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Mythic Map Pack

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Mythic Map Pack

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Save This Film

On a Mythic map, get a Perfection medal during any ranked or social match.

Save This Film+1.6
07 December 2009 - 9 guides

Achievement Guide for Save This Film

  • STZ513STZ51377,316
    11 Apr 2009 12 Apr 2009 05 Dec 2010
    64 14 10
    A perfection medal is earned by getting at least 15 kills, not dying at all, and winning the match. So NO deaths. You must be playing in a deathmatch type game, so it is much more favorable to do Team Deathmatch than Free-For-All

    Me and my friend played on Sandbox, grabbed a couple of BRs and stayed in the base. We would just pick people off and drop back if we got hurt. The only things that you have to worry about are warthogs, the very occasional people who shoot missiles and rockets at you (these can easily be dodged if you pay attention) and people who get behind you (this is why you play with a friend, have one person go for the achievement while the other covers their back or weakens opponents for them.) I got this first time I tried.
  • austex360austex360185,946
    03 May 2009 20 Jul 2010 20 Jul 2010
    42 2 1
    This achievement is fairly difficult, because it requires you to get 15 kills (or more) and zero deaths in a single game, in a slayer gametype, on a mythic map.
    Although you generally will be demolishing the other team if you're already 15 and 0, if your team does not win, you will NOT get a perfection. If you're 15-0 and the game is close, take the chance and help your team. its awful to go 15-0, and not get a perfection.

    [Basic Tips]
    Staying alive is always key, but you must play agressive enough to manage 15 kills. Use your teammates, as they will often charge in and take plenty of fire, while you can pick off the low-shielded opponents they were fighting. If the other team is fairly decent, it will be much harder to get a perfection, so a team full of guests is usually easy to (for lack of better words..) pwnz. Try to keep the power weapons away from the other team (rockets, sniper, laser) because they tend to be really good for killing people, and when you're going for a perfection, the target always seems to be YOU. Also, keep a BR on hand at all times, and a short-ranged weapon wouldnt hurt either.

    The following maps are "Mythic".

    Sandbox (Mythic I DLC)
    Orbital (Mythic I DLC)
    Assembly (Mythic I DLC)
    Heretic (Mythic II DLC)
    Citadel (Mythic II DLC)
    Longshore (Mythic II DLC)

    [tips for each map]

    Longshore is most often, if not always an objective-based gametype, and this achievement requires it to be Slayer, so VETO this map.

    Citadel is a smaller map, and so it is harder to stay back and pick off opponents. I would say this is one of the harder maps to get a perfection on.

    Heretic is almost impossible to get a perfection on enless you're matched up against some awful players. The map is tiny, very open, and all players spawn with 2 plasma grenades, which most people are only too eager to share with you.

    Assembly is another open map, and once again it is harder to get a perfection on. The spawns can very easily get confusing and you'll probably find yourself stuck behind your enemies without a way out, and will probably die fairly easy.

    Orbital is an easy map to stay alive on, but you wont get many kills hiding around behind the boxes. To get a perfection on this map you're going to need to control the map near rockets, and never try to be a hero and stick your head out when theres a hall full of enemies.

    Sandbox is probably the easiest map to get a perfection on because with a warthog, mongooses, choppers, and a huge wide open area, people wont focus on you very often. This map is also easy to stay alive on because the other team will ONLY spawn on their side, either in the base, or off to the left or the right. The easiest method to get loads of kills, is to fight/sneak your way into the enemy base, and proceed to stand up top and spawn-kill them. Because they wont spawn in the base beside you, they'll be out in the open every time. If the game is Team BRs, you'll have trouble sticking up top with a BR because the enemies will be able to shoot back at you easily. If the gametype is simply Team Slayer, your opponents will be helpless against your rain of BR shots.
    Another method of getting this achievement is have a decent driver drive you around in the warthog while you gun down the enemies (spawn killing if you can), but careful not to die, because warthogs tend to be huge targets.

    If the host of the game leaves, or the host is changed sometime during the game, any killing spree you have or are on will be reset. However, as long as you get your 15 kills without dying, you will still get a perfection. It IS possible to get a perfection without even a killing spree.
    another note with this glitch, is when the host changes or leaves, all weapons and powerups will respawn, so watch out for that.
  • killerbeej2killerbeej275,151
    11 Apr 2009 13 Apr 2009 13 Apr 2009
    34 7 0
    I got this on Orbital, BR start, Slayer. Some of it had to do with luck, the other part had to do with my constant use of Regenerators, always having full grenades, and my BR, Mauler combo. I got my 15 kills and decided to head back to my base to hide there for the remainder of the game (my team was obviously way ahead if I had my Perfection under my belt.) Ran in to one other person on my way back and had to kill them :-).

    By the way, I spent most of my time up by Rockets with my Regens.

    Bungie.net game link: http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStatsHalo3.aspx?gameid=10745...
  • Axiom VectorAxiom Vector25,031
    03 Aug 2010 03 Aug 2010
    19 0 0
    To get this achievement play team mythic with at least one other friend, the more the better. You are going to want to wait for a team slayer or team slayer BR on Heretic (midship). You are going to want a BR and an assault rifle, shotgun or sword. After you have weapons combo of your choice, go up to the walkway opposite of the purple tower. The walkway has two shelters on either end and will be helpful in your quest for perfection. Once you are on the walkway move back and forth watching out for grenades, and people trying to sneak up behind you. Use the BR to pick people off as they spawn and anyone that get to close, kill them with your secondary weapon. Sticky grenades are useful for taking out people shields' in the base, making them easy targets for your BR headshots. Have your friends spread out and keep the other team occupied while you pick off people that are weak. After you get to 15 kills you are going to want to be more careful. You may want to start moving more around the map, staying on the opposite side of the other team, but be sure to keep you teammates close enough to you that the other team doesn't respawn behind you. Also make sure you win the game, otherwise all your hard work will be for nothing.
  • 22 5 0
    15 kills and no deaths. Easiest way is to cheat with some friends, but dont use guests because you will get banned. I got this one legit, but it was just luck that i was on a level it required. Best advice is to stay back, dont be too aggressive, but make sure you get 15
  • OwnedByT0mOwnedByT0m51,777
    18 May 2009 29 May 2009
    28 15 4
    All you have to do is get 8 firends or 2 players with guest signed in, alltough this way can get u banned to be carefull with using guests, together and you can seach team mythic and it will split you into 2 teams one team egets the kills and then in the next game let the other team get the achivment. Now you are one step closer to complting Halo 3.
  • Elaborate ToastElaborate ToastThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    08 Mar 2009
    28 19 0
    Very hard to do. I suggest getting in a Warthog Turret on Sandbox, and staying around the outside edges of the map. Make sure your driver is smart though, or you could end up with rockets/missile pods hitting you, which would end your life easily.
  • HellbentBuzz xHellbentBuzz xThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    15 Jul 2010
    15 15 0
    Ok well the easy way to get this achievement is to get about 3-4 players and if they have guests even better or you could do what i did was i got 3 of my friends and they all had guests or they just turn on their controller.so you need to have up to 8 players( i dont if its 15 or 25 because when i got it i got 25 kills.)well go to rumble pit and when it land on a mythic you could get perfection,killatcular,and even look both ways.(and if you did not know you can get this achievements on the legendarys maps not just mythic)
  • th3 12th m4nth3 12th m4n142,747
    04 Mar 2009 04 Mar 2009
    20 23 4
    Do it legit and yay for you, or boost and achieve it much faster. If you look up my other two Solutions for this game (getting an Extermination and getting a Killtacular on Mythic Maps) you can get this one while getting the other two in one game. So you're obviously gonna want to boost as you'll find if you try for this yourself, there's almost always that one person who messes it up for you, even though you're being extremely conservative with one or two more kills to go... All you need is to get 15 Kills and don't die. So if you get your Killatcular (5 Kills) and your Extermination (4 Kills), simply get 6 more kills and don't die and you'll have this highly prestigious achievement.

    Good Luck!!
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