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Kilroy Gold

Find 25 or more Kilroys

Kilroy Gold0
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How to unlock the Kilroy Gold achievement

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    Throughout the game there are 30 Kilroy Locations, but you only need to find 25 for this achievement. There are 3 in each level.

    Operation Market - Mission 1

    1. As you enter the windmill area there is a small shed on the right which has the first kilroy on it.

    2. Your objective requires you to clear the Farmhouse. Head up stairs and into the bathroom. On the wall on your left as you enter there is a Kilroy. Simply enter the bathroom and walk to the window, then turn around 180 degrees to exit the small room and you'll see it.

    3. Before you enter the crash site area and in the area where you first control two fire teams there is a shed on your right just before you cross the road to enter crash site area. Look into the shed through the window to find the Kilroy.

    Five-Oh-Sink - Mission 2

    1. Once the mission begins and after you've climbed the windmill. You'll come to the first set of barns where a woman has been hanged. if you walk up the stairs to the top of this barn and follow the walkway all the way around until you are facing West you'll see a Kilroy on the wooden wall.

    2. Inside the manor house you'll come downstairs and enter the garden. Once you follow the only route you can go, you'll come across a Machine Gunner firing from the ground floor. He'll be on your left as you come through the doorway (you can't miss him). If you turn to your right you'll see the Kilroy on the wall.

    3. As soon as you resume control after the cutscene where you cross the river to reach the bridge, you will notice two parked cars and some upturned rowing boats on your immediate left. Head to the boats and on the wall next to these you'll find the last Kilroy.

    Written in Stone - Mission 3

    1. Once you've entered the church and reached the 1st floor (that's above the ground floor where you entered) you'll make your way to the back of the church. On route you'll come across some wooden planks used as walkways. On the very first walkway you'll come across, there are alcoves on the left hand side once you've crossed over. From the first walkway the Kilroy is in the second alcove on your left.

    2. Once you've moved past the barricade and completed the objective Destroy the German Fuel Supply, you'll enter a garden area (allotment). You'll have several Germans dug in as well as a MG gunner in a nearby window on the top floor of a building. As soon as you enter this area simply follow the path south bound and as the path heads west you'll see the Kilroy on the wall as the path bends.

    3. Once you move up the street from the first gun you destroyed as part of your objective, you'll face heavy resistance. You'll come to a building with green canopies on your right. Almost directly opposite this building on the left hand side is building with striped (black and white) canopies over the windows. To the side of this building there's a route you can take heading west. Go round the back of the building jump over the wall and in the next garden you'll see a Lager Bier poster. The Kilroy is next to this.

    Operation Garden - Mission 4

    1. In the first area you start the mission in, once you are required to secure the ground floor - this is after killing the gun operatives outside and when you see the tanks moving down the street. From the hole in the wall (where the gun emplacements are) head north through the door and you'll walk into a flooded narrow area. Continue to the end and the Kilroy is on the wall in front of you.

    2. You are then required to clear the top floor of the warehouse. You'll get a short scene as you and your team go up the lift. As soon as you resume control head to the doorway towards the west. As soon as you enter the doorway turn right (facing north) and you'll see the Kilroy on the wall.

    3. Your next objective will be to clear the roof. Once you resume control after the cutscene, from behind the sniper who is on the PHILLIPS sign, kill him without getting near and then stand beneath the first "PH" in the word Phillips (without actually standing on the platform), and face North. From here walk as far North as possible, then went you reach the wall face East. You'll see the kilroy in front of you. DO NOT TRIGGER THE SCENE OTHERWISE YOU WONT BE ABLE TO GET THIS - SO DO IT FIRST BEFORE WALKING ONTO THE LETTERS PLATFORM.

    Baptism by Fire - Mission 5

    1. Enter the gas station from the front door (next to the huge flames). Go into the second room to the east, and just as you enter the small doorway do a u-turn to face South and you'll see the Kilroy on the wall.

    2. Once you have escaped the bomb shelter and enter the area after the long corridor where you have flashbacks of Peter's face (the small boy). You'll enter an area that is in ruins. From your starting area on the lower floor simply head East and you'll come to an archway. Go through here, follow the only route possible until you reach an open room. Keep heading east towards a hole in the east wall of this room. Go to the hole and do a U turn to face West and you'll see the Kilroy on the left side of the wall you're looking at.

    3. After the objective where you have to rescue the Brits, you'll be presented with a scene with one of your soldiers (Franky) running off with a woman dressed in white. You'll enter a small back alley area which is full of flames and german troops. As you enter this area you'll be facing North. Once you've cleared the Germans, there is an Archway to the North part of this area. Before going through this archway, head West and you'll see some steps leading down. Go down the steps to find the Kilroy on the wall.

    The Rabbit Hole - Mission 6

    1. As you enter the hospital climb through the window and head East towards the flames. Go through the door that's next to the flames and immediately head East past two beds. Then go through the door to the South so that you are now on the other side of the flames. Go through the doorway that's opposite from where you entered (towards the south still - the flames should be close on your right). The Kilroy is behind the green screen in this room opposite the eye test chart.

    2. Whilst searching for Franky you'll enter an open room which requires you to climb through a window to proceed. There's a green tint to the lighting here. As you proceed you'll enter a kitchen where on the West wall you'll see a hole in the wall. Ignore that for now do a u-turn and head East. Go through the double doors and follow the corridor. The Kilroy is on the wall on your Right as you walk down this dead end of a corridor. Now you can proceed through the hole in the wall

    3. The next Kilroy is close to the last. As you have gone through the hole in the wall you'll enter a dark space, if you keep heading North you'll see the Kilroy through a gap, but can't reach it yet. You'll also get a flash scene. Carry on to the end of this dark moody passage and exit out of the hole at the other end. Head West once you enter the room and head out the doorway to the North. Head west once you have gone through the doorway, and enter the room on your left. The Kilroy is on the wall if you are facing North.

    Black Friday - Mission 7

    1. After you have cleared the market square, you'll head through a building and out into another open area, immediately on your left there is a coffee shop. By the side of the coffee shop is an alley way to help you flank the dug in Germans. Head East down this alley way towards the wooden barn type building. As you approach the barn like building, you'll see a small shed on your right with lager/bier poster on it (it's on the corner as the path bends). Hop over the wall next to this shed and you'll see the Kilroy on the side of the shed.

    2. As you enter the area past the church (as you head towards the municipal building, you'll enter some narrow streets. On your left and right there are buildings with a Dutch flag hanging from it. If you go into the building on your left, as soon as you exit this building on your left (South) you'll see a truck, the Kilroy is on the wall next to this truck.

    3. Come out of the municipal building and and take the right next to the building with the flags on your right so that you are heading East. Now head as far east as possible destroying the first tank en route. IGNORE THE SECOND TANK - IF YOU DESTROY IT BEFORE YOU GET THE KILROY YOU'LL HAVE TO RESTART THE STAGE AGAIN. Once you reach the building at the end (it has a triangular roof) of taking this route (it has a flower pot outside the door), simply walk round this building and you'll see the Kilroy on the wall. This is right next to where the 2nd tank is parked.

    Hell's Highway - Mission 8

    1. As you make your way up the road towards the 88mm gun emplacement you have to destroy. On the back wall of the building next to the gun there is a Kilroy. Stand next to the gun before destroying it and head East, then North around the back of the building, the Kilroy is next to a trough.

    2. As you work your way to the second 88 mm Ggun emplacement, you must first go through a barn. As you exit the barn, on your left you'll see some sandbags and a camo truck. Next to this truck there are some cylindrical type structures and a smaller building. Simply check the smaller building and you'll see the Kilroy on the side ( it's to the left of the ammo on the map or the parachute).

    3. After the scene where you enter the burning train station house, you'll be required to defend the station against an onslaught of Germans. You'll be reunited with your squad and directly in front of you is a water tower where you can climb up the stairs. Once you reach the top of the first set of stairs, the Kilroy is painted on the flat part of the brickwork under the actual water tank..

    Tooth and Nail - Mission 9

    1. After you've passed the sand dune area at the start of the mission, you'll move on to attack the dug in second 88mm gun emplacement. Once you've killed all the enemies stand next to the gun emplacement and face South. Directly in front of you is a building/bunker, enter from the side you're facing and the kilroy is on your left as you walk inside.

    2. After the next cutscene at the windmill and once you resume control, head East through the first small barn to head to the large building beyond it. There are some brown barrels on your right and a truck in front of you. There are two double doors that are open to enter this large barn. Enter through the right hand door as you are facing it and once through, do a u-turn and you'll see the kilroy on the wall on your left ( as you are facing West).

    3. The final Kilroy is close to the third 88mm gun emplacement. Stand next to the gun emplacement (obviously after you have cleared the area) and face West towards the house with flower pots on the window sills. Head right around the side of this house. You'll see a grey truck on your right and a small shed with a Kilroy on the wall.

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    BSquad56pretty good guide.. some spots were confusing with the areas and wording though.
    Posted by BSquad56 on 09 Dec 13 at 21:52
    yeah some of your directions are wayyyy off. you list west for some...when actually its east and your wording is very difficult to understand in some areas. For example on mission 4...from looking out the broken hole in the wall and seeing the tanks, simply go "right" through the doorway... not north. Your N,S,E,W directions made this guide awful. sorry
    Posted on 19 Jul 14 at 09:25
    Eric FiltroTo BuryingMe: the guide is based on the compass you have in the game hub. Right is not east, and front is not north. You have to use your compass.
    Posted by Eric Filtro on 20 Jul 14 at 16:38
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    When I had this Achievement, I entered a cheat to help me get this Achievement.

    NOTE #1 When you enter the cheat in, it WILL COUNT for ANY Achievement on
    Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway.

    Follow these tips to enter in the cheat:-

    1) Go to the main menu

    2) Select Options

    3) Then select "Enter Code"

    4) After, type in: 4V35JZHQD6- Activates a Kilroy detector that will alert you when a Kilroy is nearby during gameplay.

    5) And then after you typed in the 1st cheat, type in: SH2VYIVNZF- Tells you when you are near a Kilroy.

    These are all the locations for all Kilroy's in the game:_

    Many thanks for with the shared link.

    UPDATE #1 I have found a YouTube video showing all of the Kilroy's. This is if you prefer to look at a video instead of a written guide.

    I also like to thank the YouTube user for uploading their video.

    Before you give me a negative vote, please explain yourself why you did it and I will be more than happy to improve my solution. Thank You.
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    essechoplexNo, it doesn't. I put it in the first time I played the game a few months ago and it's been coming up every time I go near a Kilroy ever since.
    Posted by essechoplex on 25 Aug 10 at 13:01
    MattiasAndersonBest of the guides! Thanks!
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 11 Jun 15 at 21:37
    CrysisWarXX3great one
    Posted by CrysisWarXX3 on 19 Apr 19 at 13:27
  • ZavisticZavistic898,378
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    This guide is to show you which parts of the chapters the kilroys are in.


    2 - IN THE MANOR


    2 - GOING UP
    3 - SNIPER's ROOST





    2 - ?
    3 - ?
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    Vor Calv 06Cheers pal good guide. I'm just checkpoint jumping so much easier. I did the game years ago but even if you are on a 1st play through its a heads up. I'm using the other written guide for exactly where they are but he doesn't tell you which checkpoint so you do a full play through. So I use both guides first yours for next checkpoint and then his 4 exactly where. Best of both lol
    Posted by Vor Calv 06 on 16 Jul 13 at 09:08
    VascoaJust to let you know I voted positive for your solution, but I believe I know why people are voting negative. It may be because under "Hell's Highway" you have "Taking the Bridge" listed as number 1. Well in the game there is no checkpoint called "Taking the Bridge", there is "Taking the Farm" and "Water Under the Bridge". Just thought I'd let you know!
    Posted by Vascoa on 18 Aug 13 at 11:20
    Vor Calv 06Yeah good point I noticed that but didnt say anything because its so obvious to which he refers
    Posted by Vor Calv 06 on 19 Aug 13 at 00:36
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