May the Best Warrior Win (That Is, Me) achievement in SOULCALIBUR VI

May the Best Warrior Win (That Is, Me)

Win 30 reversal edge clashes using A, B, or K. (Must be outside of Training mode.)

May the Best Warrior Win (That Is, Me)+1.2
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How to unlock the May the Best Warrior Win (That Is, Me) achievement

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    I'm using SoulCalibur notations in this solution:
    - A = Horizontal attack --> cn_X by default
    - B = Vertical attack --> cn_Y by default
    - K = Kick --> cn_B by default
    - G = Guard --> cn_A by default

    Reversal Edge is the new mechanic introduced in SoulCalibur VI, which can be considered as a "rock, paper, scissors" mini-game that can deal massive damages to the defending player or just give that player a free opportunity for counterattacks.

    Some characters have combos that auto-include them but the easiest way to launch a Reversal Edge is to simply press B+G. You can set a shortcut on a single button for that. Your weapon will start turning red and, after 1 or 2 seconds, you will hit your opponent with a vertical hit and the mini-game will start. Your opponent can use those 1 or 2 seconds to attack but you will automatically guard impact high hits. What can prevent you from landing the Reversal Edge hit is if your opponent backsteps too far, turns around you or lands a low attack.

    Anyway, if you manage to enter Reversal Edge mode, here is how it works in detail: what actions are allowed and which ones win against the others.

    For this achievement, you must only choose between A, B or K during this mode, hoping that your opponent chooses an action that loses against the one you chose. If even, the mini-game continues and you will have to choose an action a second time, and so on. You will know that you won if the mini-game stops while you're hitting your opponent.

    Repeat that 30 times and the achievement is yours. As stated in the description, Training mode does not count, so perform Reversal Edges in Story, Versus and Online modes.

    Of couse, if you want to get this achievement quicker, you can play on your own in Versus mode with 2 controllers, to be sure to win Reversal Edges haha. toast
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  • sm182sm182786,558
    05 May 2020 05 May 2020
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    Select 'Battle' then 'Versus' with the following settings:

    Player: Player vs CPU
    Round Count: 5
    Battle Time: Infinite
    CPU Difficulty: Easy
    Battle Mode: Standard
    Pause Menu: Standard

    Select any characters for yourself and your opponent. In the match to perform a Reversal Edge press Y+A to activate it and if it lands you and your opponent will go into a slow motion effect at which point you should press X, Y or B to land the winning blow. If it is successful then you will beat your opponent at which point you can repeat the process.

    Whilst performing these Reversal Edges you will build up your Soul Charge. When it is full, activate it (Hold Left on D-Pad + RT) and continue performing Reversal Edges and repeating the process. Doing so will also unlock:

    SOULCALIBUR VIThe Power WithinThe The Power Within achievement in SOULCALIBUR VI worth 20 pointsPerform soul charge techniques 20 times. (Must be outside of Training mode.)

    It's unlikely that you'll do 30 Reversal Edges so repeat the process in a second match to get the full amount.

    This can also be done against a second controller but on Easy this is still very simple to complete.
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