HI SCORE MODE 80,000 points achievement in ACA NEOGEO 3 COUNT BOUT

HI SCORE MODE 80,000 points

HI SCORE MODE The score won 80,000 points.

HI SCORE MODE 80,000 points0
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How to unlock the HI SCORE MODE 80,000 points achievement

  • KugareKugare2,049,950
    29 Jun 2019 29 Jun 2019 12 Sep 2019
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    I have to thank ClaytonLima75 for the advice using Leo Bradlay. Anyway, there is WAY MORE you have to know about the moves. Your chain attack with cn_X is good to deal damage if your enemy get stuck. If your enemy has an empty lifebar, you can pin him down with cn_B. One major problem i had: I had no idea how to bring them down to the floor in an efficient way.

    Here is the solution: You probably notice the "press x as fast as you can" moment if you attack really close. The direction of your left stick trigger different things! If you stand at the left side and hold cn_LSr during the button mash, you push your enemy into the ropes. This can be useful if you manage to trap him with your x attack. If you want to bring him down, press cn_LSd during the button mash sequence and you start an attack to send him to the floor.

    Needless to say in some cases your enemy is faster and you have to try it again. There are also some other ways to knock him down like pressing your left stick two times to use the ropes to gain speed to be able to do an air jump attack, which only connects of your are in one line with your enemy. You could also climb corners to jump at your enemy, but for me it was to hard to land a hit.

    So we keep the battle tactic nice and simple: Use cn_X for the range attack to bring his condition down completly, get closer and press down your left stick and press cn_X as fast as you can and afterwards press cn_B and cn_X as fast as possible to end the match.

    Now you have 2 options to score 80.000 points. You can milk your first 3 enemys and end battle 3 with 80,000 points, which can be risky and a bit time intensive. Or you win 4 fights the normal way. I don't suggest to go for 4 wins, because i had serious trouble to win the button smash sequence to bring him down in fight number 4. To win i had to do other ways to knock them off and chances are high to just lose the battle.

    So i decided to do it the risky way. During fight number 2 you can create an endless loop of attacks if your enemy gets stuck into the wall. Each x hit gives you 100 points. Not THAT much, but if you do it for 2 minutes it sums up. If you reach 60.000 points during fight 3, you can end it and reach your goal with the 20.000 bonus points for winning. If you get too greedy or can't win until the time runs out, you lose everything. So be warned.

    // update: Cherry Cheerios stated you can let your time run out, but it seems you need at least more health than your opponent. Thanks for the contribution! //

    I recored a clip of my successful run to show you the cheesy way. If you prefer to do 4 normal fights, you can ignore my clip. Please note i had plenty of time left during fight 3. So there is room for error if you can't milk fighter 2 that long. For some unknown reason my clip don't appear here on TA, so i share this link to my onedrive.


    Sorry for so much text and good luck with your fights!

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    Noodles JrThe game definitely doesn't judge the winner based on remaining health. If you don't have the enemy beaten by the time the timer runs out, you will get a game over and be credited with a loss, regardless of who has more health remaining.
    Posted by Noodles Jr on 02 Jan 20 at 00:11
    CHERRY CHEERIOSI will re-confirm the second match win parameters in a day or so as I am currently completing the PC version of this game.

    One thing that could be throwing people off is when you are in match two I've found that I would still be damaged slightly over time when performing the endless loop. This can cause your health to diminish to nothing by the time the fight ends. In this case you would not realize (unless paying close attention) that even though you are not being hit you have lost all your health and the match probably does result in a game over in that case.

    For example yesterday I had zero health and my opponent had zero health at the end of my 15 minute match (Original Mode) so I took him to the ground with 15 seconds and moved to match three by winning with a KO. If I would have let the timer run out I would have received game over/continue. As long as you are not going for a super long match and did not take massive damage before getting your opponent into the loop, which you should not since the endless loop needs to be achieved as early as possible for maximum points, the small amount you lose over time should not be enough to drain your health bar completely in a normal three minute match.
    Posted by CHERRY CHEERIOS on 06 Aug 20 at 15:58
    Corrupt XBAFor anybody wondering, you can let the timer run out in the second fight as it is a street brawl rather than a wrestling match
    Posted by Corrupt XBA on 30 Jan at 12:20
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  • IggYPoP17IggYPoP17287,799
    07 Dec 2019 07 Dec 2019
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    I was having difficulty getting the loop chain attack to work consistently. So for the first match, I would grapple and mash cn_X while holding up or down over and over to perform a punch/kick combo that leaves your opponent on the ground. Each time it nets you about 1200 points. I was able to finish the first match with 25-30k plus the 10k win bonus for a total of 35-40k.
    The next 2 matches will give 15k and 20k just for winning. That would give you 70-75k. Add in the inevitable points from successfully attacking these opponents and all you should have to do is win these next 2 matches for the achievement.
  • ClaytonLima75ClaytonLima751,888,964
    17 Dec 2018 18 Dec 2018
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    Hi guys! this is my solution for Hi-Score and Caravan Mode. Select Leo Bradlay
    and position yourself slightly ahead of the opponent, then punch with the current cn_X button. When they are down, press cn_X quickly to play the opponent. This method worked well for me. I hope it helps. Good luck!
    Follow the video link of my play!

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