triangle, your time is 10:45, for right now, we just consider the 45. You would move the dial left three times, if it was 10:10, you would move it right twice, pretty simple, you are basically just pretending the dial is the minutes hand and aiming it where it would be if it were a clock. This image I stole from IGN will make it more clear:

    External image

    So, you input the correct minute into each of the 4 dials based on their symbol.

    Once all 4 are in, it's time for the hours, but you input it into different dials. There are 2 dials on the poop deck (lol... poop) right by where you activated the sentinel artifact. As well, there are 2 in the engine room, on a pillar in the center of the room. There are actually 4 present in the engine room, but only 2 of them actually have a symbol, so obviously ignore the other 2. Same idea here, but this time with minutes, so for the example above, with a time of 10:45 on a normal triangle, find the dial with the normal triangle and go left 2 (each movement represents + or - 1 hour.

    This part may seem kind of daunting at first, but I assure you it is actually very simple. Since there are only 6 clock spawns you can find them all right away, with a coordinated team you can easily get steps 2 and 3 done in like 5 minutes.

    There is a various obvious and loud noise when all 8 dials are correctly set.

    Step 4: Wall outlets

    Now then, there are a series of fairly generic looking wall outlets in a few spots around the map. At this point 4 of them will begin showing off one of 4 elements, being fire, water, electricity, and gas. Pictured below for example is what the fire outlet would look like

    External image

    Each element will only appear in one outlet, and you'll want to find all 4 before you continue with the easter egg. If you find a blank outlet with no element, don't runa way just yet, stare at it for a few seconds because the elements tend to go off and on. The locations of each outlet:

    1.The first stateroom on your left.
    2. To your left when heading down the 3rd class berths staircase from the poop deck.
    3. On the left pillar of the Zeus statue, near a mystery box spawn.
    4. At the very top of the grand staircase
    5. Inside a barricade on an aft decks window.

    Now, I'm sure I'm missing some, so please let me know. When you have all the locations of the 4 elemental outlets figured out, you will want to end your current round.

    Your goal is simply to kill an elemental zombie on each of the respective outlets (water on water, electric on electric, etc.) super straightforward. Thankfully, the game is nice to you here and will give you several of one elemental zombie type per round. So you may get a round where the only elemental type to spawn is water, or fire, etc, never both types in one round. Simply lead the first elemental zombie you see to its corresponding outlet and kill it nearby. You will know you did it when a red circle shows up on the floor.

    You can only do one outlet per round, so once you charge one outlet, end the round and repeat next round, where a different type will spawn.

    The only somewhat tricky zombie to do is the water boy since he doesn't actually follow the player, but will run to other zombies and buff them with his water powers, so you need to get other zombies near the socket and have the water boi follow them.

    Once all 4 outlets are charged up, you're ready for the next step.

    Step 5: Teleport and just don't die

    For this next part, you will need some decent weaponry. You can buy perks if you want, but I rarely buy perks on this map until the boss fight, since they are so expensive, losing them is costly. You will likely want to use a fire sale here as well. You really want to maximize your firesale use. Have another player pop temporal gift before you pop the firesale, otherwise it won't have the longer duration. From the box, you are looking for 3 things:
    -The kraken
    -The helion salvo
    -Homunculus (AKA monkey bombs but way better)

    At least one person needs the kraken for the easter egg, but every single person should have one. The helion salvo when upgraded is devastating to the boss and the best weapon to use against him, and monkey bombs are essential for obvious reasons, the boss fight is borderline impossible without multiple people using these.

    For this next step though, you don't need anything serious, if you have one person with a kraken you should be okay, as long as everyone else has some decent weapons (starting to PAP here is smart). Humonculous are not necessary, but make it much easier.

    Now, all you do here is systematically stand on each of the 4 red circles you just made in the last step (all players must stand on one and hold cn_X. You must do so in a specific order based on the elemental zombie killed there, it is always:

    acid>water> electric>fire.

    -Acid: Upon activating the trial, everyone is teleported to the poop deck, your task, as with all trials, is to just not die and kill everything. This is a very easy challenge since there's a lot of room on the poop deck. A ton of acid zombies will spawn as well as a few blight fathers, so keep moving and keep shooting. You can't leave this area until either you kill everything, or die, so aim for the former. When everything is dead (screen flashes white), make sure you grab the free max ammo, and grab the sentinel artifact to continue, you can move onto the next challenge right away.

    -Water: Same idea, head to the circle near the water outlet, all players will teleport to the cargo hold. This is a fairly tight area, and, it will begin filling up with water. Same idea here, just kill everything. Water zombies will spawn out the wazoo, but luckily they don't attack, just buff the normal zombies, you'll get a few blight fathers as well. Remember to come up for air when underwater, and other than that this isn't too bad with decent weaponry. When everything is dead, you get a white flash and can grab the sentinel artifact, no max ammo this time though (RIP).

    -Electric: nothing special, same idea, you spawn at the top deck in the middle of the ship. The electric boys can shoot a ray at you which blinds you temporarily, avoid it, kill everything, etc. You get a max ammo at the end of this as well.

    -Fire: The hardest one. You'll teleport into the depths of the ship, in the boiler room. It is very confined. In addition to fire zombies and blight fathers, you'll get stokers, which can do a ton of damage if you let them get too close, so don't. Humunculous may be necessary here, there is very little room to move, and a ton of enemies, but you can do it, just believe in yourself.

    After collecting all 4 sentinel artifacts, you can move on.

    Step 6: erode the pipes

    For this next step, somebody will need the acid kraken upgrade, it does not need to be pac-a-punched however. I won't include how to build the upgrade station (tough coconuts), but it's no harder than making the shield. With it built, you will want to shoot any acid zombies you see with the normal kraken. There is a decent chance it will drop some concentrated decay which you need (make sure it is decay, not concentrated purity or any other element). For 3000 points you can upgrade a kraken to the acid kraken thing.

    With this, head into the turbine room. In this small room, there are 9 leaks, where the pipe looks like it is leaking gas. You must simply shoot each leak with the acid kraken until it stops leaking gas and starts dripping water, it's not super clear when this happens. You will have to shoot the leak a few times, but you know you got it when you get a red hitmarker.

    The following video from Axel Cage shows every pipe location (all credit to him):

    When all 9 leaks have been hit, the room will fill back up with water. You now need to pac-a-punch the sentinel artifact, but it must be done at the turbine location. If the pap is there, great, if not, you may have to wait a round (it seems like it tends to show up the very next round). Make sure the machine tells you that you are upgrading the sentinel artifact, and not some gun. With that done, you're ready for the next step. Should be noted the sentinel artifact upgrade is free.

    Step 7: planets

    Now, this is technically the final step before the boss fight, but it is a very long step and alone accounts for the bulk of the easter egg. If at any point you fail during this step, you need to return to THIS POINT, so all progress you make form hereon is only permanent if you enter the boss fight, this step has a series of sub steps, to make it clearer what you're doing.

    Sub step 1: Spawn the planets

    To start, you must simply run around the map and activate a series of 9 red symbols which spawn the 7 planets, the moon, and the sun above you. Their locations:

    1.Mercury: Found in the mail room, you'll see the symbol on the wall as soon as you enter.

    2. Venus: Millionaire suites, beneath a desk in a room with suitcases on the bed.

    3. Moon: lower grand staircase, on a parallel wall to your left when facing the staircase.

    4. Mars: Found beneath a furnace in the boiler room.

    5. Saturn: Inside one of the rooms on the bridge.

    6. Jupiter: Found in the Engine Room after climbing up the first set of stairs, you can find it near the cardboard box that is laid on the floor.

    7. Neptune: Found on the Outer Aft Decks, you can find the constellation in one of the ring-shaped lifebuoys.

    8. Uranus: Found behind a pot in the State Room that has a yellow basket in front of the door.

    9. Sun: Found in the Forecastle room, on the deck in the middle, you can find the constellation by facing the two large steel beams so that you can see the moon directly behind the beams.

    After activating all symbols, if you look in the sky, you will see the planets and sun above.

    Another video by Axel Cage shows the locations of each symbol:

    Once all symbols have been hit, it's on to the next step.

    Sub step 2: shoot and collect the planets

    This next step is easy to mess up if you are not prepared. In the cargo hold area, you will see a model of our solar system inside a broken crate. You will need to interact with this. When you do, the planets will all light up in a specific order, you must remember this order.

    Now, I say planets, but that isn't exactly correct, all planets in our solar system, except for earth, and including the sun and earth's moon.

    The order of the planets, starting from the sun is:


    It can be difficult to catch the order if you are not familiar with the planets. If you didn't catch it, feel free to interact again to get the order. The order will never change in your game. You will definitely want to refer back to this order, so I'd suggest writing it down, I should also mention that the sun will always be LAST. Once you activate the model for the first time, zombies will begin to spawn continuously, so be ready, you will want to get out of the cargo hold ASAP.

    At this point, if you look in the sky, you will be able to see all the planets, some are more obvious than others. I find looking into the sky from the back of the ship to be ideal. You can figure out which planet is which based on the sun, but just in case I'll try and describe each one.

    -Sun: Pretty obvious, large yellow ball right in the middle of the sky, I'm sure you know what the sun looks like.
    -Mercury: The smallest and closest to the sun, it is a dull purple, can be a little difficult to see.
    -Venus: A little bigger than mercury, and a fairly bright red in colour, close to the sun
    -Moon: The thing that obviously is the moon.
    -Mars: Slightly smaller than venus, a dark red, also quite close to the sun.
    -Saturn: Has distinctive rings, much bigger than the other planets, yellow in colour, seen high in the sky off the back of the boat.
    -Jupiter: Another big one, basically Saturn without the rings, Orange/ yellow in colour
    -Uranus: Purple/ blue in colour, far away from the sun and bigger than the inner planets but smaller than the outer.
    -Neptune: Probably the hardest to spot, you need to look off the right side of the boat when facing spawn and watch the horizon. Neptune will pop above the horizon occasionally before dipping back down, it is fairly large and blue.

    So, with the order of planets figured out, and the planet locations all mapped out, you can begin. All you need to do for this step is shoot the planets (the actual physical planets in the sky) with any weapon, it will drop from the sky into the boat and you need to collect it in the same place you collected that planet's red symbol (see above). It's really that simple. when you shoot a planet, you have a short time to grab the planet before you fail the step (maybe 45 seconds). So it works best if one person shoots the correct planet and another is waiting nearby where it will drop, grabbing it as soon as it arrives.

    Remember how I said that zombies begin to spawn continuously? Thankfully, this is not true for the whole step. After activating the solar system model, the zombies will keep spawning until you shoot, then collect the first planet, at which point they will begin to spawn normally. Every time you shoot a planet, they begin to spawn infinitely again, and they will return to normal once you collect the planet.

    The key here is timing and coordination. Making sure you have somebody standing by where the planet will land to collect it as soon as it is shot. If at any time you shoot the wrong planet, or fail to collect the planet in time, the step will fail, and you will need to reactivate the planet symbols around the boat. The order you need to shoot the planets will never change, but you will need to hit the solar system model after collecting all the symbols.

    Remember, the final planet you need to shoot is always the sun, but I would suggest you don;t shoot it just yet, have every other planet collected and leave the sun in the sky (it won't go anywhere).

    Sub step 3: Gear up

    This is absolutely essential for the boss fight. As soon as you shoot the son, you set yourself on a path where you will not have another chance to gear up before activating the boss fight, so be prepared (I'm actually not certain of this, you may have the opportunity to gear up after the ice step, if somebody knows for sure, please let me know).

    The boss fight will require you fight in some very confined areas, so it is absolutely essential you be prepared. Hermunculous (modern day monkey bombs) are basically a requirement for this fight, and a lot of them. You do get quite a few max ammos, but even with those, it is probably not enough for just one person to have monkeys. When I did, all 3 of us had them, and even that felt like too many. Don't be afraid to go a number of rounds to get points for hitting the box, it's better to be prepared.

    In terms of weaponry, perhaps the best weapon to use to damage the boss is the upgraded hellion salvo. Besides that, the kraken is a god send for dealing with zombies. Especially upgraded with ice. Don't forget you can re upgrade any weapon (besides the kraken) up to 4 times to increase its damage.

    All players should have all perks, buy these last so you don't accidentally lose them, as well as a shield When you're ready for the boss fight you can begin the final step

    Sub step 3: Shooting ice

    All players need to gather in spawn, and one person need to shoot the sun. The sun will drop at the very front of the boat, and all players need to interact with it. Doing so will activate an invisible timer. You goal is to reach the poop deck before your screen freezes over. However between you and the poop deck is a series of ice blocks which must be destroyed to get there. You can slowly melt the ice blocks with any weapon, although the kraken is the best bet, as well as specialist weapons (the sceptre of ra especially is very powerful). This part is not too difficult. It seems the quickest route to the poop deck is bearing right as much as you can and getting to the top of the ship. Make sure your team is focusing the ice blocks, and feel free to throw monkeys out to keep the zombies away.

    If you are too slow, your screen will go black and you will need to start over.

    When you reach the very end of the boat, you can destroy the last ice block to reveal the thingy which will teleport you to the boss fight.

    Step 8: Eye- time

    This fight is, to be blunt, very difficult. It consists of 5 parts, each of which has its own hazards and location on the map. After each section you are teleported to a new area, and in each section you will get one max ammo and one carpenter (to refill your shield).

    When you are ready have all players interact with the thing you just thawed out.

    You will teleport underwater and will see a large tree in front of you, simply swim towards it, and interact with the bright blue artifact (you're supposedly inside the iceberg right now).

    When done, you will teleport onto the poop deck, and have to wait a few seconds for the boss to show up, a giant blue eyeball.

    Stage 1: Poop deck 1

    Stage 1 is fairly easy. The giant eyeball will look at you all menacingly but it won't attack you, and you can't hurt it. All you need to do here is kill the onslaught of zombies, blightfathers, and stokers that show up. The area is fairly open, so you have room to move, and the kraken will obliterate anything it touches, so this part isn't too hard. You get a max ammo and a carpenter, so grab those if you need them. When all the zombies are killed, the screen flashes white and I'd suggest you quickly grab the max ammo and carpenter if you haven't already before you are automatically teleported out.

    Stage 2: Engine room

    This is the same deal as the first one, but much more difficult. Once again, the eye poses no threat, but there are zombies and blightfathers and stokers out the freaking wazzoo, and in a much more confined area. You will definitely want to use some monkeys here, but try to be sparing, never let out more than one at a time, and coordinate with your team to decide who will throw next. Stay on the upper catwalk and keep moving, spamming your kraken at everything that moves (focus blightfathers especially). Same deal as before, grab the ammo below you if you absolutely need it, otherwise, wait until the screen goes white and grab it then.

    Stage 3: State rooms

    Now is when you need to put on your big boy pants. You are teleported to an extremely confined area of the map. Zombies will spawn as usual, but your goal now is to actually shoot the eye. You will see you are in 2 adjacent hallways with little rooms connecting them. One of the sides leads outside, and it is here that you will see the eye. The eye is immune to attack, but he will occasionally fire his blue laser down one of the hallways, during which time you can damage him (remember the hellion salvo is great for this).

    Since this area is so confined, you will want to be liberal with those monekys. I suggest the guy with the helion focus on the eye, paying attention to when and where he is firing his laser, and shooting the heck out of him, while everyone else protect him, primarily through keeping monkeys out and also through use of the kraken. You will see the eye boss start to crack and turn red when he suffers damage. After he has been damaged enough, white screen, grab ammo/ carpenter and automatic teleport.

    Stage 4: Starboard deck

    This is basically the same thing as stage 3, but thankfully, you have a little bit more space to work with. Unfortunately, the game won't shy away from throwing stokers and blightfathers at you during this part. Again, you are waiting for the eye to fire his laser, when he does so, shoot the heck out of him (primarily with the hellion, the others can contribute too if they want, but they should mostly focus on the zombies. Once again, when he sustains enough damage, white screen, ammo, teleport.

    Stage 5: Poop deck part 2

    This is where the fun begins, and why this boss fight is one of the hardest in zombies history. The game will, of course, throw everything at the kitchen sink at you, like normal, and you will need to be focusing on the boss when he does his laser attack. However, the eye ball man gains a new attack during this section. When he sustains enough damage, he will start making this crying nice and stand basically motionless at the back of the boat. During this sequence, you MUST shoot him as much as you can. He is charging up during this sequence. If you just let him do his thing, he will instantly down all players, potentially ending your game very quickly, the only way you can possibly survive is if you have a dying wish charge, as well, if a level 3 staff of Ra is placed before everyone downs, you are able to crawl into the bubble to be revived, otherwise he will literally end your game in one attack. If you are quick on the trigger and know what to look for, this shouldn't be too hard to worry about. The helion boy should be the most vigilant and ready to shoot him as soon as he starts charging, when he does, call it out, and have someone else get a monkey out ASAP, and have all players shoot him, you might as well. Beyond this, there's not a whole lot to say about this section. It can be quite time consuming but patience and vigilance is key. Always be paying attention, focusing blight fathers and saving monkeys for the charge up sequence. You may as well grab the max ammo present here as soon as you run out of monkeys, since this is the last stage.

    If somebody downs (and somebody surely will), you have some options on reviving them. The staff of Ra is obviously a great chocie, but short of that, the elixir "nowhere but there" will teleport you right beside whoever is down and give you invincibility long enough to get them up. Monkeys as well are pretty essential, just in general. This last stage is complete calamity, but if you stay on your toes, make sure you are shooting the boss whenever he lasers, and being super cautious of his instakill, you should be okay. This might not be a fight you get first try unfortunately, I failed a few times before beating it. When the boss has been sufficiently damaged, you will have completed the fight, and the easter egg. Enjoy your measly 30 GS, god knows you earned it.


    This guide may seem rather long, and difficult, but I assure you with practice getting to the boss fight is quite easy, and can be done fairly quickly. The boss fight takes some great communication and being very well prepared, but with practice it is totally doable. Don't be afraid to let the rounds get pretty high in order to get the necessary weaponry. As I said, you may want to use some immolation liquidations to make it easier on yourself.

    If you have any ways to improve the guide, extra tips to make this easter egg easier, or questions, feel free to let me know, and good luck.

    A video guide by MrDalekJD on youtube if you prefer that over reading a wall of text:

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    MourningRaptor3I HIGHLY recommend using Timeslip in the modifier perk. Having your specialist is so important. We had everyone using the staff so you keep perks. Hellion Salvos and 3 Krakons is a must.

    The final "scream" from the boss (final chance of being wiped, right at the end) seems to require more damage to kill it. We had 3 people. 2 of us put in 4 Hellion Salvo Rockets, and the third blasted an AR. We BARELY killed it. Make sure everything is penta-packed.
    Posted by MourningRaptor3 on 12 Jan 19 at 01:07
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  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,258,912
    02 Feb 2019 28 Jan 2019
    6 1 0
    This is by far the most complete Video for this EE. It is set up for Solo but can be done with a group.

    For a quick reference, it recommends a great load out with basic elixirs and explains most sets including the kraken upgrade, and free kraken. It does mention changing to the ice kraken but most people have stated that the electric kraken is best (as you can see in the youtube comments)

    THIS VIDEO is made by the YOUTUBE personality CODENAMEPIZZA and NOT ME. I am sharing it on TA.
  • TrueHelpTrueHelp403,893
    28 Oct 2018 22 Nov 2018 08 Jan 2020
    10 6 0
    This cannot be completed on casual. It has to be done on Classic NORMAL you can do the steps on casual for practice (I heard) but you cant go into the boss!

    I made this video for everyone. Remember never do a easter egg unless you know the map really well. I highly recommend doing this with more than 2 players depending on your skill level. If you have any questions leave a comment and I will get back to you. IF YOU NEED HELP PLEASE CONTACT ME AND I WILL HELP YOU.

    I wish everyone luck on this easter egg! Its not as hard as everyone says it is with my recommended loadout. My perk order I recommend instead of what I have in the video is dying wish, timeslip, stamin-up, and phd slider (due to the rocket's splash damage). Upgrading the rocket so you can use attachments can be beneficial as well. Also pick up the time slip perk before you pop the firesale so you can hit the box a lot more times. dive

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