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NBA Baller Supreme

Win NBA Season on NBA difficulty

NBA Baller Supreme-10.4
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How to unlock the NBA Baller Supreme achievement

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    This difficulty is extremely challenging.... and frustrating. It's best to play it with another human, as a lot of times the AI will not be very helpful on defense.

    Im finding the most success with LeBron and Shaq, both Gold. You want power dunkers and a big man that can protect the basket. Don't think about shooting threes; the CPU will block you half the time, or you'll just flat out miss them on this difficulty. I managed to make it to the Conference Finals but the deeper you get into the playoffs, the cheaper and more bullshit the computer gets. They will send you into the front row on dunk attempts, you'll inexplicably miss wide open dunks, and even if the opposing team misses a dunk, the other guy will magnetically attach himself to the ball and put it back in, sending your two players to the floor in the process.

    My only advice is to just keep playing aggressive. Don't overdo it with steal attempts; the AI seldom gives up the ball. Keep as much pressure on them as you can, don't jump at every opportunity, and on offense, just crossover and dunk as much as you can. Don't hold on to the ball too long; keep the ball moving. The AI will snatch that shit from you quickly and convert it on the other end.

    Also, watch the lotto pick for the CPU. If they Curse you, or freeze your basket and you have the lead with under a minute left, play keep away. Manage the shot clock and try to get offensive boards to milk the clock.

    UPDATE: I just upgraded Shaq and Bron to Diamond. I'm finding games noticeably easier right now. Its just the regular season, so I'll update this when I start my playoff run. Getting your guys to Diamond might be the key to this.
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    The SCHWARTZ 00^ yes, you're right. I just made it to the second round and I pretty much whipped the Pelicans. Diamond players make this easier for sure.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 31 Oct 18 at 05:01
    RedmptionDeniedYou can save yourself a decent amount of headache using the cloud save backup as used in several other solutions. Basically just fully quit out of the game at any time in the playoffs to back your save up in the cloud. Then if you know you're going to lose, pause the game, hit the guide button, go to manage game and add-ons while it's still running, go to save data, hit start on your profile, click delete saved data, click delete from console, not everywhere or you'll lose everything. You generally have to do this twice for whatever reason but as soon as your local save is gone the game will close. You can then reload with your cloud save intact and retry any playoff match.
    Posted by RedmptionDenied on 31 Oct 18 at 06:20
    The SCHWARTZ 00Wow. Didn't even think of using the cloud save cheese. Thank you.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 31 Oct 18 at 12:32
    Test1I got it with Gold Jordan and Pippen. Offense is pretty easy to score, 2 pointers and dunks. They have a wide Green zone and make everything. Just don’t hold the ball for too long or they will steal it.

    The difficulty comes in with the lottery picks. If you get a sucky one and they get a powerful one like 6 point dunks or 6 point 3-pointers, you might be Screwed. But fortunately playoffs are best 2 out of 3 so you have some wiggle room.

    Regular season you can mess around and skip games once you get to 8 wins or whatever you feel is safe to make the playoffs.

    Diamond players might help a little but quite a bit of extra time (I think?) to earn those in exhibition games. Maybe not, I a, not sure, did not really go that route.
    Posted by Test1 on 31 Oct 18 at 22:19
    The SCHWARTZ 00Well I just got the achievement. Having 2 diamond players really helped me. Bron and Shaq rarely missed dunks and got pushed to the ground on dunk attempts a lot less compared to when they were gold. Plus both were completely money from mid range.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 01 Nov 18 at 02:28
    HATRED REMAINSAnother tip if you are setting up for this achievement but not getting the players you want from packs is to use the cloud back up, open the pack and if does not contain who you want then follow redemptiondenied's comment whilst you still have the pack open.

    I opened about 15 5k packs before i finally got lebron cry
    Posted by HATRED REMAINS on 28 Nov 18 at 21:59
    VTandPanthersRecently got this achievement with a diamond Bill Russell and a gold Larry Bird. Ignored 3-pointers even when I would get the "3x2" lottery picks as they would often get blocked. Usually advanced the ball up court with one crossover then immediate pass to avoid getting the ball stolen. The CPU starts to get more advantageous lottery picks the deeper in the playoffs you get it seems, so I tried to use up as much of the shot clock as I could when they had a good one pop up.
    Posted by VTandPanthers on 07 Feb at 12:44
    Yummy BaklavaOne thing I found helpful was to try and shove the player without the ball when the AI would restart play. Quite often the pass would get picked up by my second player, or the other AI player would still get it, but I had the opportunity to switch players and try to shove him as well.

    I went through the playoffs losing one single game after losing four games in the season.

    LeBron - diamond
    Shaq - gold

    For anyone who can't do some of the challenges, the ones you are struggling with let that player be AI. I was able to complete Shaq's blocking and rebounds with minimal effort.
    Posted by Yummy Baklava on 15 Apr at 11:04
    Clutch RinoJust got this only having lost one game during the playoffs. I had a diamond lebron and a almost diamond shaq. Focus more on steals than shoves. If you shove you lose all your progress for your power up so I would only push if I had nothing filled up.

    Just keep things simple and mostly go for easy buckets. Don't over complicate things or it'll burn you. Overall I didn't think it was so bad. Have your players stats almost maxed out makes it nearly a cake walk
    Posted by Clutch Rino on 19 Apr at 22:37
    ItsYourBoiMobyElbows are your bestfriend in this it helps keep the A.I away from you for a bit so you can shoot it in your basket easier
    Posted by ItsYourBoiMoby on 21 May at 01:24
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