Prestigious Award achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Prestigious Award

Attain max level or Prestige with 25 different weapons in Zombies

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How to unlock the Prestigious Award achievement

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    UPDATE July 20, 2019
    It appears DLC weapons don't count for this achievement unless you’ve unlocked them in the black market and can customize them in the armoury. Thanks to XGN Alexlol and CrazedFool98 in the comments for figuring this out

    Guide has been updated to reflect new information and strategy. If you voted negative please let me know why so I can make the guide better.

    This achievement is for prestiging with 25 weapons or getting max level with 25 weapons in zombies.
    Here is a list of all weapon max levels so you don't have to end a match to check whether or not you just got max level with a gun.

    Just so everyone is aware, this achievement is now fixed. If you fulfilled the requirements for getting 25 weapons to max level or prestige 1 before the achievement was fixed, you likely will need to get another weapon to max level or prestige one or you could try and prestige a weapon you have at max level.

    Deciding what weapons to level up:
    Personally, I have been trying to avoid any weapon that doesn't allow you to put on attachments. This is because as you unlock attachments for guns that have them, the weapons themselves because very powerful and it also feels good when you are actually unlocking something rather than leveling weapons that don't give you anything for doing it. Avoid the Essex Model 07 at all costs! I wasted my time with this weapon but it is absolute trash. Hands down, worst weapon in the game. Also, you can't get levels for wonder-weapons so avoid using those when going for this achievement.

    Here is a list of level unlocks for zombies in case you forget which weapons you have unlocked mid-game:
    Note: weapons you unlock by leveling up in that match cannot be leveled up until you end the game and start a new one. Keep track of what level you start at when you start a match so you can work on the weapons unlocked at that level.

    Now into the actual strategy guide for leveling weapons quickly. I have a DLC strategy and a base game strategy. Both work fine. If anyone is interested, my perk setup is quick revive, death wish, dead shot for weapon camos while leveling the guns, and stamina up for training on the roof of blood of the dead as my modifier.

    XP earn rate is similar in all games with 1-4 people so play solo for the most zombie kills per round. Hardened difficulty earns you 125% the XP you would earn while playing normal or casual but I recommend playing casual because zombies have less health and this will make a difference on the higher rounds. Also, on hardcore you only have 150 health.

    TLDR: Personally, I always just train on the roof of Blood of the Dead on casual difficulty until round 60-70 and then I end the game.

    Basically, you just want to survive until the zombies take too much ammo to kill (round 50/60 on casual) and get as many kills with your guns that you are leveling as possible. Just keep track of what weapons you have unlocked and what the max levels are so you know when you've maxed a gun and you can pick up a new one. If you wanna train on Classified train on the bottom of the war room level. If you wanna train on IX train in the starting room. If you wanna train on Blood of the Dead train on the roof. If you wanna camp you can camp at the top of the stairs at the warden's house in Blood of the Dead or you can camp in the elevator with one bot on Classified.

    Crazy Fred has a cool camping spot on IX in the comments:
    This might be patched later cause it's kind of a cheese spot but you aren't glitching or anything while using it.
    "On IX, there is a kind of "cool spot" for headshots, check here >

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    outlaw player05I would recommend the Essex Model 07 because it can be very helpful when going after surviving the first 20 waves in spawn achievements.
    Posted by outlaw player05 on 09 Oct 20 at 08:19
    KexolDouble xp weekend is going on right now if you need to level up weapons. Im usually getting about 2 weapons fully maxed out every 50/60 waves on casual.
    Posted by Kexol on 12 Oct 20 at 19:11
    KobaltSolid guide GSR
    Posted by Kobalt on 18 Oct 20 at 12:33
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  • MC0REBEMC0REBE540,907
    15 Aug 2019 16 Aug 2019 16 Aug 2019
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    Hi there,

    Just to add to the other solutions, the game has updated quite a bit and has a lot more options to choose from if you are lucky enough to get the weapons locked behind the RNG-lootboxes Activision calls Supply Crates (Surprise Mechanics!). A lot of the standard weapons have MKII or Mastercraft variants which will award you 25% more XP per gun (only for your weapon, not your actual level), during double XP weekends this will award you 50% more XP thus allowing you to level up your weapon at twice the speed.

    I mostly played Classified or IX because you only need to get a shield and do a short "quest" to unlock Pack-a-Punch with the following perks:
    - Timeslip
    - Deadshot Dealer (more XP for headshots)
    - Bandolier Bandit
    - Stami-Up (Modifier slot)

    Other things I highly recommend:
    - Specialist: Ragnaroks for Aether; Viper & Dragon for Chaos
    - Grenade: Wraith Fire
    - Starting weapon: Everything but the Essex Model laugh, depends on what you want to work on.

    I always had the free Elixir "Temporal Gift" on for those juicy drops (Insta-kills, Double Points and more importantly Firesales) during my games. It is recommended you go for weapons that have attachments available as well as Operator Mods since the latter can really improve the weapon (Mozu & Strife are perfect examples!). You can play on casual without modifiers to gain weapon XP.

    Below are all the weapons up until DLC3 (Apocalypse Z):

    Assault Rifles:
    - ICR-7: Level 15 (Unlocked at level 5) - No Operator Mod
    - MADDOX RFB: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 13)
    - KN-57: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 21) - No Operator Mod
    - HITCHCOCK M9: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 29) - No attachments
    - RAMPART 17: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 48) - No Operator Mod
    - VAPR-XKG: Level 15 (Unlocked at level 53)

    Submachine Guns:
    - ESCARGOT: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 12) - No attachments
    - MX9: Level 15 (Unlocked at level 25) - No Operator Mod
    - SPITFIRE: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 32)
    - SAUG 9MM: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 44)* - No Operator Mod
    - GKS: Level 15 (Unlocked at level 45)
    - CORDITE: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 49)
    - M1927: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 1) - No attachments
    *: also a starting weapon

    Tactical Rifles:
    - SWORDFISH: Level 17 (Unlocked at level 4)
    - ESSEX MODEL 87: Level 17 (Unlocked at level 16) - No attachments
    - ABR 23: Level 17 (Unlocked at level 37)
    - AUGER DMR: Level 17 (Unlocked at level 52)

    Light Machine Guns:
    - TITAN: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 9)
    - HADES: Level 17 (Unlocked at level 28)
    - VKM 750: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 40)
    - ZWEIHANDER: Level 17 (Unlocked at level 55) - No attachments

    Sniper Rifles:
    - SDM: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 17) - No Operator Mod
    - PALADIN HB50: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 33) - No Operator Mod
    - KOSHKA: Level 16 (Unlocked at level 51)
    - OUTLAW: Level 17 (Unlocked at level 54)

    - WELLING: Level 13 (Unlocked at level 1) - No attachments
    - MOZU: Level 13 (Unlocked at level 8)
    - M1897 TREBUCHET: Level 13 (Unlocked at level 20) - No attachments
    - STRIFE: Level 13 (Unlocked at level 24)
    - RK 7 GARRISON: Level 13 (Unlocked at level 36) - No Operator Mod
    - SG12: Level 13 (Unlocked at level 41)
    - HELLION SALVO: Level 7 (Unlocked at level 47) - No Operator Mod
    - MOG 12: Level 13 (Unlocked at level 50)

    Free guns added by Treyarch
    - GRAV: Level 16 - No Operator Mod
    - MP40: Level 16 - No attachments

    Assault Rifles:
    - M16: Level 16 - No Operator Mod
    - PEACEKEEPER: Level 15 - No Operator Mod
    - SWAT-RFT: Level 15 - No Operator Mod

    Submachine Guns:
    - DAEMON 3XB: Level 16
    - SWITCHBLADE X9: Level 16 - No Operator Mod

    Tactical Rifles:
    - S6 STINGRAY: Level 17

    Light Machine Guns:
    - TIGERSHARK: Level 17

    Sniper Rifles:
    - HAVELINA AA50: Level 14 - No Operator Mod
    - LOCUS: Level 16 - No Operator Mod
    - VENDETTA: Level 16

    - ARGUS: Level 13 - No Operator Mod
    - KAP 45: Level 13 - No Operator Mod
    - RAMPAGE: Level 13 - No Operator Mod
    - BALLISTIC KNIFE: Level 7
    - REAVER C86: Level 7 - No Operator Mod

    Happy grinding!
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    lifebringer23Great guide
    Posted by lifebringer23 on 07 Oct 19 at 12:44
  • eyesonyou718eyesonyou718120,860
    13 Feb 2019 14 Feb 2019
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    So just got this achievement not sure if it’s glitched or not but I only counted 24 guns but I believe the Bowie knife has something to do with it if anyone can confirm that.

    Method I use was the following:
    Map: IX
    Perks I use were Odin Electric Burst/Zeus Bandolier Bandit/Ra Mule kick/Danu Dying Wish

    Major suggestion level up to 55 it unlocks all the guns... if you get a gun from the box or wall that’s not unlocked it will not level up till it’s unlocked and you start a new match.

    The first gun that you more than likely going to level up quickly is the strife. If you do the challenges by slicing the banner ropes you get a free pack a punch one that is actually very powerful especially in the later rounds but you have to reach level 24 for it to unlock.

    This map gives you plenty of fire sales so concentrate on leveling up box guns first since it’s the luck of the draw with them.

    Every 4 rounds or so you get the gladiator/tiger fight which gives you a max ammo.

    So what I did during the match is the following:

    Start the match and start the challenges to get the strife gun. Build the brazzer bull shield it’s help protect your backside and if you’re completely out of ammo during the gladiator/tiger fights use that because it’s a 2 swing kill and has a gun as well.

    Use the hammer special weapon and try to keep it charged... if you get surrounded and equip it clears the undead around you so you can move and works great against the blite father so you not wasting ammo on him.

    Gun load out:
    Gun 1 and 2 box only guns
    Gun 3 and make sure it you get your box guns first then get mule kick for a wall gun so you can always by ammo.

    Stay in the gladiator arena to train your zombies then GRIND!!!!

    I can confirm you don’t have to prestige the gun just max it out.
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