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How to unlock the Not A Fluke achievement

  • BabyishDuckBabyishDuck534,224
    25 Oct 2018 03 Nov 2018 04 May 2019
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    Wins do count when playing the limited time modes such as Down But Not Out, Hot pursuit. Thanks to BoshHodor and AMDMgames for confirming.

    This will come over time naturally, however I believe that it’s easier to get 10 wins in Quads. Below I am going to write some tips that helped me get 10 wins relatively quickly in quads/duos.

    Communication between your team mates
    This is imperative for achieving success, at the top of your screen there is a compass, when you see an enemy call out the co-ordinates on the compass so that your team mates have an idea of where they are. I think communication is the most important thing in Blackout.

    Sharing loot
    This is really good if you’re looking for that one attachment for your weapon, so communicate with your teammates to see if they’ve got anything spare. Also sharing equipment/Medical supplies can be helpful.

    Where to land
    To potentially last as long as possible you will want to avoid these areas at the start a game such as Nuketown Island, Firing Range, Estate, Asylum, Rivertown, Cargo Docks, Turbine, Hydro Dam etc basically all the areas that have large text on the map. These are always crawling with other players.

    Also take a note of the flight path of the helicopters, ideally you will want to land a good distance away from the helicopters as there tends to be less player about.

    Good drop locations that have helped me so far are as follow.
    D7 – the houses between the Lighthouse and Factory are pretty good for loot, a weapons crate can spawn in one the houses.

    The area the with all wind turbines in F7,F8 and G7,G8 section are pretty good for loot, medical pouches with trauma kits med kits can spawn inside the turbines along with a weapon crate.

    The two houses north west of Hydro Dam in G2 are pretty good for loot as well, along with the houses in F1,F2.

    Blackout Map
    External image

    Good weapons to have from what I’ve played so far in Blackout are as follows…
    ABR 223
    Swat RFT

    All these weapons are quite common but the Paladin tends to spawn more in the care packages I think, but still can be found lying about. Also you will want to keep an eye out for attachments as they will make your weapons even better.

    Good equipment to have is as follows
    Trophy System - Excellent for the end game when everyone's throwing grenades. Excellent when using the Truck and Helicopter as it will also block incoming rockets. Place the trophy system on the roof of the truck. For the helicopter place it in the seating area inside the helicopter. Credit LordFightALot.
    Cluster-Grenade – Excellent grenade that has a huge splash radius.
    Barricade – Really good for the final circle for some cover if you don’t have any.
    Meshmines – Excellent against quadbikes if you place a meshmine on either side of a bridge. Also really good against helicopters and trucks if you manage to shoot it at the driver as it can down the driver easily
    Sensor Dart – Excellent for the end game or if you’re getting flanked by the enemy as it’s a portable UAV. Last for over 1 minute and 30 seconds. Can also be placed on vehicles and helicopters.
    Recon Car - Shoot a Sensor dart at the Recon Car and you will have a mobile UAV essentially. Really good for Duo's and Quads. Can be useful in solo if you are sat in a building and you drive the recon car on a nearby hill over looking it allowing you to see outside.
    Grapple Gun - Excellent when your in tight situations allowing you to quickly get away from combat. Also really good at getting to the roofs of buildings. This is my favourite piece of equipment in solo.

    Perks are essential towards the end game. They can be found just like weapons and equipment excellent perks are as follows
    Dead Silence – Make your footsteps silent.
    Awareness – Allows you to hear enemy footsteps a lot easier
    Paranoia – Really good as it can make you aware of when people are aiming at you.
    Skuller – Really good with Awareness and Dead Silence, allowing you to crouch walk really fast.
    Medic – Excellent in Duos and Quads allowing you to pick up your teammates faster, useless in solo.
    Looter – Really good at the start of a game allowing you to see where all the loot is in your vicinity. After the start phase don’t pick this up.
    Outlander – Excellent if the last circle is closing in on you at the end game. You will take less damage from the blue zone as the area shrinks to nothing at the end.
    Consumer - Really good for the end game as it lasts for 5 minutes allowing to heal yourself faster.

    Medic Supplies
    Trauma Kits – If you find one lying about at the start of a game use it straight away as it might save you if you’re in a early gun fight with no armour. Also this will give you some extra health as well.
    Med Kits – Really good for the end game, along with Trauma Kit.
    First Aid – Not really good for the final phase of the game, really effective if you get caught by the circle towards the start of the game.

    The greater the armour level the more shots you can take before it breaks. However, the higher the armour level the louder your footsteps are. So ideally you will want to have either level 1 or 2 as they can spawn around the place. Level 3 armour tends to only spawn in either supply drops or weapon crates around the map, it is still possible to find it lying around.

    General CO-OP tips
    In this game mode you will want to stay together as a team, as stretching out too far from each other can result in one player potentially getting killed by another team with no back up nearby. Tip for the final phase which I think is good is to stay out of sight and let the other teams kill each other. Meaning that you will then have a general idea of where people are. Also having the high ground is a benefit, along with the mentioned equipment/perks above.

    You will also want to avoid using vehicles towards the end of the game as they are really loud and someone could easily whip out the rocket launcher and get some easy kills.

    Overall I think this is really fun game mode. I personally didn’t think about the wins as it came over time. Being in the right mindset helps a lot as you will remain more focused, so try and not think about wining every game as that’s impossible.

    I hope these tips have helped you out. If you think there is anything else that could be added, then comment down below.


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    LordSmorcFor anyone struggling to do this I would strongly suggest doing it now whilst the ground war mode is out. Ground war is 50v50 and the wins do count towards this achievement, I got the remaining 8 wins I needed in just a few hours of casual playing. If it gets to a point where your team is 5-10 members behind quit to find a new game quicker if you want to get this as quickly as possible as you are very unlikely to win once you are this far behind. This is also a good place to unlock certain blackout characters due to people being grouped up together (I got Shaw in this mode earlier)
    Posted by LordSmorc on 11 Jun 19 at 23:21
    Shadow 00 FoxLordSmorc, I have no idea how you even managed to get the shaw quest item let alone get the two kills... :-0 in all my experiences, there are like 3-4 people standing around the zombie box. Grrr.
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 20 Jun 19 at 17:40
    WhhittyIf anyone wants an extra teammate for this achievement add me or send me a message. I need to get this achievement yet. Thanks I am a decent player. Gamer tag is Whhitty
    Posted by Whhitty on 26 Jul 20 at 16:04
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  • DubstepEdgelordDubstepEdgelord1,396,756
    15 Aug 2019 15 Aug 2019
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    The Pandemic Limited time mode is very easy to win, since you die and turn into a zombie, and the zombies usually win. I got 6 wins before I lost my first game. If this mode returns in the future, definitely give it a try.
  • VindibuddVindibudd41,803
    13 Jun 2019 13 Jun 2019
    7 1 6
    With the Ground War mode this achievement has gotten a heck of a lot easier to achieve as you now have a 50/50 shot of getting the win. I'd played almost 500 rounds and gotten only 1 win since the game came out but just got an additional 9 wins in the past few days. Definitely go with Ground War to get this if you are just getting annihilated all the time in the other modes.
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    B1GB4LLERSIs this playlist no longer Available? I read post and was excited to get some blackout wins and went into game and cant find playlist
    Posted by B1GB4LLERS on 26 Jun 19 at 14:31
    B1GB4LLERSIs this playlist no longer Available? I read post and was excited to get some blackout wins and went into game and cant find playlist
    Posted by B1GB4LLERS on 26 Jun 19 at 15:08
    VindibuddIt's not playable at the moment from what I can tell but it's likely going to come back at some point since they switch these things up.
    Posted by Vindibudd on 30 Jun 19 at 22:49
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