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Mythic Map Pack

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Mythic Map Pack

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Tank Dropper

On any Mythic map, get a kill on another player while in monitor mode.

Tank Dropper+0.4
06 December 2009 - 13 guides

Achievement Guide for Tank Dropper

  • DarkSynopsisDarkSynopsis646,540
    27 Feb 2009 27 Feb 2009
  • Le BenjoLe Benjo265,307
    26 Feb 2009 27 Feb 2009 07 Nov 2010
    72 1 7
    Just stick a grenade on an enemy then switch immediately to monitor by pressing up on the D-Pad.

    edit : sorry i forgot -> must be done in forge mode
  • XBOXDroobeyXBOXDroobey32,666
    20 Apr 2009 21 Apr 2009
    38 5 0
    Easy to get, so many ways.

    1. Drop a killball on someones head.
    2. Hit someone with something big
    3. Drop a Scorpion on someones head
    4. Drop anything big and heavy on someones head
  • Anonymous RainAnonymous Rain72,941
    07 Oct 2009 09 Oct 2009
    32 0 2
    This can be easily boosted to get it out of the way as long as you have a second controller. Simply place your second player (or friend) in a nice open space, on somewhere like Sandbox for example, and simply go into monitor mode and drop a vehicle on the second players head. *Beep Boop* achievement unlocked. :)
  • HoogTheStampedeHoogTheStampede27,529
    04 Oct 2009 04 Oct 2009
    31 3 5
    All of the above methods will work, but also - ensure that you are NOT ON THE SAME TEAM as the player you kill. I used a guest with a second controller and killed it three times without unlocking the achievement, but as soon as I switched teams and did the stick-then-switch technique, I got it.
  • BkLiveWireBkLiveWire263,016
    12 Apr 2009 18 Apr 2009
    34 9 0
    Super easy achievement to get. Sign in a guest and with the main gamertag, drop the tank on the guest, then the achievement is yours.
  • th3 12th m4nth3 12th m4n142,747
    04 Mar 2009 04 Mar 2009
    28 5 0
    Easy achievement... Obviously you can choose a heavier item head up to the skies and drop it down watching your guest smash due to tons falling down from great heights, or you can load up Sandbox and take of a pillar and whip your guest, it's pretty funny and somewhat gratifying when you succeed. : )
    24 Oct 2009 18 Jan 2011
    21 1 3
    This achievement is also the EASIEST achievement in Halo 3 by far. You just have to get into a Mythic map and be in FORGE nothing else. This can be done with a friend or with a second controller. Just be on different teams and the account that you want the achievement with should spawn a vehicle or a Killball and just kill the other player.
    Ex. Main account(MA)
    Guest Account(GA)

    MA and GA go into Sandbox together to get this achievement. MA goes into forge mode and spawns a tank and tries to kill GA with the tank and splatters GA. Next thing you know MA is 25g richer.
  • ItsClarkAgainItsClarkAgain60,397
    13 Jun 2009 13 Jun 2009
    26 6 0
    Invite a friend to a map where you can both be a Monitor: Then just both have a Plasma Grenade in hand. Stick your friend then push up on the D Pad. Let them rinse and repeat. It's that easy :)
  • 24 4 2
    It doesnt need to be a tank, just any object as long as you drop it on another player in Forge
  • NeoXDonutNeoXDonut112,180 112,180 GamerScore
    03 Mar 2009 08 Mar 2009 02 Sep 2019
    36 17 8
    *updated 2019*
    1- throw out Xbox 360 buy an Xbox One X
    2- Get a copy of Halo 3
    3- Turn Xbox One X on
    4- Put in Halo 3 disk,then let it load to the Halo 3 main menu.
    5- Go to Forge mode with some of your friends, then start a game on any Mythic map.
    6- Once in turn in to a monitor
    7- Spawn a tank
    8- Drop it on one of your friends.

    optional step - wait for "Halo Infinite" to come out
  • RedOctoberXRedOctoberX90,367
    04 Jul 2009 28 Aug 2010 30 Aug 2010
    19 1 0
    Simply start forge, then chose a wide open map such as Sand Trap or Sand Box. now get another player, it can be a friend or a conected controler. now have the other player stand in the most open space. next get a tank and move up high. next get into position so that when you let it drop that it will land on the player, killing the other Player. you should then unlock the achievement.

    Note: It can be any Vehicle you want, as i got it with a Worthog.
  • DonScarface24DonScarface2498,995 98,995 GamerScore
    01 Sep 2012 01 Sep 2012
    9 1 0
    Ok so first you can get this achievement either from the mythic docs for halo 3 or using the multiplayer disc from halo 3 : odst. So load up a mythic map such as : assembly , longshore , citadel, sandbox. So load one up and you can either play with a friend or just plug in another control. Have the player or controller you want to get the achievement fly overhead the other player or controller and as the monitor create a scorpion or other heavy vehicle fly up high enough and drop the vehicle and presto achievement =D it may take a few times to get it right cause u may not kill the other guy . Good luck
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